Nine Star Burden

Chapter 208 - Finals

Chapter 208: Finals

“Beijiang TV Station, Beijiang TV Station! You are now watching the 2016 Beijiang Provincial High School League Finals. I’m Sui Bian, the host, and beside me is our special guest, Jian Shangkai. Hello, teacher Jian,” the host Sui Bian said as he looked at the newly invited special guest beside him.

Jian Shangkai put on a professional smile and exclaimed, “The students of this cohort are really amazing!”

Jiang Xiao opened his internal Star Map again and kept his eyes fixed on the “Xia Family Swordsmanship”.

At this moment, his Xia Family Swordsmanship was of Silver Quality Level 8. Jiang Xiao had managed to gain some Skill Points through the competition.

Coming in first place during the preliminary round allowed him to gain five Skill Points, getting into the top eight also allowed him to gain five Skill Points, and so did the victory that they obtained during the semi-finals. In addition to the initial 15 Skill Points, he now had 30 Skill Points in total.

The provincial league was different from their internal high school competitions. During the competition that was part of the military training program in school, coming in the first place would allow one to gain one Skill Point. However, the champion of every round of the provincial league would gain five Skill Points.

Those Skill Points were enough to advance Jiang Xiao’s Xia Family Swordsmanship to Gold Quality. Jiang Xiao touched his back with his hand and grabbed the handle of his sword above his shoulder. According to the plan that Hai Tianqing had drawn up last night, Jiang Xiao would have to take on the role of the melee fighter in this battle.

All of a sudden, a hand was placed on Jiang Xiao’s hand which was on the handle of the sword. “What’s the matter? Are you getting nervous about fighting Wu Haoyang?”

The slender hand covering Jiang Xiao’s hand then squeezed a little and Jiang Xiao turned around, only to see the teasing look on Xia Yan’s face.

She smiled and comforted. “What are you afraid of? If the sky falls down, the tall ones will hold them up. You are not as tall as me, uh… actually, you grow really fast.”

Jiang Xiao looked at the heartless Xia Yan with envy. She really did have a good mindset.

Jiang Xiao wondered, Since she has such a good mentality, can I agitate her further?

Shall I let her see how brilliant “Xia Family Swordsmanship” can be?

Judging from her reaction in the train cabin that night, Jiang Xiao could tell that she did feel a little irked by Jiang Xiao’s attainments in swordsmanship, but she soon adjusted her mindset rather well and admitted that her disciple had indeed outshone her.

However, she would never realize that if Jiang Xiao were to use 20 more Skill Points at this moment, he would be able to beat her hard in swordsmanship, solely in terms of technique.

Without a doubt, the Gold Quality swordsmanship would definitely be a hundred times better and more amazing than the Silver Quality one.

“It’s time to go up, you two,” Han Jiangxue said. The two recovered from the shock and inhaled deeply before following the team out of the stadium tunnel.

The sky was still hazy, but the stadium was still crowded and lively.

Obviously, the match was hyped up rather well by Qicheng High School. Just now, Qicheng High School and Jiacheng High School battled for the third place, and eventually, the king of the team from Qicheng High School hummed and left the arena in satisfaction, as if he was much better than everyone.

According to the rules for the rewards given by the officials, the team in third place would receive one Gold Quality and three Silver Quality Star Beads.

The runner-up would have two Gold Quality and two Silver Quality Star Beads as rewards.

As for the champions, each member of the team would receive one Gold Quality Star Bead.

As a reward for the competition, the Star Beads would all be rare ones that were not available on the market, be it Gold Quality or Silver Quality.

Jiang Xiao lost interest after hearing that it was rare. After all, he preferred to have Star Beads that were larger in quantity.

Of course, if they were Spatial Star Beads, Jiang Xiao would absorb them without hesitation.

While daydreaming, Jiang Xiao entered the football field step by step.

Opposite him were the members from the Xindan Creek High School No. 11 team.

The opposing team got into a 1-2-1 formation where Wu Haoyang took the lead and stood at the forefront. He grabbed his long sword, pointed it at the team from Jiangbin High School, and said, “The famous great genius Han Jiangxue with 30 star slots, unfortunately, isn’t the melee fighter. That makes things less fun.”

“Hey, kid,” Xia Yan said all of a sudden as she pulled out a giant blade from behind her back and held onto the long handle while pointing it at Wu Haoyang. She barked. “Find your target!”

Appearing startled, Wu Haoyang’s eyes lit up all of a sudden and he kept them fixed at Xia Yan.

No one would think that Wu Haoyang harbored designs on Xia Yan. Even a fool would be able to tell Wu Haoyang’s huge war intent.

“Xia Yan, 28 star slots.” Wu Haoyang tightened his grip on his sword and said, “I hope you can last two rounds against me.”

Xia Yan licked her lips in a sexy and wild manner. “The previous person who was as arrogant as you was sent to the hospital by my sword.”

The team from Xindan Creek High School No. 11 was in a 1-2-1 formation, with the twin sisters behind Wu Haoyang.

An Luming said, “Poor Little Icicle. He only has nine star slots. Haoyang ignored him.”

An Youyou smiled and said, “Good that he’s ignored. He’s a Medical Awakened and yet, he insists on equipping himself with a sword. If Haoyang really fights him, Little Icicle would probably be beaten up into a pulp.”

