Nine Star Burden

Chapter 209 - All Members Turn Deaf and Blind

Chapter 209: All Members Turn Deaf and Blind

Su Rou’s live-stream was full of question marks.


“What happened?”

“There’s a snowstorm on the football field, but why is the grandstand not affected?”

“What’s going on? What are you looking at?”

“Yeah, stupid host, what’s going on? I took the time out to watch the competition and you’re making me watch the snow?”

“Watch if you want. Otherwise, scram.”

“Goddess Xue and her teammates have obviously gotten tricked. The team from Xindan Creek High School No. 11 is pretending to be putting in all their efforts into fighting and even lit up their Star Maps. Yet, the Rules Awakened launched a Snowstorm…”

“You can’t say that. The members from Xindan Creek must light up their Star Maps. For example, Wu Haoyang. If he doesn’t, he wouldn’t be able to make the first move. Even though he lit it up, I still feel like he was a bit slower than Han Jiangxue.”

“No, that’s your illusion. Wu Haoyang and Goddess Xue used their Star Techniques at the same time.”

Su Rou looked at the computer screen with a worried expression. “Judging from the situation, Xindan Creek High School No. 11 clearly came prepared and had already formulated a combat plan. I believe we, Jiangbin High School, also have a plan, but our team should be bust now.”

In the faraway Red Sun Stadium in Zhongcheng County.

The spectators in the stands had also gotten into an uproar as they discussed incessantly.

The host didn’t know what to say. After all, they couldn’t see the situation in the field. Moreover, although only the football field was greatly impacted by the blizzard, the temperatures in the stadium began to plunge as well.

Perhaps, such scenes would only happen during wintertime in the north.

If it were in the South, or in an indoor environment, Qian Zhuang’s level of control of the field would plummet.

Of course, it was useless now to say that, because there were no ifs in this world.

At this moment, that was all Qian Zhuang could do in this icy outdoor stadium.

The twin sisters broke away from the vines under their feet and held onto each other’s arm while retreating step by step. Although the snow and wind were intense and the visibility was low, they could still see the people a few meters away from them.

They retreated to Qian Zhuang using their memory of the positions. An Luming’s body was glistening and an illusory scepter appeared in her tiny hand, after which she drove it into the ground.

She shuddered and, after driving in the scepter, couldn’t help but snuggle up into her sister An Youyou’s arms and buried her face on the latter’s shoulder like an ostrich.

Unfortunately, the twin sisters had exactly the same height, 1.62 meters tall. Hence, An Youyou couldn’t quite provide her with any more warmth and shelter.

—Gold Quality Star Technique, Gray-white Scepter.

Gray-white Scepter: Creates a scepter using Star Power, restores the vitality of a target within a certain range. The duration of the effects of the scepter is determined by the amount of Star Power infused.

The older sister An Youyou did not slack and the deer-shaped Star Map was glowing on her body while a silver star slot glistened slightly. At the next moment, a dark line was thrown out of her hand and connected to Qian Zhuang.

—Silver Quality Star Technique, Counter-current Light

Counter-current Light: Releases a continuous beam of light that shares vitality and Star Power with the connected target.

Feeling that the light was connected to himself, Qian Zhuang was determined deep down.

Although the Star Technique could supposedly facilitate the “sharing” of Star Power and vitality, it was, after all, a Silver Quality Star Power and was not as powerful as imagined.

For example, if Qian Zhuang and An Youyou each had 100 arbitrary units of Star Power and were connected by the Counter-current Light, and Qian Zhuang consumed 20 units of Star Power using the Star Technique, he would have 80 units of Star Power left.

In that case, An Youyou’s 100 units of Star Power would slowly flow into Qian Zhuang until both of them had 90 units each.

Their total Star Power would not decrease at the same time as when Qiang Zhuang used the Star Technique after the two of them were connected.

Instead, only Qian Zhuang’s Star Power would reduce, while An Youyou’s Star Power would flow towards his body to support it.

The sharing of vitality and Star Power required a process and some time to get used to.

Qian Zhuang’s Star Power was continuously decreasing because he had to maintain the blizzard. Ever since An Youyou connected to his body via Counter-current Light, the Star Power in her body continued to flow towards him, giving him some relief.

The really powerful Star Technique was An Luming’s Gray-white Scepter!

The illusory scepter was stuck beside the three of them and continuously supplying them with Star Power for restoration.

