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Chapter 1352: Human Comets

Chapter 1352: Human Comets

“This is such a terrible terribleā€¦.TERRIBLY BRILLIANT IDEA! HAHAHAHA” Xiong Da said as he saw multiple human comets coming down from the skies hitting and killing not just the Demon Rat soldiers that were ‘hanging out’ at the walls awaiting the Demon Rat General’s commands but also the abyssal hole that was created by the earthquake.

However, he and the remaining Pandarens had no idea that there were surviving Pandarens within the Undercity and a majority of the human comets were flying right into that hole mainly to reinforce the Pandarens and other Royal Zodiac Soldiers that were still fighting in there, desperately holding onto their lives despite it being just a ‘raid instance’. 

They had no idea why they stayed when in most dungeon instances, the cultivators could simply press the log out button or say a safe word to get them out of it. It felt like they were ‘compelled’ to fight to their last or perhaps they know that people are watching them. After all, there were streamers and viewers on Pandaflix that were watching them live. For the Royal Zodiacs, it could be a matter of reputation while to some, it was a sense of duty to aid the Pandarens. As for the Pandarens, they knew that staying alive as long as possible had always been the best way to earn points as well as keeping their money’s worth. (especially when entering the instance again would require additional payment and like every typical Asian, it was best to make full use of their tickets to the best of their abilities.)

As for the human comets going through the abyssal hole and right to the centre of the fight to save the surviving Pandarens, they were trying their best to break the magical barriers with the help of gravity (along with whatever chi they could spare without feeling too tired from it.) They knew that there was a magical barrier from the streams when they watched how horrific the Demon Rats could go to kill dozens of Pandarens in one go and the discovery of an entirely new underground city was both fascinating and shocking to everyone. 

Just when they were worried about how the Pandarens, in general, could fight back against this terrible setback, Jin had already made the announcement to prepare for teleportation the moment when Xiong Da was able to set it up. It seemed as if like every Pandaren who wished for some Demon Rat payback had already lined up and queued for the fight the moment they found themselves available for battle. The Panda Nurses in the recovery instance were very particular in not letting those who were too fatigued to go for another round. Jin did not want any too crazy hardworking Pandaren to ‘die’ from exhaustion or playing too many dungeon instances and that would definitely set back his goals to expand his store when needed.

Although Xiong Da was unaware of the crystal’s progress, the deployment of the teleportation crystal was actually shown all around in Jin’s stores as the Pandarens knew this was possibly the only turning point they could get to regain back all the hard work they had lost from that earthquake. Thus, they all swore that once Xiong Da was able to activate the crystal, the Pandarens would do their best to take their revenge against the Demon Rats.

And so when the human comets smashed themselves to the large magical barrier protecting the Undercity, the Demon Rats panicked as they could not believe that the humans could find such a weird (and yet innovative way) to destroy the magic barrier. Also, upon learning that there was a barrier protecting the Undercity, the Royal Snake Soldiers who were commanding Nerodia II had already stocked the planes for bombing runs as well as adjusting their cannons to hit the magical barrier. 

There were initial thoughts to help destroy the third layer of the Inner Wall but their General suddenly went missing over the comms and the people on deck decided not to do anything unnecessary. The crew assumed that Hou Fei was killed from the earthquake that the Demon Rats had caused even though it was unlikely that it could happen but he did disappear from their communications. 

It was only through those human comets that had reentered the fight had relayed the information to them and thus allowed them to establish assistance in taking down the giant shield. 

In the meantime, this gave hope to the Pandarens who were trapped in the Undercity, as they started seeing reinforcements trying their best to destroy the magical barrier above them. Although that was also a sign for the Demon Rats to push and break the defensive array so that no surviving Pandarens were left and they could focus on attacking the humans that were falling from the building.

Simultaneously, the magical barrier had been reinforced with feedback magic, allowing the shield to discharge enough magic against anybody that comes near it. Compared to the barrier that was erected to protect the inner walls, this was not just multiple times stronger but ten to twenty times more manpower was devoted to ensuring that the barrier was not destroyed. Hence, those human comets that landed on the barrier in an effort to break it were instantly killed the moment they made contact with it. It was a suicidal run but the latter wave of human comets could see that it did weaken the shield but they needed more attacks on it. 

Therefore, some of the experienced Pandarens even started to bring the big guns out as they began their descent. Some brought out artillery guns, anti tank rifles, missile launchers, rocket propelled grenades and one even strapped a crate full of grenades onto him so that he could deal a considerable amount of damage to earn himself some extra points.

“Boss, I think you should lend them a hand for this part.” Hou Fei said as he was now deep infiltrating into enemies’ lines. Even as a General, he was still once a Snake Shadow, one of the highest rank infiltrators a Royal Snake Soldier could get. Besides, with the System to guide him through, he was able to make sure he got through the frontlines without being noticed.

“Don’t worry, Hou Fei. I am sure someone would call me to aid with the scenario. I am just waiting for him to use me so that I can go incognito the moment I do the deed and remain as a trump card against the Demon Rat Generals.” Jin said as he was eyeing Xiong Da’s movements, hoping the hippo would do as he predicted. 

“And that is assuming you can break it in one go.” Hou Fei said in a deadpan manner even though deep down he wished to snicker but it was best he did not make any expressions when he was on the move. 

“Are you underestimating me?”

“Well, are you sure you can do that? I mean I haven’t seen you fight after that duel with the two Tiger Sons so pardon me for assuming that you are not the strongest I had known.”

“Surely, you jest.” Jin sighed but he knew not to estimate his opponent. Thus, he had made some ‘insurance’ in case he could not destroy the magical barrier properly.

Though for now, it was a wait and see situation for him as his customers do the dirty work for him. 

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