Nine Sun God King

Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Recognition of mistakes

Qin Yun could feel his inner strength flowing through his bones. It could easily enter his bone marrow, filling his bones with a stronger power that could withstand an even stronger impact!

Bone was the frame of the body!

If the bone was strong, then the flesh and blood would be strong. The internal organs would grow stronger along with it and the body would be refined!

“The Bone Meridian is indeed powerful, just like the meridians of the inner force. They can control the meridians of the whole body and quickly channel the power of the inner force throughout the body.” Qin Yun used the Bone Meridian to rapidly circulate the two streams of inner elemental energy to every part of his body.

The Bone Meridian was completely formed and linked together. From within the bones, a series of explosive crackling sounds could be heard!

Qin Yun felt as though he had been reborn. The pain he had suffered instantly vanished as an abundant amount of internal energy instantly filled his entire body.

Yan Qingyu then released another wave of inner strength that turned into a sword …

This time, Qin Yun moved!

He rolled on the ground, avoiding the surge of inner strength.

When the inner strength landed on the ground, the hard stone slab shattered into pieces!

In an instant, Qin Yun leaped up and used his hands as blades to execute the Wind Slasher Form.

Now, he was able to use his inner force and execute the Wind Slasher Spell!

This meant that he had learned the incantation for Wind Slasher Technique at the initial stage.

A high grade spirit rank martial art at the initial stage was not something to be underestimated. Its power was extremely terrifying.

Yan Qingyu had never expected that Qin Yun, who was being tortured to the point of half-living, would suddenly jump violently!

Furthermore, when he had ravaged Qin Yun for nearly an hour, the consumption of his body was immense!

Yan Qingyu had come out of the Lin Xuanwu Academy, so he reacted extremely quickly when faced with an unexpected situation. he immediately circulated his remaining inner Qi to defend himself.

He crossed his hands as inner force surged out to form a shield to block Qin Yun’s dual blades!

Qin Yun hacked down with both hands as a surge of vibrating inner force surged out. It pushed on a scorching hot flame of inner force! As his hands slashed down, two gigantic blades containing immense power descended like mountains and the earth!

The two hands, one attacking and one defending, collided at an extremely fast speed!


Sparks flew in all directions!

The shock of Qin Yun’s inner force dissipated the inner force from Yan Qingyu’s arms!

The vibrating power then brought with it the fire qi, and like a wave, it poured into Yan Qingyu’s body!

Yan Qingyu’s arms danced wildly in the air, flames billowing around him as he screamed out in a crazed manner!

All of this happened so fast that everyone was dumbfounded!

No one expected Qin Yun to suddenly come back to life and leap at Yan Qingyu to launch a fierce attack!

“Master Wei, quickly remove the formation!” The Duke of Yan wanted to jump up onto the stage, but he was stopped by a formation.

It had to be said that the formation laid down by Grandmaster Wei was very solid. The Duke of Yan was at the ninth level of the Martial Body realm, yet he could not shake it in the slightest.

From the looks of it, Master Wei had invested a lot in setting up this array formation in order to prevent Qin Yun from being rescued at a critical moment …

Just as Master Wei was frantically trying to withdraw the array, a whooshing sound came from the battling platform!

All he saw was Qin Yun’s hands overflowing with fire elemental energy. Like a sharp blade, he was performing a terrifying saber art!

What was even more terrifying was that the invisible vibrating internal energy in his flesh and bones could break through all defenses!

Shua shua shua!

Qin Yun struck out with his dual blades. Wind Slasher, Wave Breaker, Mountain Splitter, Thunderclap …

A terrifying Daoqi, wild and tyrannical, enveloped Yan Qingyu!

In just four moves, Yan Qingyu’s meridians were all shattered by this saber energy. On the surface of his body, there were many shocking Dao marks!

In an instant, Yan Qingyu was chopped into a bloody mess by Qin Yun’s two-handed blade!

At this moment, the sand in the hourglass had completely leaked out, and the array formation began to undo itself.

