Night of the Divorce! A Proud Lady Was Forced to Marry the Emperor's Uncle

Chapter 370 - Chapter 370: The End

Chapter 370: The End

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Glancing at Xiao Nanye, Emperor Qi Ming spoke with eyes full of anger, “This is utter nonsense!”

“Imperial Brother, the rain outside continues to fall. While the people inside the city have a place to take shelter, those outside the city have nowhere to go.”

“If we don’t settle the people soon, there will be casualties.”

“After the previous snow disaster, many have already died. Do you wish to see a second wave of casualties?”

Though Xiao Nanye spoke softly, every word clearly reached Emperor Qi Ming’s ears.

Emperor Qi Ming fell silent.

After a long while, he looked back at Xiao Nanye and said irritably, “Does the refuge have to be built right in front of The Admiral’s Mansion of the Nine Gates? Can’t we choose another location?”

The Admiral’s Mansion of the Nine Gates was a significant place, representing the face of the court.

Building a shelter there would certainly make Emperor Qi Ming a target for criticism from the court officials. The thought alone gave him a headache.

Facing Xiao Nanye, he said decisively, “If you insist on building the shelter in front of The Admiral’s Mansion of the Nine Gates, 1 won’t interfere. But if the court officials criticize me, I’ll say it was your idea.”

Though Xiao Nanye was accustomed to the emperor’s shamelessness, he still twitched at the corner of his mouth upon hearing this. He said irritably, “I’ll take the blame for you, Imperial borther, but you must provide the funds for the construction.”

“1 have no more money,” the emperor admitted, his voice diminishing.

Xiao Nanye remained silent, just gazing at the emperor.

In the end, it was Emperor Qi Ming who relented. Turning to Wang Kun, he said, “Go and check how much is left in my private treasury.”


Wang Kun turned and left. When he returned, he held a box in his hands. “Your Majesty, everything is in—”

Before Wang Kun could finish, Xiao Nanye stepped forward and took the box. “I will handle this, Imperial brother,” he said, departing with the box in hand.

Watching him leave, both the emperor and Wang Kun stood there, stunned. After a moment, the emperor asked, “What was in that box?”

“Your Majesty, all your money was in there.”


Upon hearing this, Emperor Qi Ming nearly choked with anger.

Taking a deep breath, he glared at Wang Kun, “Are you an idiot? Why did you give him all my money?”

Wang Kun stammered, “1 didn’t know His Highness wouldn’t leave any for you.” “When has he ever left anything for me?”

Wang Kun remained silent. It seemed true.

With Emperor Qi Ming’s money in hand, Xiao Nanye returned to the Cheng Mansion. As he approached the door, he instinctively softened his steps, and seeing Yue Er standing guard outside, he whispered, “Is Huan Er still sleeping?”

After bowing to Xiao Nanye, Yue Er nodded, “Since you entered the palace, the queen has been asleep.”

Upon hearing this, the man walked straight into the inner chamber.

Seeing this, Yue Er left immediately.

Xiao Nanye approached the bed softly.

Jiang Peihuan was deeply asleep. Listening to her steady breathing, Xiao Nanye’s eyes softened instantly.

Gazing at Jiang Peihuan’s profile, the man couldn’t help but reach out. Just as he touched her face, the woman on the bed opened her eyes.

Seeing Xiao Nanye sitting by the bed, Jiang Peihuan was somewhat groggy. After a few seconds, she whispered, “You’re back?”


Hearing Jiang Peihuan’s words, Xiao Nanye nodded and then whispered, “Imperial brother has agreed.”

“Without delay, I plan to start the construction immediately.”

“Are you planning to use the Ministry of Housing for the construction?”


Seeing Xiao Nanye nodding, Jiang Peihuan sat up. Observing her movement, Xiao Nanye instinctively held her hand, placing a pillow behind her once she was seated.

Leaning against the pillow, Jiang Peihuan looked at the man beside her and said, “I have a suggestion.”

“Go on.”

“I think you can send people to find the disaster-stricken citizens now, bring them to the planned shelter site, and let them help with the construction. This way, they have something to do, and they can earn a corresponding reward for their efforts.”

“Huan Er, if you were a man, you’d undoubtedly be a key minister in the court.”

Hearing Xiao Nanye’s words, Jiang Peihuan paused.

She couldn’t help but recall her past life, where she had strategized for Xiao Junhao. However, he never accepted her advice.

Thinking of this, Jiang Peihuan looked at the man in front of her and said, “Xiao Nanye, do you… with me being this way?”

“I really like you this way.”

Before Jiang Peihuan could finish, Xiao Nanye interrupted her.

After briefly conversing, Xiao Nanye left.

For some time, Xiao Nanye was always busy outside.

Half a year passed unknowingly.

In King Cheng’s Mansion.

“My queen, the weather is finally clear today.”

Yue Er assisted Jiang Peihuan, a smile on her face.

A hint of a smile also appeared in Jiang Peihuan’s eyes as she instinctively touched her belly.

By her estimate, she was due to give birth any day now, but her belly showed no signs.

“My Queen, His Highness is back.”

At this moment, Lu Er’s voice was heard.

Hearing the voice, Jiang Peihuan instinctively headed for the door, but after only a few steps, she felt a sharp pain in her abdomen.


Seeing Jiang Peihuan’s movement, Yue Er’s face changed instantly.

“Take me to the delivery room.”


Shortly after, Jiang Peihuan was on the delivery bed, and Xiao Nanye stood anxiously at the door.

Jiang Peihuan lay on the bed, feeling intense pain in her abdomen. She blindly followed the midwife’s instructions.

Soon, the cry of a baby filled the room.

Upon hearing the cry, Xiao Nanye couldn’t wait any longer and pushed open the door.

Yue Er was about to stop Xiao Nanye, but he had already reached the bed.

“Huan Er?”

Hearing the man’s voice, Jiang Peihuan turned to him.

“Congratulations, King Cheng, congratulations, Queen Cheng. It’s a young prince.”

The midwife, holding the baby, presented him to Xiao Nanye and Jiang Peihuan.

Looking at the child before him, Xiao Nanye’s eyes filled with surprise.

“Why is he so tiny?”

The midwife beside them quickly responded with a laugh, “Your Highness, all newborns are like this. He will grow soon.”

Jiang Peihuan remained silent, looking down at the child in her arms.

In this lifetime, she had finally protected everyone close to her..

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