Night of the Divorce! A Proud Lady Was Forced to Marry the Emperor's Uncle

Chapter 369 - Chapter 369: A Suggestion

Chapter 369: A Suggestion

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At this moment, Xiao Junhao finally looked towards King Mu.

When their eyes met, King Mu showed a faint smile. However, even though his face carried a smile, it didn’t reach his eyes.

Facing Xiao Junhao’s gaze, he spoke softly, “I am naturally willing to help the crown prince, but 1 have a favor to ask in return. I wonder if the crown prince is willing to assist this old minister?”

“Imperial Uncle Wang, just let me know what you need. As long as it’s within my power, I will surely not refuse you.”

“With your words, this old minister at ease.”

After saying this, King Mu looked at Xiao Junhao and continued, “1 presume you’ve heard of Chang Yang’s death?”

“Imperial Uncle Wang, my deepest condolences.”

He was aware of the news of Prince Chang Yang’s death.

However, he wasn’t clear about how exactly Chang Yang died.

Upon hearing Xiao Junhao’s words, the expression in King Mu’s eyes instantly turned cold, but not towards Xiao Junhao. Instead, it was directed at Xiao Nanye, “Xiao Nanye watched him die without helping. I will not let this go.” “Imperial Uncle Wang, does the death of Prince Chang Yang have anything to do with my Imperial Uncle Nanye?”

Hearing this, Xiao Junhao’s eyes flickered, and he instinctively spoke.

The mere mention of Xiao Nanye made King Mu’s expression even graver.

With a hint of coldness in his eyes, King Mu recounted the incident at the South Moutain Courtyard. After finishing, he continued, “The Mu Mansion has only Chang Yang as its sole descendent. Xiao Nanye’s inaction is like wishing for the extinction of my lineage.”

“I’m aware of how much the emperor favors Xiao Nanye, so this old minister will need the crown prince’s assistance.”

“Imperial Uncle Mu, I understand your concern. Regarding this matter, I stand with you.”

Hearing this, a smug look appeared in King Mu’s eyes.

The Great Empress Dowager, sitting in the main seat, suddenly chuckled. She looked at Xiao Junhao and said softly, “I always knew you were a clever child, and you have not disappointed me.”

“The emperor has given you this task as a test.”

“But concerning the finances, even with King Mu’s help, it might still be insufficient. Over the years, I have amassed some personal savings. Now, I will hand them over to you.”

Having said this, the Great Empress Dowager glanced at the old nanny by her side. Moments later, the old nanny came forward with a wooden box.

“Give it to the Crown Prince.”


Upon the Great Empress Dowager’s instruction, the old nanny opened the box and presented it to Xiao Junhao.

At a glance, Xiao Junhao saw that the box was filled with silver notes. His eyes lit up with excitement, but when he looked up at the Great Empress Dowager, he said with apparent refusal, “Imperial Grandmother, how can I accept this?” “This is your personal savings. How can 1 take your money?”

“Just take it. Such a sum does not matter to me.”

Although the national treasury was empty, when it came to the expenses of the entire palace, none could surpass hers.

Xiao Junhao was aware of this, so upon hearing the Great Empress Dowager’s words, he accepted the box.

As for what happened in the Cining Palace, Jiang Peihuan was unaware.

Even if she knew, Jiang Peihuan wouldn’t be too concerned.

Initially, Jiang Peihuan planned to visit the Empress, but as it was already late, she left the Qianqing Hall and returned directly to Cheng Mansion with Xiao Nanye.

On their way, Jiang Peihuan noticed that the rain was getting heavier.

Though throughout the journey, Xiao Nanye had mostly held Jiang Peihuan, by the time they reached the mansion, her shoes and socks were still a bit damp.

Just as Jiang Peihuan had taken a seat, she heard Xiao Nanye’s voice.

“Get some dry shoes and socks for the princess.”


Yue Er and Lu Er, upon hearing this, immediately set out to prepare: one fetching shoes and socks, and the other preparing hot water.

By the time everything was settled, dawn was breaking. However, due to the heavy rain, the sky looked overcast.

At this moment, Ye Xiao’s voice came from the door, “My Queen?”

“Come in.”

After hearing Jiang Peihuan’s voice, Ye Xiao quickly entered.

“How is it?”

After bowing to Jiang Peihuan, Ye Xiao said in a low voice, “My queen, the situation outside is grim. While the city’s residents are somewhat sheltered, many outside the city walls have nowhere to live.”

When she saw the rain, Jiang Peihuan had already suspected as much. However, upon hearing Ye Xiao’s words, a look of worry appeared in her eyes. “What happened?”

Xiao Nanye, emerging from his study, was met with Jiang Peihuan’s distressed expression.

Upon hearing the man’s voice, Jiang Peihuan quickly relayed what Ye Xiao had told her, and continued, “If we wait for Xiao Junhao to set up shelters, 1 fear there might be many casualties in the city.”

“Xiao Nanye, 1 have an idea, but it might cause you trouble.”

“Do what you think is right. Don’t worry about the rest; I’ll handle it.”

Upon hearing this, Jiang Peihuan immediately said, “The best place in the capital for a shelter is The Admiral’s Mansion of the Nine Gates. The terrain there is spacious and elevated, and even in rain, it’s not prone to flooding. However, I suspect no one would agree to build a shelter there.”

Hearing Jiang Peihuan’s words, Xiao Nanye fell silent.

After a long pause, he responded, “As long as the imperial brother agrees, others have no say.”

Having said that, Xiao Nanye looked at Jiang Peihuan and whispered, “You haven’t slept all night. You should rest, and I’ll go to the palace to see my imperial brother.”

“Be careful. Remember, you have a child to consider too.”

Although Jiang Peihuan wasn’t sleepy anymore, she nodded at his words.

Seeing this, Yue Er and Lu Er immediately began preparing the bed.

Xiao Nanye, after watching Jiang Peihuan lie down, left the mansion.

Instead of taking a carriage, because of the flooding outside, Xiao Nanye rode his horse, Zhui Yun, directly to the palace.

In the Qianqing Palace,

Emperor Qi Ming looked at the drenched Xiao Nanye and spoke irritably, “Are you trying to torment yourself, or are you trying to torment me?”

It seemed Xiao Nanye completely ignored the anger in Qi Ming Emperor’s eyes. After bowing, he said straightforwardly, “Imperial brother, I want to build a shelter at The Admiral’s Mansion of the Nine Gates. Please approve.”

“Build… Wait, where did you say?”

Hearing Xiao Nanye’s words, Qi Ming Emperor began to speak reflexively. But once he realized what was said, his eyes filled with anger..

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