Nine Sun God King

Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Inner Spirit

The strength of Qin Yun’s physique shocked the old officials and made them envious.

If he could really survive through this hour, this old official’s plan would have failed!

“Is this the result of soaking in the Celestial Lion Lake for ten days? The ten days of torture in the Heavenly Lion Lake, how did he endure? Ding Tianchun said in a low voice.

His words made many people quiver.

Everyone knew that Yan Qingyu, who had ravaged Qin Yun crazily, had entered the Celestial Lion Lake as well. However, he had only lasted for a day before he crawled out. he had nearly died inside!

And according to the rumors, Qin Yun had walked out with Yang Shiyue as if nothing had happened!

Yan Qingyu had originally thought that it would be a quick way to force Qin Yun into submission. He also believed that even if Qin Yun did not cultivate a demonic art, he would admit it because he could not stand his torment.

However, the current Qin Yun showed no signs of yielding. He had a resolute expression as he gritted his teeth and endured all sorts of pain!

The most terrifying thing was that every time he was beaten into a pile of mud, he would be able to stand up again. This unyielding will had infected many people!

“Never yield!” Qin Yun roared in his heart as he crawled up with great difficulty.

Yan Qingyu was extremely infuriated. He glanced at the Duke of Yan who was standing below the arena, only to see the Duke of Yan nodding his head in agreement.

This scene immediately made Yang Shiyue tense up. It was the same for Ding Tianchun and Principal Zhang! And they had also decided that no matter what, they could not let Qin Yun be destroyed here!

After Yan Qingyu obtained her consent, he could use all sorts of stronger methods to attack Qin Yun!

At this moment, more than half of the hourglass was missing!

After Qin Yun stood up, Yan Qingyu gave a loud shout as sword beams shot out and congealed into a short sword!

“Inner strength!” Someone shouted out loudly, and the crowd immediately began to shout.

The short sword formed by the mist was the inner strength!

Powerful inner strength could pierce through steel and crack iron, and could shatter hills!

Inner strength was the powerful force that could only be used when one was at the sixth level of the Martial Body. Only by cultivating three great scriptures could one control inner strength!

A dagger-like inner strength was released as it struck at Qin Yun’s abdomen!

“Ah!” Qin Yun screamed as he was sent flying. He lay on the ground as his body twitched!

Just as Yang Shiyue was about to rush over, she saw Qin Yun’s eyes, which were tightly wrinkled from the pain, reveal a hint of brilliance. This made her immediately stop!

After the short sword’s inner strength struck Qin Yun’s dantian, the inner strength was not blasted away by the shock of the inner elemental energy. Instead, it entered the shock of the inner elemental energy!

After the shock wave had absorbed the inner strength, it began to shake violently!

Qin Yun had thought that the inner elemental energy would dissipate but to his surprise, the short sword’s inner force was absorbed by the inner elemental energy. It vibrated throughout his body and seeped into his bones.

He felt as if every part of his body was being torn apart.

Once it was torn apart, the two Inner Qi immediately released the Nine Yang Inner Qi and quickly healed the injuries!

The process was extremely painful, but Qin Yun was extremely excited!

That was because he saw the two elemental energies in his dantian were spinning rapidly, sometimes bigger and sometimes smaller. After contracting, they suddenly expanded, as if they were breathing!

“Inner Yuan Spirit Aura!”

Qin Yun was extremely excited. Only when he cultivated his inner force cultivation method to the great perfection would such a phenomenon occur.

If it was a higher level cultivation technique, it would be able to release inner elemental energy and spirit energy at the large success stage.

Inner Yuan Spirit Breath could let the Inner Qi breathe, and when it breathed, it rotated rapidly, allowing the Inner Qi to release and absorb even more Spiritual Qi.

It was said that there were people at the eighth or ninth level of the Martial Body realm who were unable to have inner elemental energy and Qin Yun had reached it!

Yan Qingyu came to Qin Yun’s side and sneered. “You won’t be able to stand up this time, right?”

