Nine Sun God King

Chapter 889

Chapter 889

Qin Yun ran to Law Keeper Hall and arrive at a small house where Long Qiaofeng is staying. Long Qiaofeng and Xian Rujing are both here. Qin Yun glared at Xian Rujing after he entered the house.

“What are you looking at? Don’t tell me that today is the day you discovered a girl’s beauty?” Xian Rujing coldly laughed and flung her hair provocatively.

“Qin Yun, what’s wrong?” Long Qiaofeng saw that Qin Yun’s expression is abnormal and can’t help but ask with concern.

“I have something to discuss with her!” Qin Yun suppressed the anger in his heart and spoke while pointing at Xian Rujing.

Long Qiaofeng pointed at a room and said : “You can use that room to talk.”

Xian Rujing is not a bit afraid of Qin Yun, she groaned at Qin Yun and entered that room. Qin Yun also quickly entered the room and with a ‘bang’ he heavily closed the door. This caused Long Qiaofeng to be even more anxious, she knows that Qin Yun and Xian Rujing have some contradiction between them.

Xian Rujing sat on a chair after entering the room. She looked at Qin Yun and said : “What do you want to talk about? Judging by your attitude, it looks like you are in the mood to create some ruckus!”

“Sister Bing Xing said that you don’t want to let me enter the Immortal Weapon Spirit Pagoda?” Qin Yun coldly groaned and said : “Immortal Weapon City has so many Immortal Origins because of my contribution! Why won’t you let me enter the Immortal Weapon Spirit Pagoda?”

“This is what you wanted to talk about? I don’t want let you enter simply because I don’t want you to breakthrough in cultivation faster!” Xian Rujing curled her lips and said.

Qin Yun became very angry and said : “Why won’t you let me breakthrough faster?”

“Alright, I will stop teasing you! The reason I am not letting you enter is to not expose your Sacred Sun Spirit Vein. There are things inside Immortal Weapon Spirit Pagoda that can detect Sacred Sun Spirit Vein!” Xian Rujing glanced at him and said : “I am doing this for your own good!”

Qin Yun shouted : “I don’t believe you! Why would Immortal Weapon Spirit Pagoda would have something that can detect Sacred Sun Spirit Vein? Aren’t you just maliciously seeking revenge?”

“Believing it or not is up to you! Immortal Weapon Spirit Pagoda was originally used to test talent of soldiers, so naturally there are things that can detect Sacred Sun Spirit Vein and other similar things!” Xian Rujing groaned.

Qin Yun cursed in low voice : “That damn Sacred Sun Spirit Vein!”

Xian Rujing said : “Qin Yun, if Immortal Weapon Spirit Pagoda detects your Sacred Sun Spirit Vein, it will be very troublesome, you might be trapped inside until someone comes from Immortal Desolate to take you away!”

Qin Yun suddenly thought of Immortal Desolate Great Emperor, who is also Xei Qirou’s father, he is also Xian clan member and he still can not cultivate Sacred vein. Therefore, what Xian Rujing is saying might actually be true.

“Xian Rujing, tell me, if you and I do the deed, I will obtain 9 Sacred Sun Immortal Veins right?” Qin Yun suddenly asked.

“Yes!” Xian Rujing replied, she finds it odd talking about this again. Because this can let her cultivate 9 Sacred Sun Immortal Vein which will later allow her to cultivate 9 Sacred veins. This is an incomparably great enticement to her.

“Then later other women can also cultivate 9 Sacred Sun Immortal Veins through my body, right?” Qin Yun asked again.

“You.. how do you know this?” Xian Rujing suddenly stood up : “Who did you talk to about this matter? Is it sister Bing Xing?”

Qin Yun did not reply, he just blinked while staring at Xian Rujing.

“You bastard, I told you not to talk about this matter everywhere, why did you tell sister Bing Xing?” Xian Rujing shouted and then suddenly pounced at Qin Yun.

Qin Yun is greatly alarmed and promptly dodged. But Xian Rujing is very quick, she directly landed on top of Qin Yun’s body and then started biting his chest.

“Damn ice mother tigress, I will bit you too!” Qin Yun also loudly shouted, then he moved his hand and vigorously grabbed Xian Rujing’s thigh.

Xian Rujing’s thigh hurts from the grab and she started biting even more ferociously. At this time, Long Qiaofeng suddenly opened the door and entered the room to see Xian Rujing biting Qin Yun’s chest while Qin Yun scratching her thigh. Long Qiaofeng heard some commotion inside and decided to come it, she did not expect to see this kind of scene.

“Both of you stop acting impulsively, if there is a problem, you can properly discuss!” Long Qiaofeng promptly walked over, at one side she pulled Xian Rujing and on another side she pulled Qin Yun’s hand. (TL NOTE : Long Qiaofeng is such a good waifu!)

Finally Qin Yun and Xian Rujing are separated from each other. Qin Yun is rubbing his aching chest while Xian Rujing is rubbing her aching thigh.

“Ice mother tigress!” Qin Yun cursed in low voice.

“Blabbering cuckold!” Xian Rujing also furiously cursed.

“Qiaofeng, you go out first!” Qin Yun said.

Long Qiaofeng doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry, she sighed and said : “You guys, don’t start fighting again, have a proper conversation!”

She warned and then very unassuredly left the room and closed the door.

Qin Yun said : “Xian Rujing, how is it your concern whether or not I talk about my Sacred Sun Spirit Vein with sister Bing Xing? Why did you bite me?”

“Because you told her about my Dual Spirit Immortal Vein! You know that she will think too much after knowing this!” Xian Rujing

“So what if she thinks too much? It is not like you are losing a piece of your flesh!” Qin Yun glared and said unhappily.

