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Chapter 49: Overlord Dignity!

Chapter 49: Overlord Dignity!

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Arresting Masked Twin Blades?

The few knights’ words created a commotion on the walls.

River Shore City actually dispatched disciplinary knights?

Wasn’t this too ridiculous?

Disciplinary knights were troops directly under the wizard regiment’s chief. They were tougher than the patrols.

River Shore City’s disciplinary knights troop didn’t have more than twenty members, but every single one of them was a peak 2nd rank expert.

Dispatching three of those?

This was definitely not to arrest an evil follower...

All the members of the Bramble team were shocked. Gru was staring at Cat.

The latter was calm. He was sneering inwardly.

While Masked Twin Blades was threatening him, of course he would listen. But despite Masked Twin Blades’ backing, he also had the backing of that person in some way, and his position was quite high.

He was ready to gamble!

He obviously didn’t want to participate in the intrigues of the upper layer of River Shore City, but giving information could lead to a huge reward. Why shouldn’t he do it?

As for Masked Twin Blades’ retaliation, ahahahah, such a joke. Masked Twin Blades was quite strong, but he still hoped to escape three disciplinary knights?

Surely not!

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but show a complacent expression.

His eyes suddenly twitched.

What about Masked Twin Blades?

He was just standing there, how did he suddenly disappear?

Not waiting for Cat’s reaction, a weak but firm voice echoed from the depth of the castle:

"Disciplinary Knights? Are the disciplinary knights free right now?"

"When my White River Valley was occupied by the gnolls, where were you?"

"Where did your oath of loyalty toward the wizard alliance go?"

"White River Valley is my territory. You trespassed into my territory and still think of capturing someone? This is a grave violation of the wizard alliance regulations!"

"Your actions have already seriously offended me! I don’t know who urged you to do this, but I’ll now ask you this. Get the fuck out of my territory!

Words kept pouring, each one harsher than the previous.

A pale, thin and weak youth appeared on the castle walls. He looked like he was recovering from a serious illness.

It felt like a gust of wind could blast him off the walls.

However, he was standing perfectly straight. The three knights below could clearly hear his loud and clear voice!

Their faces changed!


"My Lord!"

"My Lord!"

"My Lord, when did you come back!?"

The garrison members immediately rushed over!

They thought Marvin was still in River Shore City waiting for their good news.

They didn’t expect that Marvin had already arrived inside the castle!

Cat looked at Marvin who just arrived, cursing his bad luck.

‘This young noble is smart!’

‘He should have been following us all along. He probably entered the castle yesterday night, covered by Anna and the others!

As for Masked Twin Blades, he likely had been told to escape!

‘I’m done for!’

Verne covered his head. A swift mind like his already knew what would happen next!


Marvin was indeed a destitute noble.

But nobility was still nobility.

In River Shore City, he became penniless due to losing his territory. Even gangs and casino dared to bully him.

The city hall dared to fool him because of this too. ‘Unable to keep your own territory, even if you are a noble, so what?’

‘River Shore City isn’t your territory, you have no authority here.’

But it was different in White River Valley.

This was Marvin’s territory!

Marvin had the most authority in this land. This power was bestowed upon him by the wizard alliance.

Any attempt at challenging the overlord’s decisions would be a provocation toward the south wizard alliance!

No one would dare to do something like this!

Even those disciplinary knights with extremely high status in River Shore City wouldn’t dare to.

White River Valley and River Shore City had no relation with each other. White River Valley was completely independent. Even if it was a warrant from River Shore City’s Lord, Marvin could choose to ignore it!

Because this territory belonged to his grandfather, a hard-working high level wizard. The south wizard alliance would safeguard Marvin’s power!

Because of the wizards’ supreme rule, at least for now, not many people dared to take risks for a bit of benefit.

The three disciplinary knights immediately turned flabbergasted.

Their backer seemed to have underestimated White River Valley’s young baron.

The latter was not only not as weak as the stories said, he was also quite unyielding!

Their group rushing in without Marvin’s permission was definitely an offense to avoid.

Want to arrest someone in White River Valley? Without Marvin’s permission, it was simply impossible!

The three men looked at eacher in dismay, somewhat angry.

But they had no other way. Even if the castle gates were closed, they could still use their strength and kill their way in. Furthermore, they could act together with the Lynx team.

But they didn’t dare!

This was an overlord’s dignity!

It came from the era of wizard supremacy!

Since the Calamity had yet to come, Marvin could definitely scare people using his connections!


The three disciplinary knights were silent for a moment before one of them yelled, "Baron Marvin, Masked Twin Blades is a very dangerous criminal…"

He was forcefully interrupted by Marvin, "I haven’t seen the official warrant from River Shore City’s city hall!’

