Nine Star Burden

Chapter 1272-END

Chapter 1272-END

1272 The end (2)

Three years later.

In the star Warrior world, at the imperial capital Star Warrior University.

In a teacher’s office, Jiang Xiao, the decoy, was sitting in front of the computer desk and staring at the computer screen in front of him. His hands were typing on the keyboard and he was repeatedly revising his graduation thesis.

At this moment, Jiang Xiao had already retrieved all the bait and there were only two left in the world.

One of them was a student of Fang Xingyun at imperial capital Star Warrior University. After three years of continuously publishing papers and researching star studies, star beasts, and star techniques, he and Fang Xingyun had already become world-renowned “researchers”.

Nonsense, Jiang Xiao was already the God of creation. How could he not be thorough in his research?

Hmm … It was hard to say. There were too many secrets in the star Warrior world. The martial artists of the jiaozu planet had left Jiang Xiao a large inheritance, which he wanted to explore and study.

In fact, in the process of constantly communicating with the world Scholars, Jiang Xiao had also gained a deeper understanding of the star martial arts world.

He still remembered the teachings of the jiaozu sect’s martial artists.

At the moment, Jiang Xiao was still in the state of “self-actualization”. As for when he would be able to touch “self-destruction”, he would need to do more in-depth research on his own abilities and the star Warrior world.

Jiang Xiao was most unwilling to take the same path as the jiaozu sect’s martial artists. No matter how bad it was, he couldn’t possibly take the step of “those who look like me will die,” right?

Jiang Xiao, who now had a goal to strive for, was of course more willing to have in-depth exchanges and interactions with the top researchers, scholars, and instructors in the star Warrior world. With the help of publishing STAR study papers and discussing topics, he could work together to get the world to help him understand this magical STAR study world.

The bait, Jiang Xiao, was going to study as Fang Xingyun’s PhD student soon. Well … At this time, Fang Xingyun’s status had also risen, and her career was also soaring. She had only managed to mentor a master’s student, but in the year that Jiang Xiao had graduated, she had also obtained the qualification to mentor a PhD student …

In this Star Warrior world, there was another bait, Jiang Xiao, which was not revealed to the public.

The decoy, Jiang Xiao, had changed his appearance and was recruited by second last into the Star Army to become her guard.

‘Hmm …’ The decoy, Jiang Xiao, was more of a “sparring partner”. Whenever second last wanted to fight and vent her anger, she would look for Jiang Xiao.

Through training, Jiang Xiao’s archery, dagger, and boxing skills were also constantly improving.

The previous internal star map had already been broken, but Jiang Xiao now … Well, he already had the ability to create his own internal star map.

However, Jiang Xiao also discovered a problem.

Previously, the upper limits of the combat skills in the internal star map were actually the upper limits of the jiaozu planet’s martial artists!

In theory, there was no end to learning. At the very least, in terms of combat techniques, star quality was definitely not the end.

Now, Jiang Xiao had become the Supreme ruler of the star Warrior world. If he were to give the internal star map to someone else, the internal star map would be based on Jiang Xiao’s combat skills.

In this case, Jiang Xiao’s gold quality “punches and kicks” would be the maximum … How could that be?

Without the internal star map of the jiaozu planet’s martial artists, Jiang knew that he had to work hard to explore the pinnacle of combat skills. But it didn’t matter, he had a long life … He didn’t think he was worse than anyone.

However, the internal star map that he had created was a little embarrassing. For example, he had given the internal star map to second last and she had just activated it, only to find out that she had already reached the maximum level of her martial arts.

His skill level was so full that it was overflowing?

Isn’t this a joke?

The inheritances of the jiaozu planet’s martial artists were really strange. They gave Jiang Xiao a lot of knowledge and energy, but there was still a considerable part that Jiang Xiao had to explore and create on his own.

Perhaps this was the so-called “break me and enter”?

Jiang Xiao needed to break through the original shackles from all angles and levels. He had to find a path that belonged to him.

Other than these two baits, one in the light and one in the dark, there was no other bait.

Once upon a time, Jiang Xiao, who was the Deputy commander of the approaching star Army of Huaxia, retired gloriously under the special approval of the Supreme Commander of the three armies.

On the surface, he had also joined the imperial capital Star Warrior University to further his studies.

