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Chapter 1358: That Gyrocopter Sniper

Chapter 1358: That Gyrocopter Sniper

“You Humans… You humans!!!” Gnawbones grumbled to himself as he came to the scene where the Pandarens were fighting at the Pillar. With a gyrocopter as well as a huge rifle in his right hand, he took aim at the purplish pink robot that had been messing around with the Demon Rat Elites’ formation. 

“All because of you! I had to be in this stinky shithole! All because of you, I had to deal with piss poor idiots that only knew how to go left or right whenever they were told!” He thought to himself as he fired a shot. Deng Long thought that his Gunndam Aegis would have quite a decent armour defending against stray bullets and shots but when Gnawbone attacked it, a piece of the Aegis’ armour flew off, causing it to be vulnerable if it were being hit again. 

Thankfully, everything seem to be working fine and dandy but Deng Long assumed that the shot came from the gyrocopter as it was pretty obvious how that particular Demon Rat was flailing his rifle around, trying to aim for his Gunndam. 

“If you want him! I will give it to you!” Deng Long was confident that he would be able to take down the weak looking gyrocopter that did not have anything else other than the pilot and the Demon Rat Sniper who was aiming at it. Little did he know that the one who shot his Robo was a general that had been insulted to fight at the frontlines and that means that frail rat was particularly looking for revenge.

“Heh! Humans. You think they are sophisticated but in fact, they all are driven by primal desires like us. You hurt me, I hurt you.” Gnawbones the Demon Rat Air Force General said as he pointed the rifle right towards the Gunndam Aegis who was currently in its Mobile Armour form, charging in front of him.

“This is clearly the bait, you dumbass.” Gnawbones already knew who was controlling the flying Robo and within an instant, switched his rifle’s angle to aim at Deng Long instead, firing at him when he was occupied with the incoming satisfaction of defeating the enemy that made his Gunndam Aegis to be vulnerable and its parts exposed for attacks. 

Deng Long managed to see the projectile fire and he roughly knew that the Demon Rat Sniper would be targeting him and so he had already prepared to move away when needed but what he did not realise was that there was a Demon Rat Elite who was cloaked and ambushed him from the back. It was all a ploy to bring down the rising star of the humans especially when he stood out that much on the battlefield with his new toy. The startle caused him to drop his guard and get hit by Gnawbone’s bullet. He did not expect that the bullet had been coated with magic as well as an experimental technology to increase the penetration force against barriers. 

Suffice it to say Gnawbones took a huge risk as the Mobile Armour continued to its course without any diversion and all the gyrocopter pilot could do was to manoeuvre away from its path as much as possible the moment Gnawbone took the shot. However, it was not as easy as it sounds and eventually, the gyrocopter did take a direct hit from the Gunndam Aegis’s flight. The tail of the gyrocopter was destroyed and the pilot had to make do with an emergency landing. 

General Gnawbones on the other hand was satisfied with his performance and already jumped out of the gyrocopter. This was mainly because he himself had a jumpsuit that acted as a flight floatation device courtesy to Weslie who was previously enslaved to create all sorts of weird devices for the Demon Rats just to ensure that she would be kept alive. (Even though the Scholars of the North and South had made promises to ensure her safety but look what the Rats had done to them. lol.)

As for Deng Long, because he was off guard by the attack, the Womble cultivator instantly lost control of Gunndam Aegis and it fell to the ground after its last command. The Pandarens who were initially protecting him attempted to fend off the Demon Rat Elite but it was way too strong for the Pandarens. They were killed by him in just a few strokes and it was rather imminent that Deng Long would be receiving the deathblow until tentacle roots started to emerge from the ground and create a barrier around the injured Pandawan.

“Thank you.” Deng Long said as he breathed out a sigh of relief. He knew that those tentacle roots were from Jia Le, the Bellflower Cultivator. 

“Use this time to recover as much as possible. I am not sure whether I can help you against the Demon Rat Elite when I am preoccupied in my area as well. The Demon Rats are in high morale after seeing you being taken down in action.” Jia Le said which made Deng Long snicker a little.

“This is the first time that I felt important…Heh.” He said to himself as he reached out in his storage ring to get one of the higher quality health potions. The very same health potion from Yu Xiang, who helped Jin to create similar health potions after researching the black market ones and duplicating them. They were always out of stock despite Jin’s rule to only be able to purchase at most five per customer account at any time and also they were untradable among the Pandarens. (Yes, the System had to devote a bit of resource to ensure that there were scalpers attempting to sell the potions away because Yu Xiang’s potions were that brilliant. Jin even gave a promotional raise to Yu Xiang to ensure that she continued to stay loyal to him even though she had already signed the contract enslaving her to the System.)

The potion worked wonders but the injury was severe enough that he could have died on the spot in seconds so he still needed some time to recuperate. In the meantime, while he was recovering he tried to relocate Gunndam Aegis but it does not seem to be connecting back.

“Shit. Has it been destroyed this quickly?” Deng Long said to himself but without visual confirmation and the need to stay hidden for a period of time, he could only pray for the best. However, the overarching ‘general’ for the Pandawans already had eyes on the situation. 

“They are really really greedy,” Jin said as he saw the Gunndam Aegis being dragged away by the Demon Rats. 

“Permission to detonate?” The System queried but Jin shook his head. 

“Set internal detonation to an hour. Put backup timers just in case as well. I want to see where they are bringing it to or what they could do to it. I will not be surprised that they have scientists and engineers that are as brilliant as ours.” Jin said and he told the System to keep the visual cameras on. 

But to his surprise, they did not bring it that far. Instead, the Demon Rats brought it to the Demon Rat who had managed to put down its controller. 


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