Night Ranger

Chapter 48: Disciplinary Knights

Chapter 48: Disciplinary Knights

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Even if a magic like acid spray was only a 1st-circle magic, it still inflicted a lot of negative effects.

Skin would blister so much that it would putrefy. If it got in the eyes, it could even make someone permanently blind!

This was a caster’s horrifying strength. Even if it was a 1st-circle spell, it still had quite a bit of firepower!

But Marvin was already prepared for it.

At low level, acid spray was the second favorite spell of Sorcerers and Wizards, the first being Circle of Ice.

Marvin tilted his body and simply rolled away, dodging the acid spray.


As he evaded, he stunned a gnoll standing nearby with the handle of the dagger, sheathed it, grabbed the gnoll, and held it in front of him while he ran toward the Sorcerer!

The gnoll Sorcerer was really panicking this time!

Marvin’s actions were quite obvious, using that gnoll as a shield!

An Arcane Missile flew toward them.


Marvin swiftly threw the gnoll at the Arcane Missile to block it.

Marvin suddenly sped up, reaching a ghost-like speed, and finally reached the Sorcerer!


Even though the gnoll Sorcerer was wearing a low level mana armor, it would directly crumble in front of the powerful cutthroat.

This move fiercely sliced the Sorcerer’s head due to Marvin’s 17 strength.

It was like a hoe in a vegetable field!

The gnoll Sorcerer’s neck was missing a part, from which blood was spurting. The gnolls in the surroundings were thoroughly stunned!

Their leader died like that?

Though, they’d all had a faint premonition when Marvin charged to the Sorcerer.

But when it became reality, they still received quite a bit of shock.

Even a pack of dragons without a leader would turn chaotic, let alone a pack of gnolls!

As for the human side, they burst into a loud cheer!

The archer Joey was also displaying a proud expression. After all, without his mark, Marvin wouldn’t have killed that gnoll Sorcerer that easily.

He also contributed to this!


The next instant, a bloody Marvin revealed two daggers.

He didn’t wait and kept fighting, thoroughly taking care of the remaining gnolls!

They began to scatter and flee toward the castle, frightened!

‘Still one minute of Dragon Strength left…’

‘Can’t miss this pack of exp!’

Marvin had never been soft-hearted. He roared and started swinging his daggers!

These gnolls were thoroughly defeated!


The gnolls in the camp also turned into a mess.

They began to flee and throw their armor and helmets away!

"We chase!" Anna decisively ordered.

Now was the time!

They had to take advantage of the gnolls fleeing to pursue and behead a few more.

Andre roared and all White River Valley garrison members took the lead in chasing after them!

Then the adventurers followed. They didn’t really mind something like chasing gnolls.

In any case, these things had already turned into headless chickens. Their morale was pitifully low and their resistance was merely a front; they were only waving their weapons in panic.

Even though there was a huge difference in numbers, a massacre had already begun.

Of course, even if this side of the battlefield was a slaughter, they didn’t have Marvin there!

The adventurers and the garrison all saw Marvin chasing more than thirty screaming gnolls, alone!

His speed was frightening, and the short-legged gnolls couldn’t outrun him!

Dagger rising, dagger plunging!

Repeating the same action over and over again.

Corpses were spread across the hill a few minutes after!

Not one escaped. They all became dead bodies.

This was Masked Twin Blades’ strength!

They were all deeply shocked!

He stood alone on top of the hill, motionless. They couldn’t clearly see his expression.

But the eyes of all those onlookers were full of reverence!

It was thanks to his strength that they turned the battle around.

He first killed his way into the army and created an empty spot inside. He then beheaded the gnoll adjutant. Finally, he took advantage of the chaos to forcefully eliminate the gnoll Sorcerer.

This achievement was amazing enough.

‘Such an abnormal guy…’

‘That young White River Valley noble definitely can’t invite this kind of powerhouse. Looks like Masked Twin Blades didn’t trick me…’

‘That guy really has someone more powerful behind him.’