In other words, Jiang Xiao, the bait under Fang Xingyun who was about to study for his PhD, was the only Jiang Xiao in the world.

Jiang Xiao had too many doubts about this world.

What the hell did he know about the star Warrior world? He was just a God of creation (dog head)…

As for the original Jiang Xiao …


In the world of calamity and shadows (strange ball), in the stone villa district of Tibet.

Jiang Xiao was at the lakeside of the forest and the scene that he had imagined had come true!

He was lying on the grass beside the lake, using the furry, round Suan ni bear as his pillow.

On the side, the black and white candles were playing happily. In the huge Lake area, two big fish were swimming and playing in the deep lake.

The sea-engulfing robe floated limply on the surface of the lake, while the centipede Dragon was sleeping soundly on the three-story roof of the stone villa.

The blue sky, white clouds, birds chirping, and the fragrance of flowers filled the forest by the lake. It was quiet.

The world of calamity and shadows, as a strange ball, would naturally be placed in the lower dimensional spaces.

In the past, it was uncontrollable. However, now that Jiang Xiao had the dream Dragon, he could control the release area of the dimensional space.

At the very least, the villa district he was in would not release any dimensional space to earth.

“This is good, shall we mold it out?” Jiang Xiao was lying on the sleeping grizzly bear while holding a pen and notebook in his hands and continuously drawing on them.

It was a success!

“Here, take a look. What do you think of this?” Jiang Xiao lit up the finished drawing and waved it at Meng long.

“Oh?” Meng long floated beside Jiang Xiao and tilted his head curiously to look at the strange thing that Jiang Xiao drew.

It was a puppy.

It was a small Husky.

It was enough to show how lacking Jiang Xiao’s imagination was …

Jiang Xiao said excitedly,’let me think, what kind of STAR technique should I give it …’

One skill-multiple movements! Brass quality, passive skill. Other than sleeping, it can’t be idle and is always restless.

Second skill, demolition! Brass quality, passive skill. Everything within sight will be torn apart!

Three skills-pure bloodline! Silver quality, passive skill, mischievous, playful, unable to distinguish between friend and foe …”

“Oh?” Meng long tilted his head and felt that Jiang Xiao wasn’t very smart.

The more Jiang Xiao spoke, the more excited he became. He said,”I’ll mold it out and place it in the capital Area of the alien planet. You can project a shadow of the capital on earth …” Let’s see what this group of Huskies can do to the world …”

“Ha.” A cold snort suddenly came from beside him.

“Eh?” Jiang Xiao turned around, only to see Xia Yan’s figure flashing towards him.

Xia Yan looked at the drawing in Jiang Xiao’s hand and said,””In terms of being a dog, it’s indeed not as good as you.”

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

“Let’s go. It’s time to eat. Your sister asked me to come over and call you.” Xia Yan bent her knees slightly and reached out to touch little Menglong’s head.

“Hiss~” little Meng long responded happily. Beside him, little candle ran over quickly and plunged into Xia Yan’s soft arms.

“That’s my sister? That’s my wife. ” Jiang Xiao laid his head on the bi ‘an bear and looked at Xia Yan with a mocking expression.

“Ya!” Xia Yan stomped her feet and looked down at Jiang Xiao.”Cut the crap! Quickly get up and go home for dinner!”

“Oh, brigade commander Xia, you’re such a powerful official. It’s not easy for you to have a holiday, and you’re here to reprimand me?” Jiang Xiao pursed his lips.

Xia Yan chimed in,”I …”

She suddenly knelt down on one knee and held little candle in her hands Q like a Jelly Bomb Q she used little candle’s bouncy and soft little butt to sit on Jiang Xiao’s face …

“Oh?” Little candle blinked and seemed to find it fun. Although Xia Yan had already let go, little candle actually jumped on Jiang Xiao’s face again …

Jiang Xiao was speechless.


Jiang Xiao put on the sea swallowing cloak and returned to the stone villa with little dream Dragon and little candle. He could also smell the aroma of food in the dining room on the first floor.

Chef han took out his signature dish again. The aroma of the red braised pork made Jiang Xiao recall the time when they first met a few years ago.

Jiang Xiao walked over and Han Jiangxue served the dishes on the table.””Come on.”

She placed the red braised meat in her hands in the middle of the table full of dishes.

