Nine Star Burden

Chapter 1271

Chapter 1271

1271 The end (1)

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Three days later.

Order was restored in Jiang Xiao’s star Warrior world.

The ocean Army was sent to Jiang Xiao’s world of calamity and shadows. Well … Or rather, he was sent to the so-called ‘strange ball’.

The battle on land and sea finally came to an end with Jiang Xiao’s intervention.

As for the land side that belonged to the human camp, they had also learned their due lesson from the counterattack of the ocean Army.

In fact, it wasn’t just the entire ocean Army that had been sent into the strange planet. Even the star beasts in China’s Tinder cities had been sent into the strange planet.

No one could stop this from happening under such a level of “natural disaster.”

On the third day, at eighto’ clock in the morning, the first dimensional space, the black flames prison, was suddenly opened on the outskirts of the imperial capital. Humans seemed to realize that the star Warrior world of the past … He was coming back!

Dimensional spaces all over the world were opened one after another, and after the weaker low-tier creatures walked out of them, the world completely understood that the star Warrior world had really returned!


At the same time, Jiang Xiao, who was standing in the sky above the main world, slowly opened his eyes.

“Wu Huaxing?” Jiang Xiao was stunned the moment he opened his eyes.

This …

Did I open the wrong eye? I’m looking at the star Warrior world in my body!

That’s not right, there’s still little snow floating beside Wu Huaxing …

Oh my God, this girl hasn’t had a single drop of water for three whole days, right?

However, Jiang Xiao was thinking too much. Han Jiangxue was Living a Good Life and she also had a space with her. She could get whatever she wanted.

Of course, she couldn’t erase her concern for Jiang Xiao just because of this. After all … She had really stayed by Jiang Xiao’s side for three days and three nights.

Wu Huaxing smiled and waved at Jiang Xiao’s huge eyes.””Make your true form appear.”

“Huh?” Jiang Xiao asked.

Wu Huaxing said,”I’m not asking you to summon bait, but to transmogrify your real body from this giant Shell.”

For the specific operation method, you can refer to the second form of the star chart of the earth, which you transformed into the first form. ”

“Mm …”

Jiang Xiao frowned slightly and thought for a while. With a thought, a normal-looking Jiang Xiao appeared out of thin air.

Jiang Xiao looked at his palm and shook it excitedly.””Not bad, not bad. I thought I would have to keep floating here.”

Wu Huaxing smiled and didn’t say anything.

In a flash, Jiang Xiao stood in front of Han Jiangxue and looked at Wu Huaxing.””How can you also break through the space dimension?”

“In fact, I have an identical body like yours.” Wu Huaxing shrugged his shoulders.

Wu Huaxing then pointed at Jiang Xiao’s magnificent body.

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

Wu Huaxing’s state of mind was obviously different from when they first met. He had more little tricks up his sleeve and a richer expression on his face. It was obvious that he was genuinely happy for Jiang Xiao.

“The place you’re in now can be called the main world. It was created by nine special people. The guy you inherited is one of them, and I am one of them. ”

Jiang Xiao blinked and said,’you …’ You guys worked together to create a planet?”

However, Wu Huaxing shook his head and said,”No, the home that our clan used to live in was destroyed in the war. The few people that were left wandered the universe and chose to settle down here.

When we first came here, this planet was barren. I didn’t expect that under our influence, it would gradually reproduce and form a civilization. ”

Jiang Xiao pursed his lips and was about to say something, but Wu Huaxing said,””My body is in the great Treasury.”

“Da zang,” Jiang Xiao said.

“Yes.” Wu Huaxing nodded slightly.”The nine of us, nine bodies, stood in the sky above the various continents. Those were originally our homes, but who would have thought that we would benefit the species on this planet?

Although you’re the successor, you’ve also become one of us. ”

Jiang Xiao smacked his lips with a look of discomfort and said,””You mean, there are seven more people like us?”

Wu Huaxing snorted and said,”Yes, two of them came the day before yesterday, but I chased them away. Now that you’ve stabilized, you can meet them.

