Nine Sun God King

Chapter 25

Chapter 25 Flame Light Fist

“Once you break through, your elemental energy will also increase. In the future, the Qi that will be refined will be even stronger. This is the advantage of having a breakthrough. ” Yang Shiyue said: “Other than the cultivation technique restriction, the other thing is that it requires an opportunity to transform the elemental energy within the body.”

“For instance, there are many martial artists that will struggle on the edge of life and death, meditating on life and death. Under the pressure of death, they will use their strong will to survive to stimulate their own potential and break through their bottleneck!”

“When I fought on the battling platform, I did suddenly comprehend the Rushing Cloud Steps!!” Qin Yun knew the key to breaking through the bottleneck. Back then, he had been spurred by a strong desire to win.

There were only three days left before the start of the martial arts competition. He planned to try and see if he could trigger the opportunity to break through.

“You better read the book properly. I will guide you in learning Blazing Light Fist tomorrow!” Yang Shiyue stroked her hair very charmingly, then returned to her room to rest.

Qin Yun finished the book and went back to his room to read it. He read it very quickly and was able to memorize everything.

In the middle of the night, he finished reading a few books and had a rough understanding of the mysterious patterns. He knew how to use the mysterious patterns, but he still did not have enough strength to do so.

It required at least the fifth level of the Martial Body Stage to have enough inner Qi to inscribe spirit tattoos.

… ….

In the morning, the birds in the bamboo forest were chirping, and the breeze was rustling the leaves.

In a quiet and elegant courtyard in the bamboo forest, Yang Shiyue was in a pavilion as she explained the difficulties of the Flaming Light Fist to Qin Yun.

Her graceful steps moved back and forth, her snow-white dress and waist-long beautiful black hair danced gently in the gentle morning breeze. Her entire body exuded a refined and mature aura, making her seem as if she had blended into the beautiful dawn.

“Initiating the Flaming Light Fist can cause the fist to glow and heat up when the fist strikes. Reaching the Small Success Stage, your fists are like red iron. They can instantly burst out with blinding light and consume inner Qi very quickly. ” After Yang Shiyue finished speaking, she sat gracefully on a stone bench in the pavilion. She picked up a cup of tea that Qin Yun had poured and sipped it with her red lips.

Qin Yun admired her greatly. She had a very deep understanding of the martial arts cultivation techniques he had never learned.

He suddenly became curious and asked, “Teacher, what type is your Martial Spirit?”

Yang Shiyue put down her teacup, gave a mysterious smile, and softly said, “It’s a secret for now. When you are as strong as me in the future, you will naturally know! You can start practicing the Flaming Light Fist now. I’ll watch you practice from the side! ”

“Alright!” Qin Yun walked out of the pavilion and began practicing on a flat piece of land.

… ….

Inside the palace, on top of a luxurious golden red phoenix throne, sat a woman dressed in phoenix embroidered clothing. This person was Empress Tian Qin!

When she learned of Qin Yun’s situation at Hua Ling Wu Academy, she was infuriated. With a smack of her palm, she shattered the jade table beside her and shouted angrily at the old officials beneath her, “All of you are a bunch of old foxes. All of you are old foxes, yet you failed to deal with Qin Yun!”

“He has already been in the Hua Ling Wu Academy for a few days. Not only did he not weaken him, he has even increased his cultivation by leaps and bounds.”

A blue robed old official looked embarrassed and said: “Hua Ling Wu Yuan has strict rules, so we are unable to move them.” Furthermore, Yang Shiyue was very protective of Qin Yun. This was a huge obstacle! We can only wait for Qin Yun to walk out of the Hua Ling Wu Courtyard before we find an opportunity to take action.

“Esteemed Empress, you can be at ease. He only has a bloodline, so he won’t be able to go far on the path of martial arts.”

Another old official bowed and said with a trembling voice, “We have exhausted all means to get an elder of the Hua Ling Wu Academy to ask them to transfer Yang Shi Yue away. As long as Qin Yun isn’t with Yang Shi Yue, it’ll be more convenient for us to make our move.”