Cat was killing gnolls on the side, absent-mindedly looking at Masked Twin Blades.

He was suddenly deeply worried.

Because just two days ago, he had stealthily sent a carrier pigeon.

That pigeon flew toward River Shore City.

If he didn’t get the time wrong, that person should have sent people over...

‘I hope it’s a 2nd rank class holder, at least two of them, or more.’

Otherwise Cat would really feel frightened.

Masked Twin Blades was quite fierce, he wouldn’t overreach himself, right?

But things already reached this point. He also didn’t have any other way. Since he had already sided with that person, he had to take some risks.

Being an adventurer for a lifetime was definitely not his goal.


The majority of the gnoll Fighters were soon killed by the humans. The gnolls became defenseless when they started fleeing.

They weren’t particularly fast, so only a few gnolls managed to escape.

As the war completely settled, White River Valley’s recovery was a success!

Under Anna’s orders, everyone took a quick rest and burnt the gnoll corpses.

They then kept moving toward the castle.

Most of the gnolls inside the castle didn’t have any fighting ability.

They were all elderly or young.

Their fighters had already been cleanly eliminated. And their leader had already been beheaded by Marvin.

This only left them with one end. Death!

This world was this ruthless.

In wars between races, they wouldn’t leave any seed behind. Even if it was a newborn, they would also cut off its neck.

This was even more of a massacre than the earlier pursuits.

It was already common for the adventurers.

As for the garrison, they had been living in Feinan world since they were born, so they naturally knew this kind of rule. Moreover, the gnoll invasion had also caused a lot of civilian casualties.

They had no reason to show mercy.

More than two hundred gnolls were tied up before being slaughtered.

Their corpses were piled up on the hill and completely burnt in a raging fire in the middle of the night. There were still some embers left the next morning.

"We won!"

"We made it!"

"We are home!"

Standing on the castle walls, the White River Valley garrison members were crying tears of joy.

Even if the castle and the surrounding farmhouses were still deserted, they knew that those civilians that left to take refuge in the mountain would soon return after their lord called!

White River Valley would definitely recover its past glory!

The adventurers rested for the night and were also full of vitality. They stood on the walls, enjoying the morning breeze.

Anna just settled their commission, and there were no casualties. This mission was really worth it.

The reward of a mission with no casualties would normally be quite average.

But the casualties of this mission had disappeared thanks to Masked Twin Blades!

The most serious injury was a White River Valley garrison member who had gotten a sprain because he was too excited when he chased and stepped on a gnoll head.

The rest was slight pulled muscles, bruises and other such things.

This kind of enjoyable task, with large rewards and not too dangerous battle, adventurers wouldn’t see them often.

"Many thanks for helping us."

Anna emotionlessly said to the adventurers, "I now formally announce that everyone has fulfilled their duty. You can leave at any time."

"We will of course welcome you, should you wish to stay. But you’ll have to comply with White River Valley rules."

The three solo adventurers left after receiving their money, as they had no interest in White River Valley.

As for the two teams, they stayed.

Cat squinted, looking in the distance, apparently waiting for something.

Soon, a few shadows appeared in the distance.

It was a few knights!

"Where are those knights coming from?" Anna frowned. "Andre!"

"Got it!"

Andre gave a meaningful glance to one of the garrison members.

The latter immediately drew a bow, swiftly aimed at those oncoming knights and shot three arrows!

These guys had quite ordinary shooting skills, not as good as Joey’s when it came to long range. But it was still useful as a warning!

Sure enough, due to the warning arrows, the three knights slowed down and slowly arrived at the bottom of the castle’s hill.

One knight among them walked in front and loudly yelled, "We are River Shore City’s [Disciplinary Knights]!"

"We have come to catch the wanted criminal [Masked Twin Blades]!"

"We hope that everyone would not obstruct us from carrying out the law!"

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