He stepped on Qin Yun’s back.

Indeed, Qin Yun did not stand up again. The main thing was that he was shaking his elemental energy. He was constantly sending waves of his inner strength to every part of his body to temper his flesh and bones. It was the crux of the Bone Forging Scripture!

“Tell me, did you train in a demonic technique?” Yan Qingyu coldly asked.

Yang Shiyue suddenly shouted, “If Qin Yun dies and you can’t prove that he cultivated demonic arts, then I, Yang Shiyue, will make you pay with your blood even if it costs my life!”

Her cold voice, accompanied by a bone-piercing killing intent, enveloped the entire Martial Arts Practice Grounds!

This caused everyone to feel cold all over!

“Our Hua Ling Martial Arts School will never let a student be forced to death like this. I have already stepped into the Martial Dao realm, so I will do my best to not let the person who persecuted the student leave here alive!”

Director Zhang’s voice was so light that it made everyone shudder!

Martial Dao Realm, what kind of strength was that? No one present knew of this, but they knew that it was extremely terrifying!

If Qin Yun were to die just like that, and there was no precise way to cultivation demonic arts, the Duke of Yan and company would face considerable pressure, such as from Yang Shiyue and Dean Zhang!

Especially Yang Shiyue. She had a cultivation base at the ninth level of the Martial Body. If she were to put her life on the line, it would be extremely terrifying.

Furthermore, she was a student of the Tianxuan Martial Arts Academy.

Yan Qingyu was also facing a great deal of pressure.

Back then, the elders had told him that Qin Yun was either forced to use demonic arts or forced to admit that he cultivated them!

However, the current Qin Yun was so tough. He did not use any demonic arts nor did he admit to it!

Yan Qingyu could not kill Qin Yun. If not, he and his elders would not be able to escape!

If an hour passed and Qin Yun failed to cultivate a demonic art, the Duke of Yan and the other old officials would have to kneel down and apologize to Qin Yun!

Yan Qingyu gritted his teeth and released another wave of inner strength!

The sword-like inner strength entered Qin Yun’s body from his back.

This time, it was the same as before. The inner strength was absorbed by the vibrations before being released to every part of his body to temper his muscles and bones!

Qin Yun was aware of the current situation. Yan Qingyu did not dare to kill him. Otherwise, more than half of the people here would die with him!

Even Master Wei might not be able to escape death!

The cold murderous intent of Yang Shiyue and Principal Zhang enveloped the entire training field.

It seemed like once Qin Yun died, they would be able to slaughter everyone here into a river of blood!

This oppressive atmosphere made it hard for many to breathe.

It was a dark night. The stars and moon were covered by the thick clouds, making them even darker.

In the Martial Arts Practice Grounds of the Hua Ling Martial Arts Academy, no one had eaten anything. They had cold sweat trickling down their backs as they stared at the sand in the hourglass!

On the martial stage, Yan Qingyu would occasionally strike Qin Yun with his inner strength.

However, Qin Yun refused to admit that he cultivated demonic arts and did not use demonic arts to counterattack. He did not faint and endured the pain!

An hour was about to pass. If Qin Yun were to survive this ordeal, the Duke of Yan and his bunch of old officials would have to kneel down and admit their mistakes!

This was kneeling in front of thousands of people!

Although the Duke of Yan and a group of treacherous officials were scheming and conniving, they had never expected Qin Yun to have such tenacious willpower. That was because they did not possess such things, so they were naturally overlooked.

Those who fell into their hands in the past, no matter how stubborn they were, were always tortured and forced to confess. However, this move of theirs was no longer effective.

Qin Yun’s five years of tough cultivation had allowed him to develop the most lacking willpower and strong faith amongst the nobles!

He was currently breathing and constantly releasing his inner force to flow through his entire body … Unknowingly, faint golden threads had formed, as if they were connected to all the bones.

“Is this the Bone Meridian?” Qin Yun, who was lying on the ground, felt it with his spirit force. He was feeling excited.

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