The Empress gritted her teeth as her venomous eyes flashed. She said, “Alright, it’s all up to you. I’ll definitely see Qin Yun die tragically.”

An old official asked in a low voice, “Empress, how is the emperor right now?”

“His Qi deviation caused him to suffer serious internal injuries, so he’s considered crippled.” The empress sneered, “As long as the engagement between the crown prince and Xiao Yuelan succeeds, with the help of the Heavenly Roar Empire, those who oppose us will be completely eliminated!”

… ….

In the past few days, Qin Yun had been practicing the Flaming Fist day and night. His hard work had paid off. He could learn the Flaming Light Fist to the small success stage, and could turn his fist into red-hot iron. At the same time, he could also control his fist to erupt with a flash of light.

Yang Shiyue came out of her room and saw Qin Yun practicing his punches. She nodded with satisfaction and said with a smile, “You truly have an extremely high perception of martial arts techniques. It looks like you really do have the legendary heart of martial arts. Perhaps you can cultivate to perfection!”

“By the way, Qin Yun, I remember that you used a martial skill in the imperial palace’s plaza that day. It could make your inner Qi explode with great might. What martial skill is it?”

“That’s called the Qi Explosion Technique, I wonder if teacher has heard of it?” “It was passed to me by the Grand Preceptor. I wonder what rank it is!” As Qin Yun spoke, he punched the ground and a violent blast of flaming inner Qi erupted.


A crater appeared on the ground, emitting a scorching aura, as if a meteorite had fallen!

“So powerful!” This is not an ordinary martial skill, I have not heard of it either. ” Yang Shiyue was shocked, and her face suddenly turned serious: “I’ll go check out what martial skill this is!”

She was worried that it was a demonic art. If it really was, then there would be big trouble. Therefore, she hurriedly left her residence to go through the martial arts books.

Qin Yun hoped that Yang Shi Yue would be able to find out what martial arts the Qi Explosion Technique was. He needed to know at least what level it was at.

He had already grasped the Flaming Light Fist and could temporarily stop practicing it. Thus, he returned to his room and took out a strange bamboo scroll and drew on the white paper according to the spirit lines on it.

“When I step into the fifth level of the Martial Body Stage, I will start to teach myself strange inscriptions.” He wanted to try, but he wasn’t strong enough yet.

In the evening, Yang Shiyue came back with food.

Qin Yun noticed that her beautiful face looked relaxed with a hint of joy. He knew that Qi Explosion Technique was not a demonic art.

“The Qi Explosion Technique is actually a low-grade Black Level martial art, and it’s even the kind of strong one!” Yang Shiyue spread out the dishes on the table and said doubtfully, “Generally speaking, mysterious cultivation techniques are rarely spread out. Your Grand Preceptor is really mysterious.”

Qin Yun sighed and said, “I wonder how she is doing now!”

“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine!” Yang Shiyue comforted him before her face was stern as she urged him, “You must rest well tonight. You must attend the Heavenly Lion Martial Meet tomorrow in your best state.”

Late at night, Qin Yun did not practice any martial arts. Instead, he was cultivating his inner force cultivation method.

“As long as I master the [Black Sun Art], I will be able to approach the fifth stage!” For the past few days, he had been taking time to cultivate the Mysterious Yang Tactic. Even though he hadn’t reached mastery, he felt that it was very close.

Unknowingly, he had immersed himself in the Mysterious Yang Tactic’s mental cultivation method and entered a very different state. It was as if his mind was isolated from the outside world …

Early morning. The nine suns had risen into the morning sky. The rays of light shone on Qin Yun’s body, causing him to wake up.

The moment he woke up, he naturally channeled the Xuan Yang Tactic. He suddenly felt that there was a lot of Nine Yang Energy entering his body. He hastily examined his dantian and saw that his inner energy was slowly rotating.

“With my elemental energy revolving, I’ve mastered the Black Yang Tactic!” Qin Yun jumped down from the bed in delight and changed into a clean set of gray tights to tidy himself up.

He walked out of his room, but he did not see Yang Shiyue. Instead, he saw that the table was filled with breakfast. After he finished his breakfast, he rushed to the Skylion Hall.

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