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Chapter 1353: Contemplating How To Use The Panda Statue

Chapter 1353: Contemplating How To Use The Panda Statue

Se Lang sent his scythe flying into the Roughscream’s face and the Demon Rat General had managed to block it. However, the monstrous strength of the vengeful Wolf Cultivator had caused several Demon Rats to be sliced into pieces from the impact alone. 

“That attackā€¦it’s not targeted at me.” Roughscream realised when he saw the dead Demon Rats within his vicinity.

“I needed some space to fight, they were preventing me from unleashing my maximum strength.” Se Lang replied as he pushed his scythe further and the Demon Rat had to step back while sliding his club away from it. 

“Looks like I am not the main character for this particular scene.” Xiong Da sighed but he could see that Bin Yong, Luo Bo and even Bu Dong hiding behind the ever stout armoured alligators taking a breather from the current fights. They might be cultivators but these Pandawans had been fighting with all their might for the past few minutes that felt like hours. 

There he saw them leaning right beside the Panda God Statue and he scoffed at how this particular thing looked. “You know Boss Jin, even though we are friends and stuff, you still continue to act like you are some distant powerful being that is way out of our league. And in a way, you are like a superhero in the shadows.” Xiong Da said and the Pandawans caught what he said partially.

“If he is some superhero, can’t he just swoop down now and destroys the barrier? Seems like the Pandarens are having difficulty breaking it.” Bin Yong said as he closed his ears when he saw the incoming planes coming down to drop bombs at the barrier. It was a sight that he thought he would never see in real life but here he was standing so close to the scene. 

“Don’t you think it’s a waste to use the Panda God Statue just to break a barrier?” Xiong Da replied loudly after the planes had gone by.

“There is always the giant elevator at the northern end of the capital. That was what the Demon Rats are protecting too right?” Luo Bo was smarter and used the Pandawan Team Chat rather than shouting. She was already too fatigued to bother screaming her lungs out.

“Why bother going the long way with a large town to fight against when we have a hole for us to swoop in from?” Bu Dong understood why the Pandarens were trying their best to break it even at the expense of their lives. Only the minority who refused to waste their tickets had decided to land on the third layer of the inner wall and fight against the Demon Rats that were in the way as well as proceeding to guard towers to defeat the snipers. 

“Perhaps he already knew this was going to happen and gave you that Panda God Statue.” Bu Dong added as he said that nothing in this dungeon instance happened by chance. 

“Wow, if you put it that way, Boss Jin is not just innovative to grab cash but also cunning enough to know how to spend mine.” Xiong Da chuckled. 

“Else, how is he going to fund these kinds of super projects? There is no way an ordinary dungeon supplier will be able to create such a realistic warzone. I believe he managed to coerce the Royal Zodiacs to come here just to get their money as well.” Bu Dong explained.

“Heh. If you think about it, he placed this raid in the PandaVerse Festival period and even though he said that this raid would most likely continue after the end of PandaVerse, he is secretly expecting us to clear this within a week given our past results.” Bin Yong added and they all directed their glances at the Panda God that was right above them.

“But that also means that you guys would not be able to see Jin’s powers at work, no? We might have had a glimpse of it here and there for the past few months but we never saw him fight sincerely other than rumours and hearsays.” Xiong Da was dying to see Jin in action after learning from his sources that he had contributed to the closure of various major incidents. Yet, when he tried to probe the Boss for information, he did not brag about it nor give a clue to him.

“And do you think the Boss would fight this instance’s big bad one all by himself again?” Bin Yong said as he remembered how Jin had commented how the difficulty was way too high for the Pandapolis Defence raid and personally intervened to make sure that there were no unnecessary deaths. “He surely had tuned it in such a way that he would not need to appear unless it was essential to moving the plotline.” 

“I still think Boss Jin will still appear to fight the final boss again.” Bu Dong commented. As much as he believed in the Pandarens and us, he is still a sucker when it comes to game difficulty adjustments.” Bu Dong recalled the times he had help from various NPCs in the Supa Robot Wars because the difficulty level shot up a lot. “So, I will recommend you just use it for the sake of those poor Pandarens losing their money over some stupid suicide attack.”

“Yeah, Just use it. I also like to see how Jin would destroy that particular shield. Will he be coming down magnificently to shatter the barrier or just breaking the entire thing with his Developer Powers?” Luo Bo even though visibly tired, was anxious to see how the situation develops.

“Fine! Fine! Fine!! I will throw that damn Panda God Statue at the shield okay?” Deep Down, Xiong Da also knew that Jin would not appear because coming into his raid instance too often to help the cultivators was sort of a counterproductive way to play the instances. Therefore, Xiong Da had decided to listen to his friends’ comments despite knowing that he did not have to do it, and they could take the long route down and conduct a proper invasion against the Undercity’s inhabitants. 

But hey, at least he is earning extra raid points from this act, right?

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