Nine Sun God King

Chapter 890

Chapter 890

“The Nether Sun Spirit might be inside the Xuan Domain. I may have to enter the Xuan Domain ahead of schedule!” Qin Yun recalled the road on the map and headed towards that direction.

There is only one safe route into the Xuan Domain. But it doesn’t mean that this road is completely safe, it relatively safe compared to other region. There are formidable beasts on this road. If someone is not sufficiently strong, it is pretty easy to be attacked by beasts. Even though Qin Yun has superb concealing method, he still decided to go through a surveyed path. If he were to go through some unknown wasteland, he might encounter some natural barrier or natural danger and be trapped for a long time. If luck is even worse, he might end up in a beast nest and it will be even more troublesome.

“The reason why this path is considered safe is because there are not excessive danger or regions with natural danger. If one is a bit careful, even Martial Kings and Martial Emperors can pass through it!” Qin Yun is quickly flying in the air according to the map he memorized. He flew for several days and finally arrived at the safe road. There are many mountains in the area which are all marked on the map. He can see them from distance.

“I don’t know what is the situation inside Xuan Domain, I really don’t want to go there early!” Qin Yun said in his heart.

“Going a bit early is not a problem! Jian family is going to attack sooner or later!” Ling Yuner said with smile : “If it all goes smoothly, many large sects from Spirit Desolate Ordinary Realm will follow in later!”

“I wonder if the Demon Moon Island’s people will go out to fight at that time!” Qin Yun said.

“As for the specifics, Jian family surely sent people to scout, they will decide after gathering intel. You should not worry too much, first, obtain the Nether Sun Spirit!” Ling Yuner said. Qin Yun nodded his head.

He is completely concealed. Even though he is flying very fast, he won’t be discovered. Qin Yun saw many formidable beasts while flying. There are many that have transformed him humans, there are Martial Kings, Martial Emperors and even Half Immortals among them. What caused him to be most frightened is that there are some beasts that have very high perception and they even sensed him. But those beasts did not attack him. Not all beasts voluntarily attack humans. Qin Yun was not attacked, he will also not attack these formidable beasts. He only wants to quickly enter Xuan Domain and then look for the place where the Nether Sun Spirit is.

“That road to Xuan Domain is really far!”

Qin Yun felt really strange while flying because all the region he has flown through are completely barren. There are no vegetation in sight, no region with yellow soil and filled with barren rocky mountains. The spiritual energy is also very thin.

“This area must have suffered something to become like this! Even if it is like this, there are many formidable beasts here!” Qin Yun said in his heart.

“This area is completely unfit for humans to reside, there are no spiritual energy at all, moreover no medicinal ingredient! Maybe because it is this way that the connection between Ordinary Realm and Xuan Domain has been cut off!” Ling Yuner said : “My guess is that there was a great war in this region during ancient times!”

“According to the map, I still need to fly for two more months to go to Xuan Domain!” Qin Yun’s speed is not slow at all, the road is just too long. While he is rushing, he is still safe, even if he encountered any beast, nothing happened.

“Spirit Desolate is truly big!” Qin Yun emotionally sighed. Merely the connecting area between Ordinary Realm and Xuan Domain requires 2 whole month of very fast flying.

Night time, Qin Yun landed on top of a stone mountain and prepared a cave to rest. Suddenly a burst of gale arrived that brought along very strong energy wave. The energy wave caused many stones to break down and fall from the stone mountain.

“Someone is fighting!” Qin Yun is secretly amazed.

“Let’s go take a look! With your current cultivation, even Half Immortals won’t be able to easily capture you!” Ling Yuner said.

Qin Yun flew to the sky and rushed towards the direction from where the energy wave is coming. As he approached, he sensed a familiar aura.

“This aura.. it is Ying Chengyu! Who is this guy fighting with?” Qin Yun said in astonishment.

Ying Chengyu was Immortal Weapon Palace’s Sect Master once, he is also a very strong Half Immortal. This person is proper and also shady. Sometimes he is good, sometimes very bad. Teh fighting is very intense ahead, many large mountains have already crumbled. Those several thousand meters tall mountains tuned into large and small stones and flew everywhere due to the frantic fighting. Qin Yun arrived at a location that has already been razed a long time ago. Many Half Immortals participated in this kind of intense battle. Qin Yun did not approach further, worried that he would become involved, he is merely watching from distance.

“Ying Chengyu, hand over the map, we guarantee not to kill you!” the one spoke is an old man.

Qin Yun heard this voice and became even more shocked. The old man is precisely the Thousand Cloud Island Master from before! Ying Chengyu and Thousand Cloud Island Master was supposed to be friends but now they are fighting. Qin Yun still discovered 7 other Half Immortal aura, with Thousand Cloud Island Master that makes total 8 Half Immortals! If Ying Chengyu were not very powerful, he would not be able to withstand attack from 8 Half Immortals. Although Qin Yun is at a distance, he is very careful, he is carefully sensing aura to determine who the other 7 Half Immortals are. Turns out they are those higher ups of Divine Inscription Palace!

