New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 43 - Daughters’ New Friends!

Chapter 43 Daughters’ New Friends!

Seeing Baherin leave in a sorry state with the people of the Inferno Tribe, Tang Yu, Wu Jingxian, and the others couldn’t help but beam with happiness.

The appearance of the North Mystic Heaven’s Consort would probably be a source of trauma to the people of the Inferno Tribe!

Not to mention anything else, at least this generation of the Inferno Tribe definitely wouldn’t dare to invade Blue Cloud Nation again.

At the thought of this, Tang Yu and the others bowed to Lin Xuan again. “Thank you, Consort, for saving Blue Cloud Nation!”

“It’s no big deal, you’re welcome,” Lin Xuan said calmly. Tang Yu and the others nodded.

The Consort was indeed a big shot.

He had just saved a country, but he didn’t take it seriously. His magnanimity was really awe-inspiring “Huh?”

As everyone spoke, a small head suddenly appeared at the entrance of the hall.

A little girl around the same age as Xuan Zhu and the others was peeking at Xuan Zhu and the others on the throne timidly.

Tang Yu turned around and hurriedly waved at the little girl. “Ying’er, come to Grandpa!”

The little girl, Tang Ying, immediately ran in and threw herself into Tang Yu’s arms.

Xuan Zhu and the other two girls focused their attention on her.

“Consort, this little girl is my granddaughter, Tang Ying.”

After saying that, Tang Yu pulled Tang Ying forward. “Ying’er, greet the Consort quickly!”

Lin Xuan carried his four daughters down the throne and smiled gently. “There’s no need.”

When he arrived in front of Tang Ying, Xuan Zhu and the others jumped down from his arms and surrounded Tang Ying. “Hello, Ying’er. My name is Xuan Zhu!” Xuan Zhu introduced herself.

Xuan Xi, Xuan Han, and Xuan You also introduced themselves to Tang Ying.

Lin Xuan could tell that the little girls wanted to be friends with Tang Ying.

Children their age were always interested in other children their age. Seeing that Xuan Zhu and the others were very friendly, Tang Ying finally became emboldened.

“My name is Tang Ying. Do you guys want to be my friends?”

“Yes!” Xuan Zhu and the others nodded at the same time and extended their hands.

Tang Ying hesitated for a moment and finally reached out to shake their hands.

“Then we’re friends now!”


“Let’s play together now!”

Xuan Zhu and the others then started playing with Tang Ying in the hall.

While watching them play, Tang Yu couldn’t help but sigh.

“Ying’er is a reserved child and has never had many friends.”

“This is the first time she has become friends with someone. It’s really thanks to the four little princesses that this child has become a little more cheerful.”

Lin Xuan discerned the hidden meaning in his words and asked casually, “Could it be that this child’s parents are slightly different from ordinary people?”

According to the perfect father program, what affected the children’s personalities the most when they were young was their family’s situation.

Furthermore, Tang Ying’s grandfather was the king of the Blue Cloud Nation. Logically speaking, there was no problem with a big family.

Then the root cause was most likely was her parents.

“You’re really discerning. You saw through the problem at a glance!”

Tang Yu revealed a look of admiration. “That’s right. This child has had a hard life!”

“After her mother gave birth to her, she died, and her father’s life is still in danger!”

Then, Tang Yu gave a rough account of the situation of Tang Ying’s father, the current crown prince.

He had been heavily injured in the battle with the Inferno Tribe half a year ago. He still hadn’t recovered from it, and his condition wasn’t good.

Lin Xuan nodded. It seemed that Tang Ying was indeed a pitiful child.

“Your Majesty, I have bad news!”

At this moment, a eunuch rushed into the hall. “The crown prince can’t hold on anymore!”

“What?!” Tang Yu shuddered in shock. “Didn’t you already give him the pill given by the Pill King? Why is this happening?”

The eunuch shook his head with a bitter expression and said, “I don’t know either! You’d better go take a look!”

Tang Yu revealed a pained expression. If even the Pill King’s pill couldn’t save his son, then he was really doomed.

“Go invite the Pill King over. I’ll go take a look now!”

Tang Yu prepared to bring Tang Ying to see him one last time.

The eunuch said, “I’ve already sent someone to invite the Pill King.”

Tang Yu nodded and turned around to walk to Tang Ying He held her hand with a sorrowful expression. “Ying’er, go see your father with Grandpa!”

Tang Ying asked with a terrified expression, “Will Daddy really die?”

“Sigh!” Tang Yu wanted to say something, but he was afraid of hurting the child’s feelings, so he could only sigh helplessly.

Xuan Zhu and the others also revealed sad expressions. They went forward and patted Tang Ying. “Ying’er, your father will be fine. If you’re afraid, we’ll go with you!”

“Will you guys really come with me?” Seeing that Xuan Zhu and the others wanted to accompany her, Tang Ying’s expression finally eased up a little.

Xuan Zhu and the others looked at Lin Xuan at the same time, as if they were asking for his opinion.

Lin Xuan walked forward and said dotingly, “Daddy will go with you guys and accompany Ying’er.”


The little girls were extremely happy and hurriedly pulled Tang Ying out.

Lin Xuan and Tang Yu went out one after another.

Before long, they arrived at the crown prince’s bedroom.

Lin Xuan saw a man less than thirty years old lying on the bed.

According to Tang Yu, this was his only son, Tang Chengjian.

Lin Xuan noticed that there were black holes on Tang Chengjian’s face, as if they had been burnt by something.

Since even his face was like this, there were probably more holes in his body.

No wonder Tang Yu said that his life was in danger.

Not long after Lin Xuan and the others entered the crown prince’s bedroom, an old man in a blue robe hurried in under the lead of a eunuch.

Tang Yu hurriedly went forward. “Pill King, see why your divine pill can’t save the crown prince!”

Wen Yuansong nodded and quickly walked to the bed. He looked at Tang Chengjian’s injuries carefully and felt his pulse. He stood up and said, “With the extent of the crown prince’s injuries, only immortal pills can save him. No matter how good my pills are, they’re only heaven-rank in quality.”


“They can delay his death, but they can’t revive the dead!”

“But…” Tang Yu was agitated.” You’re the most famous Pill King in the Eastern Wasteland. The divine pill you refined saved millions of people. Can’t you save my son?”

Wen Yuansong shook his head and sighed. “The crown prince’s entire body was pierced by the blazing fire pearls. Not only were most of his meridians and bones shattered, but most of his internal organs were also burnt.”

“My pill can save many people, but it can’t save the crown prince!”

Tang Yu almost collapsed to the ground. “Is there really nothing we can do?”

Wen Yuansong stared at Tang Yu for a moment and shook his head with a long sigh.

“Forget it. I’ll be a good person to the end. I’ll use these two pills to save the crown prince!”

He pulled out two black pills from his storage ring. Countless faint golden streams of light were swirling around these two pills, and the aroma was very fragrant.


If one looked carefully, one could even see that in the center of the two pills, there was a red light spot and a golden light spot.

From the outside, these two pills looked like precious supreme-grade items.

After Tang Yu carefully sized up these two pills, he was delighted. His son could be saved!

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