The martial arts arena was completely silent. The corners of the Duke of Yan’s eyes and the muscles on his old face were twitching violently. His Yan Clan’s most outstanding disciple had actually suffered such a crushing defeat in front of him!

Yang Shiyue leaped up and landed beside Qin Yun.

Only by knowing that Qin Yun had cultivated the Bone Meridian could he instantly burst forth with such terrifying power!

“Brother Qingyu!” Yan Yun cried out miserably and fainted. As for the Yan family’s women, they started to wail even louder.

Qin Yun sneered. Just now, he had been tormented to the point where he could not stand a single glance. As for these people, they were all beaming with joy and chatting merrily.

Duke Yan jumped over to check on Yan Qingyu’s injuries and pointed at Qin Yun. His voice and hands trembled violently as he said, “Qin Yun …” You. “You …”

He was so angry that he could not speak. Anger poured out from his trembling body, creating gusts of wind …

This was because Yan Qingyu’s elemental energy was already gone!

Yang Shiyue’s face was as cold as ice. She stood in front of Qin Yun and said coldly, “Everyone has already seen that Qin Yun did not use any demonic arts. Instead, he used fire inner Qi and Wind Slaying Art! Of course, his Wind Slasher Spell has already reached the small success stage, and he has also condensed his own inner force! ”

Fifth level of the Martial Body, condensing inner strength, mastering the Wind Slaying Incantation … Even a sixth level Martial Body cultivator would find it difficult to resist.

Wei Xuankun was also alarmed by Qin Yun’s terrifying talent and asked involuntarily, “Then he …” “How can you condense inner force so quickly …”

“Ten days in the Heavenly Lion Lake and ten days in the Nine Suns Spirit Convergence Array. If it were you, would you dare say that you couldn’t condense it?” Principal Zhang said with a sneer, “Qin Yun’s talent in the Martial Dao is not bad, but there are many that are more terrifying than him. For example, Xiao Yuelan from the Heavenly Roar Empire. She is only sixteen years old, yet she is already at the 8th level of the Martial Body realm.

Xiao Yuelan was actually at the eighth level of the Martial Body realm!

Not only the teenagers, but even the seniors and teachers were shocked beyond belief!

A sixteen-year-old girl possessing the cultivation of the eighth level of the Martial Body. Her cultivation was higher than many of the teachers and old servants here!

This was truly shocking. From the looks of it, Qin Yun was nothing compared to Xiao Yuelan.

After the Yan Clan elders went up to check on Yan Qingyu’s injuries, they all shook their heads in despair. he was already crippled, and waking up was one thing, even though he was still alive.

As the Duke of Yan saw Yan Qingyu being carried away, he walked to the bottom and sat down on a chair. He was in so much pain that he almost vomited blood.

Although the other old officials were saddened, they were secretly delighted in their hearts.

The destruction of the genius disciples of other families was something they loved to see. After all, who didn’t wish for their powers to become stronger?

Moreover, the Duke of Yan was now strutting on top of their heads, flaunting his might. He often boasted about how amazing Yan Qingyu was …

“All of you, kneel down and admit your wrongs to Qin Yun!” Yang Shiyue suddenly shouted angrily, causing everyone to tremble.

Everyone suddenly recalled the promise that the Duke of Yan and the others had made.

After a sigh, Master Wei walked up to the stage and said in a clear voice, “I will never be able to keep up with a king’s words!” From the previous test, Qin Yun did not cultivate demonic arts. Furthermore, he had cultivated the Bone Scripture. He was a rare talent in the pursuit of martial arts!

“In that case, everyone should keep their promise and keep it. After all, everyone here is an important official of our country!”

His words were filled with righteousness. Just as everyone felt that Master Wei was about to kneel down and admit his wrongs, they heard him say with a hearty laugh, “Everyone, Qin Yun is the Heavenly Qin Prince. As subjects, it’s normal for you to kneel to him.

This meant that Master Wei had nothing to do with this matter. He was just a bystander. Therefore, he chuckled and urged the ministers to kneel down and apologize to Qin Yun.

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