"I only saw an anonymous warrant in the major guilds. This kind of warrant, as long as they were wealthy, anyone could do it, right? As I see it, Sir Masked Twin Blades has earned the hatred of a very wealthy family."

"But I don’t care about these kinds of things. You can look for Masked Twin Blades elsewhere if you want to catch him. This is my territory. He is welcomed like any civilian, craftsman, or merchant."

Stopping there, Marvin feigned a severe coughing fit, and then added in a strict tone, "Leave!"

"We just cleared the gnolls and quite a lot of work is left to be dealt with."

"When I was at my worst, River Shore City didn’t give me any help."

"So, from now on, White River Valley will not welcome any official from River Shore City!"

Those words shocked everyone!

Even Anna was startled!

Marvin’s sentence was akin to breaking off diplomatic ties with River Shore City!

This wasn’t a joke. Never mind the rest of the things, but when it came to food, White River Valley would buy from River Shore City every year!

How would they solve the food issue after breaking off diplomatic ties? How would they solve the trade issue?

This was a huge issue.

"Lord…" Anna wanted to say something.

Marvin waved his hand, pretending to be quite angry, "I already made my decision."

"I’ll go rest now."

"If those three knights aren’t willing to leave, I can use use the [Ninth Month Medal] to ask for a wizard alliance’s arbiter."

He silently left after saying this.

Everyone on the wall was left dumbstruck.

The adventurers all showed different expressions. Gru was actually relaxed. He bet that Masked Twin Blades should be in the castle.

With Baron Marvin’s unyielding attitude, those three disciplinary knights didn’t dare to break in.

Sure enough, after hearing that Marvin was willing to use the [Ninth Month Medal], their faces immediately turned dark. They left without saying a word.

They had no way. They could only report this.

Those three knights were burning in anger. They had originally thought that it would be a piece of cake. But they didn’t expect this young noble to actually be this tough.

They hadn’t expected this kind of outcome at all.

But now that they thought about it, it seemed like this young noble had been quite bullied in River Shore City. Loathing the law enforcement and falling out wasn’t surprising at all.


"Since our mission has already been completed, our team should also depart."

Verne had an ugly look on his face as he saw Anna’s smile.

He didn’t know whether Masked Twin Blades had already noticed him leaking information. But staying in the castle was clearly not a good idea.

Hurrying back to River Shore City was good.

‘If I was really noticed by Masked Twin Blades…’

Thinking of this, Verne felt something cold on his back. He clearly saw Marvin fight sixty gnolls and one shaman by himself yesterday.

Even if his team was well equipped and tough, it wasn’t worth mentioning when compared with Marvin.

Of course, he didn’t expect that Marvin had actually taken a potion; he thought that Marvin had been hiding his strength.

"Of course, you are welcome to come back to White River Valley as a guest."

Anna lightly smiled, immediately releasing the Lynx team.

This was Marvin’s idea. Even though she didn’t know much about Young Master Marvin’s plan, she still did as she was told.

In any case, ever since that serious illness, Young Master Marvin hadn’t made any bad decisions.

The Lynx group left the castle.

Night arrived and the castle looked somewhat cold and desolate. After all, besides the garrison, there were only a few people.

Most of the territory’s inhabitants were still in the countryside. Anna would send people early tomorrow to request those inhabitants to come back.

At that time, the reconstruction of White River Valley would start.

However, inside Marvin’s study in the middle of the night, Bramble team’s captain Gru was restlessly and worriedly sitting in front of a desk.

An extremely thin and weak looking Marvin feigned surprise. "Is what you said true? Sir Masked Twin Blades already left?"

"He said that the way to solve your daughter’s plague is in my study?"

Gru nodded heavily. Masked Twin Blades had said those things. He remembered quite clearly.

"Ah, that’s great. I’ll look through those books to see if by any chance there is something about a [Dark Sweet Poison]. You shouldn’t worry; According to your statement, your daughter still has some time. I hope that I’ll be able to find the relevant book during that time."

"Thank you for this Sir Baron!" Gru had a grateful look.

He left the room.

After a moment, Anna walked in from a side door and faintly asked, "Why not cure his daughter?"

Marvin quietly smiled, "I will."

"But not now."

It was obviously not the time. The dark sweet poison was the plague god’s experiment. Curing it too early would attract the attention of the plague god.

Marvin didn’t fear the gods, but he would also not brainlessly turn this into an antagonistic situation.

Especially now that he had a lot on his hands.

First, he had to solve the food shortage issue.


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