“This Ying Chengyu is being robbed by his own companions!” Qin Yun can not help but laugh.

“Serves him right!” Ling Yuner giggled : “Xiao Yun, take a look whether or not an opportunity arrives to get some good things!”

“It will be very difficult! I should just watch passively! There are 8 Half Immortals, if I am surrounded by them, it will be very difficult to escape!” Qin Yun hook his head. Qin Yun is just analyzing the battlefield from high above.

“Ying Chengyu truly have ability, he has been besieged for so long yet still have not been defeated!” Qin Yun said in surprise.

“After all this guy used to be the Sect Master of Immortal Weapon Palace, naturally he has ability!” Ling Yuner said with smile : “I wonder how long he can endure!”

“Ying Chengyu can only endure through great pain! It is very unlikely for a situation where both side suffers to arise!” Qin Yun sighed in disappointment and said. If Ying Chengyu were stronger, he could fight against those 8 Half Immortals to the point where both side suffers. Then Qin Yun could go reap some benefits.

Ying Chengyu is fighting and cursing loudly : “You bunch of bastards! I told you many times, I don’t have that map!”

“Ying Chengyu, you can not fool me! You already obtained that map, hand it over to compensate for our loss! If you did not bring us to Immortal Weapon Palace, we would not have lost the sea chart!” Thousand Cloud Island Master said with evil laugh.

“Bullshit! Losing that seat chart is nothing at all! It is at most a few purple crystal coins! Don’t even mention it!” Ying Chengyu furiously said.

“But we have lost face! That is the biggest loss!” a Divine Inscription Palace old man said with sneer : “Hand over that map! Fighting is pointless!”

Ying Chengyu furiously said : “I really don’t have it! Even if you kill me, I can’t take it out because I really don’t have it!”

Boom Boom Boom!

After a round of conversation, the fight began again.

Qin Yun is very curious after listening, he said in his heart : “Map? What map is this? Ying Chengyu is truly a character, this map must be very important!”

“Xiao Yun, this map must be concealing something!” Ling Yuner said : “Even though Ying Chengyu has bellyful of tricks, he has many good things in his hands, he even had the Wild Flame Inscription Spirit!”

“Indeed! I wonder what is the function of the map in his hand that caused even Thousand Cloud Island Master and others to turn on him!” Qin Yun said with smile.

Ying Chengyu and others left Immortal Weapon Palace, they were suppressing injury while heading for Xuan Domain, yet they started fighting in the midway, it must be because of that mysterious map.

Thousand Cloud Island Maser shouted again : “Ying Chengyu, if you don’t hand over the map, you will die very miserably!”


An explosion echoed, Ying Chengyu also let out a miserable scream that resounded through this desolate region.

“He has been captured!” Qin Yun is apprehensive. He floated down to the ground and very carefully approached.

After he approached, he saw Ying Chengyu is lying on the ground, his hands and legs are bound by golden chains. Large talismans are stuck on both his chest and back.

Thousand Cloud Island Master’s one foot is pressed on Ying Chengyu’s old face, he said with sneer : “Ying Chengyu, if it were not for you, I would never have come to such far away place like Immortal Weapon Palace to seek humiliation! You caused me to lose face in front of so many people, I want compensation!”

“You bastard, you only lost face in Immortal Weapon Palace! When you return to Thousand Cloud Island, who would know of this matter?” Ying Chengyu loudly cursed : “I already told you before that there is a very strong Immortal in Immortal Weapon Palace, it is your stupidity that you decided to provoke Immortal Weapon Palace!”

“Spit! I lost an Immortal life crystal yet did not even see the shadow of Heavenly Lion Dragon Suppressing Cauldron, this is all your fault! You caused me to be tortured, I even lost the star chart!” Thousand Cloud Island Maste vigorously stomped of Ying Chengyu’s face : “Less nonsense, quickly take out that map, I will not kill you, only leave you here!”

Ying Chengyu loudly shouted : “You bunch of bastards, listen clearly to this daddy, I Ying Chengyu don’t have that map, it is other people trying to frame me, if you don’t believe me, just kill me!”

Thousand Cloud Island Master laughed loudly and said : “You truly have hard bones! You are actually not afraid of death! Very well, since you are facing death, I will let you experience hell’s torture ahead of time… ha ha ha…”

Other few Half Immortals of Divine Inscription Palace also malevolently laughed.

“AHHH!” Ying Chengyu suddenly shouted loudly. A barbed long sword has been stabbed into his shoulder.

“You don’t have the map?” Thousand Cloud Island Master asked in angry voice.

“Don’t have it! I really don’t have it, quickly release this old dog! I am just an old dog who will die soon, please don’t torture me!” Ying Chengyu wailed.

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