One of them probably won’t be able to last much longer. She probably has a lot of questions to ask you. ”

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

“AI … What a pity. ” Wu Huaxing sighed deeply and said,”we can only continue the race through inheritance. We’ve worked so hard for so long, but we’ve never been able to make humans evolve into our kind.

You’re so young, and you have a long life ahead of you. Maybe one day in the future, you’ll be able to figure it out? Who knows …”

“Have you never thought about having children?” Jiang Xiao suddenly asked.

Wu Huaxing took a deep breath and said,”He has passed on all the knowledge you need, including your abilities.

The nine Star Eyes is one of his abilities. If you want to see the story of the past, or even trace back to the home where we originally lived, you can use the nine Star Eyes to explore by yourself.

Look at the damage that the battle has brought to our home and our remaining clansmen …”

Feeling the atmosphere was a little depressing, Wu Huaxing smiled and changed the topic,”Hehe, you brat … He’s good at keeping secrets. In human words, he’s very cautious. ”

“What do you mean?” Jiang Xiao asked in puzzlement.

“You know that you’re not from the star Warrior world,” Wu Huaxing replied.

Jiang Xiao held his breath for a moment.

Wu Huaxing looked at Jiang Xiao with a playful expression and said,””Actually, you’re a person from my body.”

Jiang Xiao opened his mouth dumbly and said,””What you?”

Wu Huaxing chuckled and said,”this jiaozu planet’s martial artist came to me before he died, asking for my help.”

He would choose two people from the star martial world that was being nurtured in his body as candidates. He also hopes that I can choose a person of good quality as one of the candidates.

In other words, you were brought into his Star Warrior world by me. ”

Jiang Xiao looked at Wu Huaxing in a daze and said,””You … I … Then … Then why is there no star power in the world inside your body?”

Wu Huaxing nodded and said,”everyone’s working hard in a different way. They’re all exploring the path of their own race’s continuation.”

“I’m trying one of them. In an environment without the concept of Star Warriors, the human world in my body will focus more on human technology.

In fact, I really want to witness what kind of technological level humans will develop when they reproduce normally. I want to see if we can create our people in their own way.

I’m witnessing history every day. It’s very interesting. ”

Jiang Xiao suddenly said,”Hopkins and I only have two candidates. What about the other candidate?”

Wu Huaxing: “he’s dead. Forty years ago, he died in a strange ball.”

Jiang Xiao was speechless.

You can still die with an internal star map?

How miserable would that be?

“To be exact, he died at Hopkins’s hands,” Wu Huaxing suddenly added.

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

Had Hopkins been lying to Jiang Xiao all along?

He had always told Jiang Xiao that he had finally found someone of his own kind after being alone for so long.

But in fact, Hopkins had already found his own kind. And he even killed him with his own hands?

F * ck!

All of a sudden, Jiang Xiao’s hair stood up!

Wu Huaxing ignored the shocked Jiang Xiao and instead gestured to Han Jiangxue, who was beside him.””Her parents, including her younger brother, are all living in the origin world.”

As he said that, Wu Huaxing pointed at the sea of clouds below. His meaning was clear-the Han family had been brought here.

Wu Huaxing said,’according to how much you care about Han Jiangxue, you’ll definitely meet her parents.

As someone who has watched you grow up, I know your character, so I’m not worried that you’ll lay your hands on these people.

However, you’d better prepare your words. ”

Before Jiang Xiao could recover from the shock, he heard another thunderous sound!

Mr. And Mrs. Han and Jiang xiaopi are all fine? Are they all alive and well?

Wu Huaxing had a faint smile on his face, as if he hadn’t been this happy in a long time.

He said,”alright, that’s all for our exchange. I’ve already told Han Jiangxue where her parents live.”

I’m going back to Tibet first.

“In the future, if my body is about to collapse one day and we still haven’t found another way to continue our race, I’m afraid that I’ll also choose to use this method to choose my successor.

When that time comes, you must also remember to help me choose a high-quality Clansman. ”

Jiang Xiao frantically said,”don’t go! Let’s play for a while more!”

Why don’t you kill yourself now instead of waiting for thousands of years? I think Han Jiangxue would be a good choice to be the successor!”