Upon sight of Jiang Xiao walking towards her, Han Jiangxue turned her face away out of habit and Jiang Xiao’s lips pressed onto her fair and tender face.

The two of them had such tacit movements. It could be seen that this kind of scene had already happened more than a thousand times …

After the kiss, Jiang Xiao winked at Xia Yan provocatively.

“Detestable!” Xia Yan gritted her teeth and suddenly walked over, kissing Han Jiangxue on the other side of her face.

Han Jiangxue was speechless.

Jiang Xiao scratched his head and said,”she’s my wife. It’s only right for me to kiss her.”

Xia Yan puffed out her chest and said,”she’s my best friend. It’s only right for me to be her biological friend!”

“Eh, what the f * ck?” Jiang Xiao suddenly turned around and kissed Han Jiangxue’s lips.

Xia Yan was speechless.

“Hahaha! It was like a stone hammer! Xia Ling!” Jiang Xiao chuckled.

Han Jiangxue glared at Jiang Xiao with a reddened face and gently kicked his butt.””Go wash your hands.”

“He deserves it!” Xia Yan immediately laughed out loud, gloating.


Han Jiangxue raised her long leg and kicked Xia Yan’s butt gently again.””You go wash your hands too!”

“Oh …” Xia Yan looked at Han Jiangxue with an aggrieved expression and rubbed her butt before walking to the middle of the living room where Jiang Xiao was.

The tears of the domain surrounded the living room. The two of them washed their hands in the air and glared at each other.

Han Jiangxue couldn’t help but say,”you two, hurry up. The dishes will get cold.”

Jiang Xiao’s figure flickered and he sat down on the table. He picked up a piece of braised pork and put it into his mouth.

Waa …

It was fat but not greasy, and the fragrance was overflowing~it was so beautiful!

Han Jiangxue hugged little candle and fed Meng long a slice of peach before scooping up a cherry and placing it into little candle’s mouth.

She turned to look at Xia Yan and asked,”you’ve become a brigade commander recently. How are you? are you busy?”

Xia Yan pursed her lips and picked up a piece of rib.””It’s alright. It’s pretty good. I don’t know about the others, but Xia Shanhai is very happy.

My mom called me a few days ago to tell me that Xia Shanhai woke up laughing in the middle of the night …

Oh, by the way, aren’t you going to bring your parents back?”

Han Jiangxue shook her head and said,”it’s been so many years. They’ve already gotten used to living in that world. You …” You didn’t tell uncle Xia about this, did you?”

“Don’t worry, I didn’t say anything,”Xia Yan replied.

Xia Yan then glanced at Jiang Xiao and said,””A certain someone has reminded me a thousand times~”

Jiang Xiao looked at Xia Yan and said,”if you want to go out and take a look, I can take you there. There are still eight special worlds, not including the main world.”

Every world is different from our Star Warrior world. You’ll like it. ”

“Eh?” Xia Yan blinked and seemed to be tempted.

Jiang Xiao smiled and said,”little jiangxue and I will be going to the other worlds during our honeymoon. I’ll bring you along.”

Xia Yan’s eyes lit up and she agreed. Let’s go on a wedding trip!”

Jiang Xiao said,”it’s my wedding trip with little jiangxue. I’ll bring you along.”

Xia Yan shook her head vigorously.”I don’t want to listen. I don’t want to listen. Xuexue is mine!”

“Mine!” Jiang Xiao raised his eyebrows and exclaimed.

“Mine!” Xia Yan raised her face.

Jiang Xiao chimed in,’my!’

“My ass!” Xia Yan exclaimed.

Han Jiangxue placed a hand on her forehead and couldn’t help but sigh. Everything was the same as before and nothing had changed.

Little candle blinked her eyes in confusion.”Oh?”

Outside the window, a bear that was leaning on the window sill rubbed its sleepy eyes as it smelled the fragrance.”Wuwuwu?”

On the roof, the sleeping Qiulong seemed to have been woken up by the childish ghost downstairs. He moved his head and went back to sleep.

“Chi ….

In the lake, the two big fish that were spiritually connected to Jiang Xiao watched the warm and noisy scene and couldn’t help but let out a few whale cries. The ethereal and gentle voice rushed out of the lake and spread throughout the lakeside and forest …

(The end of the book)

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