Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 4358: Berserk Nine Tail Fox

Chapter 4358 Berserk Nine Tail Fox

Yue Zifeng appeared, intercepting a horned Eternal lifeform with red fur.

“I want one too!” Guo Ran stepped forward as well, his armor shining like a golden sun as he blocked an Eternal expert.

“I want one too!” Xia Chen also confronted an Eternal expert, swiftly summoning his manifestation. A powerful dragon cry echoed as a seven-color spotted dragon materialized behind him.

On closer inspection, the dragon scales were all made of various runes, and their auras were astonishing.

“Me too!”

“Me too!”

“Me too!”

Gu Yang, Li Qi, and Song Mingyuan also advanced, each intercepting an Eternal expert.

“I also want to witness the power of an Eternal expert firsthand.” Bai Shishi also came forward. When she appeared, a golden lotus bloomed beneath her feet, and a golden goddess manifested behind her, casting the world in a radiant golden light.

Yue Zifeng, Guo Ran, Xia Chen, Gu Yang, Li Qi, Song Mingyuan, and Bai Shishi each appeared in front of an Eternal expert. With seven of them there, now only one remained unclaimed.

Bai Xiaole was flabbergasted. He looked toward Yu Qingxuan and pitifully said, “Big Sister Qingxuan…”

Yu Qingxuan smiled. “I’ll hold the line for all of you.”

“Many thanks! You really are my big sister! No, you’re even closer than my big sister!” Bai Xiaole shouted excitedly, as Yu Qingxuan didn’t fight over this last spot with him. The Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox also jumped with excitement, and the two of them flew toward the final Eternal expert.

The Eternal expert he was left with was near Bai Shishi. So when he came over, Bai Shishi immediately shouted at him, “Scram!”

“What is wrong with you? Did you take the wrong pills this morning?” Bai Xiaole stared at the hostile Bai Shishi, feeling puzzled.

“Tch, you fool, don’t you know that all women are petty? You called Yu Qingxuan closer than your own big sister, so of course you pissed her off,” whispered the Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox, covering its mouth with its claw as it squatted beside Bai Xiaole’s ear.

Despite it being a whisper, every person here was a powerful expert, so they heard it clearly, especially Bai Shishi.


Suddenly, the Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox let out a pained cry. It then jumped into the air and grabbed its rear, pulling out a golden needle.

It furiously demanded, “You vixen, how are you so unreasonable?! Why are you stabbing my butt with a needle?!”

“You talk too much!” said Bai Shishi coldly.

“You… Bai Xiaole, are you stupid? If you’re still not going to attack, how long are you going to wait!? The Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox actually vented its anger onto Bai Xiaole.

“I… Alright, today I’ll settle things with her!” Bai Xiaole gritted his teeth and turned to attack Bai Shishi.

“Idiot! Our opponent is that horned bull!” The Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox exclaimed, its cry carrying a hint of emotion. It was astonished that Bai Xiaole wanted to fight Bai Shishi to get justice for it. At least, Bai Xiaole was ready to stand up to his big sister for its sake.

“Oh!” Only then did Bai Xiaole realize that the Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox wanted to vent its anger on their opponent. Bai Xiaole instantly got to work.

With a resounding clap, three flowers appeared in Bai Xiaole and the Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox’s eyes.


The void exploded as the enormous true body of the Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox manifested. It swiftly merged with Bai Xiaole, causing demonic qi to surge. A colossal pupil then materialized behind them, resembling a heavenly eye overseeing the world.

The Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox roared, the sheer sound shaking the world. Cloaked in a torrent of demonic qi, it no longer retained its previous cuteness; instead, it exuded a bloodthirsty aura.

With a stamp on the ground, the Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox shot like a bolt of violet lightning toward the horned bull Eternal expert before them.

This was an Immemorial Horned Python Bull, a hybrid of the Barbarian Bull and the Immemorial Golden Python. Due to being nourished by primal chaos qi since birth, this race had preserved most of their ancient divine abilities, so they were incredibly powerful.

Originally, it had been looking down on Bai Xiaole, thinking that it would wipe him out in one move before focusing on Long Chen.

However, it hadn’t expected the cute little fox on Bai Xiaole’s shoulder to be the famous ferocious beast of the immemorial era, the Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox.

When the two of them merged and the Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox’s aura was unleashed, that Immemorial Horned Python Bull’s hair instantly stood on end.

It summoned its true body, which was as large as a mountain range. As its Eternal aura erupted, it pointed its singular horn at the incoming Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox.


The Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox’s sharp claws slammed onto its head. With an explosive sound, the Immemorial Horned Python Bull was actually driven into the ground, leaving a giant hole.

Suddenly, the Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox swayed, descending like a meteorite. It then opened its mouth and bit down on the bull’s leg.

The sound of bones breaking rang out. After that, the Immemorial Horned Python Bull screamed as one of its legs was forcibly ripped off.

Blood sprayed through the air. As the Immemorial Horned Python Bull writhed in pain, the claws of the Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox struck its belly, leaving a massive cut. More blood then splattered, revealing the bull’s innards.

“I can finally unleash the divine abilities of the Nine Tail race. The time of the Nine Tail race has come!”

The Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox looked at the blood on its claws and smiled, revealing a set of sharp teeth. A ferocious light then gleamed in its eyes, and a bloodthirsty killing intent erupted.


Suddenly, the void exploded and the Immemorial Horned Python Bull fled in terror.

Seeing a terrifying Eternal expert fleeing, everyone was stunned. However, as they observed the bloodthirsty state of the Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox, a chilling fear gripped their souls.

This legendary beast appeared to be revealing its true nature, raising concerns about whether, one day, it might no longer be able to distinguish between friend and foe.

“You want to run? Leave your life behind first!”

The Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox suddenly pounced after its opponent, akin to a streak of violet lightning chasing it.


Just as the Violet Pupil Nine Tail Fox started chasing down the Immemorial Horned Python Bull, the other fights also started. One Eternal expert threw a fist into Guo Ran’s chest.

However, a shocking scene then occurred. Guo Ran only quivered ever so slightly as he received that world-shaking attack.

“Did you not eat today?”

With confidence, Guo Ran looked at his unharmed battle armor, his voice brimming with excitement and a touch of disdain.

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