Nine Sun God King

Chapter 26

Chapter 26 – Celestial Lion Martial Meeting

A thousand students had already gathered in the Sky Lion Hall.

This time, the new students also came.

When they saw Qin Yun, they were filled with jealousy.

On one hand, they had come to see how a fifth stage student would fight. On the other hand, they wanted to see how badly Qin Yun would lose!

Within the vast hall, there were nine large fighting stages. They were at least dozens of meters wide, and the largest in the middle was over a hundred meters wide.

After the time was up, Qin Yun began heading towards the meeting.

There were a total of 64 people participating in the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet, which were divided into eight groups. The final battle would be held on the grand competition stage in the middle of the hall.

Wei Xuankun was not far from Qin Yun. He did not even look at Qin Yun as he stood there proudly, as though he had complete confidence in Qin Yun’s failure, he did not put him in his eyes at all.

After everyone had arrived, Principal Zhang began to explain the rules and then organize them into groups.

Qin Yun was divided into the eighth group and Wei Xuankun was in the first group.

There would be lots from each group, and four groups would be chosen to participate in the elimination round to determine the first place.

First in each group, then competing with the other groups.

“As long as Wei Xuankun is not with my team, I should be able to relax a lot!” Qin Yun looked at the crowd but he did not see Yang Shiyue. He did not know where she had gone to, which made him somewhat worried.

He actually saw Cui Hui walking in with a delicate face like Yan Yun.

“Stage Eight, Qin Yun, Fang Rugang, get ready!” A large man shouted.

Qin Yun was the first person to do so. This attracted the attention of many.

No one was optimistic about him. He was only at the early fourth level, but his opponent had already stepped into the fifth level. In terms of inner qi and martial skills, he was definitely superior to the fourth level.

Fang Rugang was a tall and thin youth dressed in luxurious blue silk clothing. His expression was filled with contempt and he did not place Qin Yun in his eyes at all.

“Level 8 martial stage, begin!”

Fang Rugang took light steps as he charged forward. His thigh bounced up as he swept it towards Qin Yun’s head. It created a strong gust of wind that whistled loudly.

“It’s a low grade spirit rank martial art, Steel Wind Leg!” Below the battling platform, someone shouted in shock: “Fast and crazy, this is a technique to deal with the enemy!”

Qin Yun’s reaction was extremely fast as he suddenly turned malevolent. He punched out and with a tiger’s roar, he charged forward, striking Fang Rugang’s leg that was sweeping over.

He was using the Spirit Tiger Fist!

The fist and leg collided, and shockwaves gushed out!

Fang Rugang, who was standing with one leg, lost his balance after being hit by the heavy blow. His entire body fell to the ground!

“There’s actually someone who’s going to use his fist to fight with a kick, and he even won!”

“Performing the Steel Wind Kick, his thigh is filled with inner Qi. It is as hard as steel and can easily destroy trees. Normal people would not dare to face it head on, but Qin Yun dares. I wonder if his bones are shattered?”

Fang Rugang cried out in pain as he hugged his leg, unable to continue fighting.

When he saw Qin Yun’s tightly clenched fists, he could not help but feel fear. He could only admit defeat.

“Fang Rugang, defeat!” Qin Yun wins! ”

Qin Yun had actually won against a fifth level opponent!

Moreover, he only used one move, and it was the Spirit Tiger Fist!

The older students at the fifth level of the Martial Body were all dumbfounded and let out waves of surprised cries!

“Is this true? Qin Yun has really defeated Fang Rugang and only used one move! ”

“It’s true!” Could it be that Fang Rugang’s cultivation had regressed? How can you be so easy to beat with just one move of the Spirit Tiger Fist from the street trash! ”

“This is unbelievable, a level four Martial Body freshman actually defeated a level five Martial Body senior!” Fang Rugang lost too much face for us seniors! ”

Everyone expressed their doubts and shock.

Under the disdainful gazes of the crowd, Fang Rugang walked down the stage in shame and indignation.