“It will make her think that I want to force myself on you!” Xian Rujing coldly groaned : “This time is fine but next time she will definitely think I have such intention!”

“I don’t care about it, why do you care about it so much?” Qin Yun doesn’t understand why Xian Rujing is being so sensitive about this.

“Bastard, I don’t want to talk to you anymore!” Xian Rujing gnashed her teeth in anger and said.

Qin Yun curled his lips and said : “Forget it, I don’t want to go to that Immortal Weapon Spirit Pagoda. I will leave after a period if time, I want to travel around!”

He wants to go find Nether Sun Spirit.

“Hmph! When are you leaving? Aren’t waiting for me?” Xian Rujing lightly groaned and said.

“Why should I wait for you? I have my own matters to deal with!” Qin Yun got up and said : “I will refine some things first and then leave!”

“Who else did you talk to about Sacred Sun Spirit Vein?” Xian Rujing asked while watching Qin Yun intently.

“My wife!” Qin Yun said with laugh.

“YOU….” Xian Rujing really did not expect Qin Yun would blabber around about this matter.

“It was my wife who told me that other women can get 9 Sacred Sun Immortal Vein through me! It was not sister Bing Xing!” Qin Yun curled his lips and said.

“Who is your wife? How can she know such things?” Xian Rujing asked in amazement.

Qin Yun : “I don’t know but she is the one who told me!”

Xian Rujing thought for a moment and said in low voice : “What is her opinion? Did she not tell you to guard against me? Isn’t she worried I would do something to you?”

“She said she also wants to cultivate 9 Sacred veins and I should do what I see fit!” Qin Yun said with smile.

Xian Rujing is completely dumbfounded. She cursed in low voice : “Wife of a bastard like you is truly unfathomable!”

She looked at Qin Yun and asked with a strange expression : “Since your wife wants to cultivate 9 Sacred veins, what do you plan to do?”

Qin Yun said : “I don’t know but there is no way I will let a ice mother tigress like you take advantage of me! I will find another method to reach my goal!”

“Taking advantage of you? You bastard, do you know how many people in Immortal Desolate wants to.. wants to get my body?” Xian Rujing loudly cursed.

“Forget it, I want to leave! Later you should talk to sister Bing Xing about situation in Immortal Desolate, she wants to obtain some information!” Qin Yun patted the dust off his clothes and said : “I don’t know how long I will stay away this time.”

“Won’t you come back if Jian family attack the Xuan Domain?” Xian Rujing asked.

“I don’t know!” Qin Yun shook his head, he doesn’t know how long will it take to find Nether Sun Spirits.

“Just don’t die!” Xian Rujing lightly groaned and then left the room.

Qin Yun also left the room after her. Long Qiaofeng also felt a lot relaxed after seeing them come out calmly. Qin Yun left Long Qiaofeng’s house and went to find Jian Linglong. Within next period of time, Qin Yun and Jian Linglong researched the Dao King Talisman Canon given to him by Long Cangsheng. After that they crafted some Dao and King talismans together. Liu Jingmeng and Lan Fengjin also joined them, two of them crafted tools and talismans together, their progress have been very good.

Xiao Yuemei always wanted a Lion King Cannon, so Qin Yun crafted one for her. She became very happy after getting one, she was so excited that she wanted to shoot with the cannon. She also managed to connect those Regent Stone Mothers with Immortal Origins inside the Nine Sun Divine Soul, allowing the Regent Stone Mothers to absorb Immortal energy and produce Regent Origin Stones. She took 20 Regent Stone Mothers from Qin Yun and left Immortal Weapon City. She wants to return to Demon Moon Island to look at her sisters. Qin Yun has 100 Regent Stone Mothers, giving 20 to Xiao Yuemei is not a problem and he even has enough for himself to use.

Since both Lan Fengjin and Jian Linglong obtained Inscription Spirits, Qin Yun’s little Inscription Gate’s Inscription level increase by a lot. It is especially true for Jian Linglong, her mastery in Moon rune is very remarkable. This time Qin Yun cooperated with Jian Linglong, Liu Jingmeng and Lan Fengjin to craft many Dao talismans. King talismans are very difficult to make, Qin Yun only has 10 of them. Furthermore, he also crafted some Dao tier Talisman tools.

After Qin Yun properly prepared, he went to find Bao Changshou and said goodbye. Then he went to greet Bing Xing and brought back Zi Qingcheng and Shuiu Tianzi. Then he went to find Xian Rujing and Long Qiaofeng. He was still bitten by Xian Rujing to let him remember not to die in any way. Qin Yun cursed Xian Rujing in his heart and then left Immortal Weapon City. He is traveling according to the direction provided by Xie Qirou. Xie Qirou can only sense that there are Nether Sun Spirits inside the Spirit Desolate, she doesn’t know specific position.

“Wait until the Regent Stone Mothers start producing Regent Origin Stones, I will surely be able to enter peak stage Martial King.” looking at those Regent Stone Mothers, Qin Yun is very happily flying in the sky.

Just like this Qin Yun flew for a month. He doesn’t know where he is currently. There are no flowers, plants or trees in his location. There are only stones corroded by wind, earth is infertile and Nine Suns’ spiritual energy is also very thin.

“It seems like I have seen this area somewhere!” Qin Yun promptly took out a large map, this is the map to enter Spirit Desolate Xuan Domain.

To enter Xuan Domain, one must go through an ancient desolate and barren area. There is only one road which can be used to safely pass through. Other areas all hide many kind of dangers. Qin Yun checked the map and discovered that his current location is one of the dangerous zones.

“Don’t tell me that the Nether Sun Spirits are inside the Xuan Domain!” Qin Yun is amazed in his heart. He stored the map and vigilantly observed all around.

This tranquil, desolate and barren region doesn’t look like it hides any kind of danger at all.

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