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Chapter 1357: Gunndam Aegis

Chapter 1357: Gunndam Aegis

Supa Robo Wars. It was not something the general population was quite aware of and given its name, people would assume that it had to do with robots. However, because of the incident that Deng Long was about to create, the Supa Robo Wars would turn from a mere mini game in Dungeons and Pandas to something that will capture the hearts of many closet mecha fans, especially those who were in love with anime.

As the ‘suit’ was summoned out from a portal, Pandarens around him assumed that it was something similar to an ironman suit that would be coming out from it. Some of them even anticipated and tried to watch out for the portal even at the risk of getting killed by the Demon Rats because they were distracted.

However to their surprise, out came a flying mechanical unit that slammed towards a larger size demon rat. Like a pair of ‘tentacle-like’ crab pincers, the front of the flying mechanical unit snipped the Demon Rat into two pieces before flying upwards and descending down to Deng Long.

“Gunndam Aegis! Change human form!” Deng Long said as he was proud to see that his credits were well spent. The Pandarens who knew the series Gunndam Seedz knew that Gunndam Aegis was an ionic unit. Its bright purplish pink paint was a symbol as much as its strengths and abilities. But unlike the standard Supa Robo Wars where Deng Long would be piloting it in the cockpit itself. These Robo Suits were significantly different mainly because of the size. 

For one, Jin did not give the actual size of the Robos and the Pandarens believed that it was due to space and size constraints as well as the many advantages it could give if it was of the same size as a Super Robo if placed in such a dungeon/raid instance. So it was no wonder that he would do such a thing. But that did not mean its capabilities were reduced nor the need for piloting.

Other Gunndams and Supa Robo Suits would require the pilot to wear the ‘robo’ as an iron man suit but because of Gunndam Aegis’ unique feature of turning into a mobile armour aka a flying mechanical unit, Deng Long would not be able to fit into it because of its size and thus had to pilot it remotely. He could however wear the suit and eject when it turned into a mobile armour but that would require some skill and training. 

Right now, all he could do was control the Gunndam remotely as he fought off against the Demon Rat elites. Yet, most Pandarens did not know that Deng Long was considered to be one of the better pilots within the Supa Robo Wars and he was able to multitask rather efficiently (mainly because Bu Dong forced him to go into the supporter role more than often during their fights in the mini game.) and thus with just a holographic controller right in front of him, the Wombat Cultivator was able to control his Gunndam while simultaneously fighting off the Demon Rats that were coming to his way.

There is however a silver lining to that remote controlling system. Jin did not know that when he was designing it but the intention was to let the user have some form of basic defence up when they were piloting it remotely since they would be too vulnerable. Hence it was designed to be mobile, moving wherever the pilot would go.  Even as Deng Long would travel a hundred metres away from the place he summoned Gunndam Aegis, there would still be a decent connection so long he was within the same raid instance and within a kilometre radius. (Of course, Jin would adjust the radius based on the scale of the dungeon instance but for now, he merely placed an arbitrary number.)

Not to mention, there was a barrier against projectiles as well, but mainly small arms only. The pilot would still be vulnerable to Elemental magic attacks or massive AOE like artillery strikes. But that did not deter Deng Long from not using it as he already knew the risk when he was remote piloting the Gunndam Aegis. 

With a Supa Robo Suit in his hands, he skillfully eradicated three Demon Rats Elites while he disrupted their formation. The Demon Rat Mages and Archers that were nearby tried to shoot it down when it was in its mobile armour form while the Demon Rat Elites attempted to pin it down when it turned into its human form but all of these attempts were fairly futile in the hands of Deng Long. 

Even the Pandarens who were at the sidelines fighting the Demon Rats were in awe at his skill manoeuvring of the Gunndam Aegis. They all initially assumed that it was automated but only later when they saw Deng Long desperately trying to control it while fending the Demon Rats away that prompted them to believe that he could be their trump card to get out of this desperate situation.

“Protect the Pandawan!” One of the Pandarens shouted and a few of them had already blitzed their way towards Deng Long who somehow became the main character of the hour as he continuously disrupted the Demon Rat Elites. His fellow Pandawans like Jia Le, Yue Han and Shi Zuo on the other hand went to different sites of the Pillar to make sure that they did not get too overwhelmed from either side. 

What they all know is that if they were able to continue fending off the Demon Rat Elites, they have a chance to not only build the Pillar Base Camp completely but give them a temporary sanctuary from all the chaos they had. All they needed was to hold on a while longer. 

How long more was the frequent question within the Pandarens’ mind but a reassuring announcement from Sheep Captain Mian Ling said that all they needed was another five minutes for all the materials to emerge onto the designated locations and told everyone to hold on.

As if the Demon Rats would allow that.

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