Cui Hui said with a look of displeasure, “Qin Yun’s inner Qi is very wild. It’s mainly because of the purple gold fire martial spirit. Other than not being able to leave the body, its strength is no different from the fifth level. No wonder Yang Shiyue allowed him to participate in the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet. He already possesses a certain level of strength!”

Yan Yun let out a charming snort, and said in a disdainful tone, “No matter what, he will still lose to Big Brother Kun in the end! “Brother Kun is at the 5th level of the Martial Body realm.”

Because there were very few people with the purple gold fire martial spirit, no one knew how strong this martial spirit’s inner Qi was. Now, everyone could see the advantage of a high grade martial spirit from Qin Yun’s strength.

A higher grade martial spirit could crush a person to death!

Soon, the first round of the competition on platform eight was over. Next, the second round would begin!

Qin Yun was once again in his first match!

His opponent this time was a tall youth named Wang Chen. He knew that Qin Yun was not easy to deal with.

Qin Yun had watched the battle very carefully and thought to himself, “Wang Chen, his inner Qi is very strong. It’s the Lightning Martial Spirit, but its speed is slightly slower!”

This time, Qin Yun was the first to attack. Stepping onto the Cloudsoaring Steps, he appeared right in front of Wang Chen!

Such speed had already surpassed many of the older students who were at the fifth level of the Martial Body realm! This made many students at the fifth level of the Martial Body Realm exclaim in their hearts.

Wang Chen sneered. He seemed to have expected this. His fist shimmered with lightning, as though it was waiting for Qin Yun to rush out in time.

Just as Qin Yun was about to collide with the incoming Lightning Fist, he suddenly turned his head to dodge. At the same time, he punched Wang Chen’s chest!

A deep tiger roar suddenly came out!

Everyone could not help but be alarmed. Qin Yun was even competing in the Spirit Tiger Fist!

Wang Chen was very confident in his massive body. He hurriedly circulated the thunder inner Qi in his body and concentrated it on his upper body. He did not dodge and continued using Thunderbolt Fist to attack Qin Yun!

What he did not expect was that Qin Yun would suddenly squat down and dodge his Lightning Fist. His Lightning Fist missed!

Furthermore, Qin Yun’s punches had undergone a strange transformation as they headed straight for Wang Chen’s thigh!

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Wang Chen’s thigh was struck so heavily that it felt scorching painful. The moment he moved, the excruciating pain would affect his entire body.

He had thought that Qin Yun would attack his upper body. Who knew that he would aim for his weak thighs from the very beginning!

Rushing Cloud Steps allowed Qin Yun’s inner Qi to be stronger. In addition, the scorching heat from the fire’s inner Qi permeated his flesh and bones. That was why Wang Chen felt such intense pain.

“I admit defeat!” If not for Qin Yun moving him, he would have suffered an even greater pain.

Qin Yun had won once again!

The main hall erupted into an uproar!

By defeating a fifth level martial body for the second time, Qin Yun could completely prove that he had the strength to rival a fifth level martial body!

Yan Yun saw Qin Yun stepping out of the limelight and clenched her jade teeth. “Brother Kun will definitely let him suffer a crushing defeat. Let’s see how long he can be proud of himself!”

“If I win another match, I will be first in the group!” Qin Yun calmed himself down and walked down the dueling platform.

He was already very familiar with the use of martial arts, mainly because he had been sparring with Yang Shiyue for the past few days. During the battle, Yang Shiyue simulated all sorts of situations to train him, and accumulated a lot of battle experience.

On the other side, Wei Xuankun had also won a series of matches consecutively. Those who fought him all had some scruples and did not dare to offend him. They did not even seriously fight him.

The people who were in the same group as Wei Xuankun could only blame their bad luck.

Following that, Qin Yun won once again. He also won first place in the group.

Fourth level of the Martial Body realm, to be able to take first place in the group, this was unprecedented!

If Qin Yun could obtain first place, it would be even more shocking. It would be recorded in the annals of the history of the Hua Ling Wu Academy!

However, everyone felt that it was impossible for Qin Yun to obtain first place. That was because there was also Wei Xuankun, the son of Grandmaster Qing Wen. He was the most highly regarded first place!

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