There was no doubt that with the help of the Gray-white Scepter and the Counter-current Light, Qian Zhuang’s Snowstorm would last longer.

What was the point of prolonging it?

It was in order to give Wu Haoyang more time and more opportunities!

If they were to use real weapons, both Han Jiangxue and Jiang Xiao would be too overpowering in terms of control. Besides, Han Jiangxue had her trump card, Sky Smasher.

It was a Star Technique that should not have appeared at the Nebula Stage and had indeed affected the balance of the competition.

Take the snowfield experience as an example. Han Jiangxue managed to slaughter several mercenaries in the Galaxy Stage with her Sky Smasher alone.

People thought that the Sky Smasher was too dangerous for Han Jiangxue to use against humans during competitions, but they were greatly astonished because she threw Gao Junwei into it during the last round.

The team from Xindan Creek had realized her strength and so decided on such a plan.

In the stormy snow, the students had difficulty breathing and had to cover their bodies with Star Power. On the one hand, they wanted to keep as warm as possible, and on the other hand, they also wanted to breathe smoothly.

However, the visibility was too low. No one in the team of four had any way to improve the environment.

Jiang Xiao wished he could turn into Bulbasaur and turn the weather merry while burning Qian Zhuang with sunlight…

In order to restore normalcy, they still had to get rid of Qian Zhuang.

However, the problem was that the team of four could only estimate one another’s position. After all, the formation was formed before the competition started, but they couldn’t even communicate now.

“Who’s that!?” Xia Yan roared as she looked around with her sword in front of her, keeping her guard up. “Be careful, Li Weiyi, we… Li Weiyi?”

Xia Yan panicked and finally realized that her teammate beside her had gone missing!

“Li Weiyi!?!” Xia Yan yelled but didn’t get any reply.

In the blizzard, all sounds and figures were all drowned out.

She couldn’t see anyone or hear any footsteps, let alone the sound of weapons being swung.

For the first time, Xia Yan felt helpless.

More terrifyingly, she had already lost her sense of direction amidst the trance that she was in.

Damn it, Wu Haoyang has the Star Technique Perception!

Perception, as the name suggested, enhanced the five senses.

Moreover, Wu Haoyang’s Star Technique, Perception, was not the Brass Quality one that came from the Dog-headed Walkers in Below the Stars Level 1.

Instead, it was of Silver Quality and had come from the Ghost Tigers in Below the Stars Level 3!

In this blizzard, everyone except Wu Haoyang became blind and deaf.

What should I do!? What should I do?

Li Weiyi had suddenly disappeared, Xia Yan was helpless, and the other two members of the team, Jiang Xiao and Han Jiangxue, met each other along the way.

As the blizzard grew heavier, Jiang Xiao, standing in the center of the team, subconsciously walked backward.

Han Jiangxue, at the back, also stepped forward subconsciously.

When Han Jiangxue covered her mouth and nose, squinted eyes, and saw the faint figure in front of her, she felt like a boulder had been lifted off her chest.

“What should I do?” Jiang Xiao yelled, only to have snow fill his mouth.

The violent wind that sounded like a crying wolf drowned out his voice, and he couldn’t help but move closer. He yelled loudly, “While we still remember the directions in front and behind us, let’s go to the enemy’s side and nab them, shall we?”

Han Jiangxue grabbed his right arm and leaned into his ear before yelling, “Hold your sword properly!”

Jiang Xiao nodded hurriedly, only to see a golden Flame Torch Whip slowly appearing in her left palm.

The whip was blown out directly by the wind and snow.

Han Jiangxue gripped it with her left hand and increased the amount of Star Power released, after which the golden Flame Torch Whip darted out stubbornly like its master and coiled around her feet.

Han Jiangxue grabbed the whip and lashed it out!

She lashed it out in a sweeping movement from left to right.

The Flame Torch Whip made Jiang Xiao feel numb in his scalp.

He suddenly felt like he had taken part in a lottery draw, for he did not know what Han Jiangxue could draw back in the snowstorm.

Jiang Xiao gripped the giant sword tightly, feeling a little nervous.

Regardless of whether the whip had latched onto his own team member or a member from the enemy’s team, Jiang Xiao would be able to accept it.

However, what if the referee catches it?

Will we be disqualified…

What if your whip gets lashed out too far and lassos the spectators back to us?

What if…

What if the whip breaks through the snow barrier and shatters the mobile phone screens of those watching the competition and pulls them over?

Should I stab them or heal them?

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