Wu Huaxing was speechless.

Jiang Xiao chuckled.


Wu Huaxing left without even turning back …

Jiang Xiao and Han Jiangxue were the only ones left in the sea of clouds.

Han Jiangxue was staring at Jiang Xiao with a sullen expression.

Jiang Xiao smiled awkwardly and chuckled.

“Do you know why I did that?” Han Jiangxue suddenly said.

“Uh …” Jiang Xiao nodded.

Which action?

Of course, it was the action of raising his palm high and then gently placing it down.

Jiang Xiao said,”I’m sorry. There are some things that I don’t dare to reveal.”

Han Jiangxue shook her head gently and said,”you don’t have to apologize. You don’t have the right to choose. You were forcefully brought to the star Warrior world.”

Moreover, it’s been so many years. Your attitude towards me, your friends, and your comrades have already made everything clear.

Not only do you not need to apologize, but everyone living in that world should thank you.

Especially those who live by your side, they should be even more grateful for your existence. ”

“Yeah …” Jiang Xiao said.

Han Jiangxue said,’that’s why you made us …’ I’ll call you Jiang Xiao. Because that’s your real name. ”

“Mm …” Jiang Xiao scratched his head in embarrassment.

Han Jiangxue floated over slowly, reached out, and gently touched Jiang Xiao’s face. She mumbled,””I should’ve known that he couldn’t have suddenly become so good.”

Jiang Xiao closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly before rubbing his face against her soft palm.

The sea of clouds was silent.

After a long time, Han Jiangxue said softly,””Let’s go home. ”

“Oh …”


Under the sea of clouds, Chang ‘an city of the origin world.

In an ordinary house.

The family of three sat in the living room. The father and son were quietly drinking tea, while the mother was nervously twisting her fingers, as if her mind was wandering.

The family of three was obviously waiting for someone. It seemed that they had already received the notice?

Dong, Dong, Dong. Someone knocked on the door.

The couple’s bodies stiffened slightly, while the young man suddenly jumped up.””Did they come?”

The couple looked at each other and stood up. The young man had already run out. With one hand on the door handle, he pushed the door open!

The three of them were stunned.

Even if most of the people present had powerful perception, they could tell who was standing on both sides of the door, but …

However, when they saw each other, they were still a little shocked. The way they looked at each other was very funny.

“You, you, you …” Jiang xiaopi pointed at Jiang Xiao and stammered for a long time before he suddenly said,”you’re so F * cking awesome. You’re my idol! Damn!”

In the beginning, when Wu Huaxing said that I didn’t deserve to have an internal star map, I wasn’t f * cking happy about it, but later I really gave in!

I’ll be in class, and you’ll be in Mount nocturnal disaster practicing your saber techniques. I’ll sleep while you practice your saber techniques in Mount nocturnal disaster!

My semester has already ended, and it’s already summer break, but you’re still F * cking practicing your saber skills in Mount nocturnal disaster. Do you have masochistic tendencies?”

What beautiful Chinese words!

Jiang Xiao also looked at Jiang xiaopi with a dumbfounded expression …

He had thought that he would see his own body. After all, it was soul transmigration. Wasn’t that just a body exchange?

And the result?

In the end, Jiang xiaopi was still in his own body! In other words, Jiang Xiao and Jiang xiaopi were identical twins at this moment!

“Ah …” Han Jiangxue’s excited heart could not help but calm down a little after seeing Jiang xiaopi’s eyes. She sighed gently and a familiar feeling welled up in her heart.

As expected, this was a real younger brother. It was too easy to distinguish him.

It was supposed to be a happy reunion, but when she saw his face, especially his eyes and his state, Han Jiangxue suddenly felt furious …

Her youth had returned …

The world was so wonderful. When you didn’t know anything, you would be extremely confused.

And when you find out the truth … She would suddenly realize that Jiang Xiao and Jiang xiaopi were so easy to distinguish.

“You …” Jiang Xiao also looked at Jiang xiaopi dumbfoundedly and thought, is that jiaozu planet’s martial artist so considerate?

