Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Chapter 4357: Wiping Out Eternal

Chapter 4357 Wiping Out Eternal

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen!”

“Dean Long Chen!”

Heaven-shaking cheers erupted from the human experts present. Not only was Long Chen alive, but he also seemed stronger than ever.

Although most people knew inside that the rumor of his death was false, the sheer volume of gossip going around slowly turned fiction into fact, eroding their confidence.

However, with Long Chen standing in the sky, easily holding off that enormous claw, his peerless dominance and flamboyance reignited their confidence.

Long Chen's black robes and hair billowed, presenting a majestic sight. What stirred excitement the most was that Long Chen hadn't summoned his manifestation, and his aura remained restrained. Solely with the power of his physical body, he blocked this attack.

It had to be known that this was the all-out blow of an Eternal expert. It contained Eternal power, the power to destroy heaven and earth, but it was stopped by Long Chen with ease.

“As long as I, Long Chen, still have a breath left in me, the likes of you are not qualified to run rampant in the human race’s territory!”

Long Chen snorted, and seven-color divine light erupted, shattering the enormous claw.

Long Chen’s figure vanished along with it. Upon reappearing, he was already in front of the elder who had been at a distance. Long Chen then unleashed a punch at him.

This elder had executed an attack through space. When Long Chen shattered his divine ability with a single move, his Blood Qi churned, and he staggered backward.

Seeing Long Chen appear in front of him, he let out a furious roar. The void exploded as he morphed into an enormous Blood Crocodile, and his tail whipped toward Long Chen.

The enormous tail’s irregular scales lit up with countless runes, resembling a heavenly whip that disrupted the laws of the ten thousand Daos.

This was the Blood Crocodile race’s strongest divine ability. Furthermore, it was unleashed by an Eternal expert.

Still, in front of this monstrous might, Long Chen’s technique didn’t change. His fist simply struck the Blood Crocodile’s tail.


An ear-piercing explosion ensued. The Blood Crocodile grunted, his enormous body spinning through the air several times before coming to a stop.

As for Long Chen, he was sent flying like a shooting star by that tail. He crashed through numerous mountains, disappearing without a trace.


The Blood Crocodile raised his head and laughed. That attack was likely to have killed Long Chen or at least mortally wounded him. However, halfway through, this laughter was abruptly cut off, as if severed by a knife.

Within a mass of dust, a pair of golden wings sprouted, and Long Chen’s figure reappeared. Long Chen lightly brushed some dust off of his clothes, appearing completely fine. He casually walked back over.


The expression of the Blood Crocodile completely changed, and he didn’t dare to believe his eyes. Even after receiving such an attack, Long Chen wasn’t injured at all.

“As expected, a person gains the most when they have the biggest guts! That heavenly tribulation wasn’t hellish for nothing!” Long Chen murmured to himself as he patted the dust off of him.

The Blood Crocodile’s full-power attack only caused Long Chen’s Blood Qi to quiver slightly. He wasn’t injured at all.

It had to be known that Long Chen was not even in his fighting state now. He was simply trying to test his newfound power.

When Long Chen was struck by that attack, his seven-color Supreme Blood, violet blood, Spirit Root, Spirit Bone, dragon tendons, and soul activated at once. There was no need for Long Chen to defend himself, as they instantly merged together like a grand formation, blocking that power.

After going through the heavenly tribulation, Long Chen’s energies were merged into one, no longer fighting on their own.

It was akin to five fingers that had been fighting on their own. Now, as they united to form a fist, their collective power multiplied.

However, Long Chen didn’t know whether this merger was thanks to the heavenly tribulation or the hand of the heavens. In any case, the strength of his physical body had reached an unimaginable realm, so he hadn’t endured the deathly tribulation in vain.

As Long Chen stepped through the air, his footsteps were like the overture of death that shook countless people’s souls.

Seeing this scene, the Blood Crocodile let out a furious roar, and his enormous body quivered. From head to tail, blood-colored lines appeared on his scales.

Energy surged from every corner of his limbs, converging toward his mouth and rapidly forming a giant blood-colored sphere.

This sphere was as brilliant as the sun, causing heaven and earth to change color. This Eternal expert was no longer holding back and directly unleashed his strongest trump card.

“Dean Long Chen, don’t block it directly! They still have more Eternal experts!” warned an expert of the senior generation.

Even if Long Chen were to win in a direct clash with the Blood Crocodile, he would definitely be wounded. After that, the other races’ experts would take that chance to kill him.

“DIE!” the Blood Crocodile roared, and the blood-colored sphere’s light intensified. However, just as he was about to spit it out, Long Chen raised his hand. A dragon claw reached the Blood Crocodile through the air and firmly grasped his mouth, sealing it shut.



The enormous Blood Crocodile quivered for a bit. His eyes shot out of his head, and blood oozed out of his mouth. Following that, he stiffened and then went limp.

For a moment, both friend and foe alike were simply dumbfounded. The Blood Crocodile’s trump card had been suppressed by Long Chen just like that, exploding in his own mouth, killing him.

“What an idiot. Have you gotten used to peaceful lives? Do you think others will just sit back and let you unleash your trump cards?” sneered Long Chen.

Long Chen waved his hand and sent the giant crocodile corpse flying toward the Dragonblood Legion behind him. Xia Chen had long since been prepared, directly gathering both the corpse and the scattered Eternal essence blood.

For Xia Chen, there was nothing more precious than a fresh Eternal corpse and Eternal blood. He could use ingredients like these to create high tier talismans.

Furthermore, the Spirit Bone and crystal core of Eternal demonic beasts were the best materials for offensive formations. By activating their innate runes, these formations could harness the divine abilities of the demonic beasts from when they were alive.

Even once Xia Chen had taken what he needed, the leftovers were still valuable. The Blood Crocodile’s hide was excellent for creating armor that was impenetrable even by half-step Eternals.

“Kill him!”

At this moment, eight figures appeared in the air at once, locking down Long Chen. They were prepared to throw away all faces and join forces to kill Long Chen.

“Shameless! You are Eternal experts! How can you be so underhanded?!” demanded that scholar.

Long Chen turned back and smiled at the scholar. “You really are interesting. What is the point of talking reason with a bunch of animals? Is it any different than playing the zither to a cow? If you are Li Chenggang’s junior apprentice-brother, then you must know my favorite saying of his, right?”

“What is it?” The scholar was startled by the question.

“Studying is to talk reason with others, while cultivation is to make others talk reason with you,” said Long Chen with a laugh.

After saying that, Long Chen’s smile vanished, replaced with sinister killing intent.

“Warriors of the human race, it’s time for our counterattack. Since when did we allow others to run rampant through our territory? Dragonblood Legion, heed my orders! Lock down this place and slaughter everyone from the other races! All traitors are to be executed! We are announcing to this world that the human race is not as cowardly as you think!”


The Dragonblood warriors unsheathed their swords in unison, resembling tigers being unleashed from a cage. The moment they did that, an icy killing intent filled the world.

At the same time, the other human experts also took out their weapons, their eyes ablaze with fury. They directly attacked the human traitors wearing robes with marks of the other races.

From within the Starry River Sect, roars of fury resonated. Their experts surged outward. Those eight Eternal experts immediately recognized the dire situation and attacked Long Chen.

Just then, a figure with a sword on his back appeared in front of one of those Eternal experts.

“Boss, leave one for me!”

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