“Snow, snow, snow…” Qian Zhuang stretched his palm out and raised his round face up a little to look at the snowflakes fluttering and falling from the sky.

The light snowfall suddenly became much heavier, and there was no strong wind today. The snow was really like goose feathers that formed a beautiful scene when they fell.

The team from Jiangbin High School got into a 2-1-1 formation.

Li Weiyi and Xia Yan stood side by side at the front, with Jiang Xiao in the middle, and Han Jiangxue at the end.

There was a small adjustment in their positions, which was evidence of their tactical changes.

Jiang Xiao tilted his head and looked at Qian Zhuang, who was looking up at the snow. All of a sudden, he felt that Qian Zhuang might have been possessed by the king.

What kind of action was that?

He raised his head and stuck a palm out…

Jiang Xiao was afraid that he might say something that made him seem like he was pretending to be impressive.


Of course, it would be very difficult for Qian Zhuang to even say a complete sentence.

“The snow is, is, so heavy!” Qian Zhuang finally managed to say what he wanted.

The referee seemed to have slight OCD as he stared at Qian Zhuang without blowing his whistle because Qian Zhuang had yet to complete his sentence.

As soon as Qian Zhuang said his piece, the referee clenched his fists fiercely, as if he were trying to say, “You’ve made it! You’ve finally succeeded!”

Seeing that Qian Zhuang was about to speak again, the referee hurriedly blew the whistle in a clipped manner. Beep! Beep! Beep!

The members of both teams immediately got ready!

Unlike the previous rounds, this one was the crucial round, the final one. When the whistle sounded, the students had already lit up their star slots.


“Oh my god, I used to see the Great God on TV, but I finally get to see her with my own eyes today. There are so many star slots.”

“These Star Maps are so beautiful.”

The spectators in the stadium gasped and exclaimed. Having stayed in the team for a long time, Jiang Xiao thought that having 20 to 30 star slots was normal, but in fact, geniuses like Han Jiangxue were really rare.

Han Jiangxue’s White Flames Star Map was extremely shocking, for it had 30 star slots.

On the other half of the field, Qian Zhuang’s “snowflake” Star Map was also incredibly beautiful with 24 looming star slots.

The deer Star Maps of the twin sisters who had their hair tied into buns, An Youyou and An Luming, were a feast for the eyes.

Unlike Second Last’s blurry animal-shaped Star Map, the ones belonging to those two girls were relatively exquisite, mainly because the antlers were relatively clear.

Um, so… what did deers have to do with the Medical Awakened?

Why would they have Medical potential since they had deer Star Maps?

Wu Haoyang’s crescent sword Star Map and Xia Yan’s double-handled sword Star Map seemed to be facing off against each other in a domineering manner.

Sword VS Giant sword.

25 star slots VS 28 star slots.

Keeping their eyes fixed on each other, the majestic Wu Haoyang and the heroic Xia Yan were both tensed up and ready to attack.

A pin against an awn. Such a scene was truly exciting!

Li Weiyi and Jiang Xiao were the only ones who did not light up their Star Maps.

Li Weiyi was calm and stable, and he didn’t like anything fancy. Practicality was the most important thing to him. As a Shield Warrior, there was no need for him to light up his Star Map at this stage.

Jiang Xiao couldn’t light his Star Map up, and well, he was too embarrassed to anyway…

The referee’s flag was raised high before falling abruptly!

The competition began!


As soon as the referee’s flag fell, numerous vines sprung up from the ground beneath the team of four and coiled tightly around their ankles.

Wu Haoyang was in the most dangerous position.

Just now, Han Jiangxue flicked her right hand and caused Wu Haoyang to be lifted about 10 centimeters above the ground. During the process, the vines beneath his feet dragged his body back.

Wu Haoyang did not slack either, and he was just as quick as Han Jiangxue in using his Star Technique!

The battle opened with a swing of the sword and a strong gust of wind that combined with the heavy snowfall.

The two attacked at almost the same time. Han Jiangxue specialized in point control while Wu Haoyang specialized in cluster control!

The wind was indeed too strong and did affect the vision of the members from Jiangbin High School, even though they were not messed up because of it.

In the beginning, Li Weiyi thought that it was Wu Haoyang’s wind-series Star Technique which would lose effect after a few seconds.

However, he made a mistake.

It turned out that the entire team from Jiangbin High School thought wrong.

The wind never stopped again.

Qian Zhuang took over the field control when he stood at the back of the team from Xindan Creek High School No. 11!

With the time and output environment Wu Haoyang created for him, Qian Zhuang clenched his right fist and held it high.

—Silver Quality Star Technique, Snowstorm!

Snowstorm: Condenses Star Power, Combines with natural snow to cause a huge snowstorm in the designated area!

The heavy snowfall seemed to have a target as the snow quickly gathered in the stadium.

Slowly, blizzards formed throughout the football stadium.

The soft snowflakes that seemed like goose feathers turned into sharp little blades that cut the students’ faces.

Gusty wind?

It’s okay, it can’t blow the students from Jiangbin High School away and would at most affect their mobility.

However, the blizzard seemed to be getting bigger and bigger, thus affecting their vision!

In this blizzard where they had extremely low visibility, Wu Haoyang smirked, closed his eyes, and walked forward step by step with his crescent sword.

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