Not only did they send you to your parents and grow up under their protection, but they also created a new body for you?

But here came the problem!

Where’s my body?

Where’s the body I had in the Wu Huaxing world before my soul transmigrated?

He died?

Damn it, I have to find Wu Huaxing and talk to him …

While he was thinking, Jiang Xiao felt someone pouncing on him. He subconsciously took a step to the side, only to see a middle-aged woman throwing herself into Han Jiangxue’s arms …

“Little Xue has grown up. Great, you’ve grown up, my daughter. I’ve been watching you go through life and death every day. You don’t know how much my heart has been aching every day …”

Han Jiangxue … Even though she had personally experienced such a scene in the STAR technique, evening dream and morning sunlight, she was still overwhelmed with emotions when she experienced it for the second time.

Han Jiangxue lowered her head slightly and looked at the excited middle-aged woman with short hair in her arms. Han Jiangxue hugged her mother tightly and mumbled softly,””Mom,” she said.

She had been waiting for this ‘mother’ for far too long …

Jiang Xiao inevitably made eye contact with the middle-aged man in the room.

His father, Han Cheng, smiled at Jiang Xiao and said,””We know everything. You don’t have to say anything. After all … Just like us, you’re also a victim.

In addition, with the help of Hua Xing, we have also seen what you have done in the star martial world.

We’ve been keeping an eye on your news. You’ve taken good care of Xiaoxue, and we’re really grateful to you. ”

“Right! That’s right!” The teary-eyed middle-aged woman in Han Jiangxue’s arms suddenly spoke.

She raised her head and looked at Jiang Xiao in admiration.””When I picked xiaopi up from the trash can, I wanted to raise a perfect child groom for her so that I could take good care of her and protect her when she grew up. You really are …”

Han Cheng’s face was serious, and he shouted sternly,””Hong Ye!”

After all, a “God” was standing in front of their door. They still had to show him the necessary respect.

Besides, the relationship between the couple and Jiang Xiao was obviously not in sync.

Han Cheng was very restrained, but Jiang Hongye was too excited.

Through Wu Huaxing, the Han couple in the main world kept an eye on Han Jiangxue and Jiang Xiao’s news.

Through Wu Huaxing, they could even see the struggle of the two children with their own eyes. It was not an exaggeration to say that the two grew up under the watch of the Han couple.

However, Jiang Xiao was different. It was his first time meeting the Han couple.

How could their feelings be in sync?

Jiang Xiao blinked and looked at Jiang Hongye, whose eyes were red and full of admiration. He said,””Child groom?”

“Uh …” Jiang Hongye smiled apologetically. In her excitement, she was a little outspoken. She wanted to apologize and explain,”uh …” I mean …”

Without waiting for Jiang Hongye to finish speaking, Jiang Xiao grabbed her hand and said,””Mom!”

Jiang Hongye was speechless.

Han Cheng was speechless.

Han Jiangxue’s face turned red and she glared at Jiang Xiao menacingly before smacking his hand away. She then entered the house with her mother, Jiang Hongye.

Han Cheng also stepped aside and invited,””Come in and have a cup of tea.”

“Oh …” Jiang Xiao strode in.

Jiang xiaopi came over and toot,””Hey, I say, with her personality, What do you like about her?”

Jiang Xiao was dumbfounded.

“Jiang xiaopi!” Han Cheng shouted again.

Jiang Xiao scratched his head and looked at his brother-in-law in front of him. A word appeared in his mind: F * ck!

Jiang Xiao patted Jiang xiaopi on the shoulder and turned to look at Han Cheng.””How about I help you train him?”

“No, I won’t do it. I know how you madmen torture yourselves …” “Ah~~~” before Jiang xiaopi could finish his sentence, he was enveloped by the light of blessing!

Jiang xiaopi’s mind went blank, and a strange cry came from his mouth. His body was like a pool of mud as he fell to the ground.

In the living room far away, Han Jiangxue turned a blind eye to the scene.

However, she seemed to have heard her mother’s words and blushed slightly. She turned around to look at Jiang Xiao before hurriedly avoiding his gaze …

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