New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 42 - This Is The Attitude One Should Have When Facing A Big Shot!

Chapter 42 This Is The Attitude One Should Have When Facing A Big Shot!

“North Mystic Heaven’s Consort!”

Tang Yu was stunned.

He had expected that the person in the jade carriage was definitely a big shot.

However, he never expected that it was actually Empress Mystic Ice’s man.

He was an extraordinary big shot!

What did the Blue Cloud Nation have that made the Consort want to descend here?

However, Tang Yu didn’t think that Wu Jingxian was spouting nonsense.

Lin Xuan’s temperament was out of this world. Only a lord from the upper world would have such extraordinary bearing.

At the thought of this, Tang Yu was filled with excitement and awe. He strode forward and bowed to Lin Xuan respectfully.

“Tang Yu of the Blue Cloud Nation greets North Mystic Heaven’s Consort!”

In order not to arouse Lin Xuan’s distaste, Tang Yu even took the initiative to omit the title of emperor.

Lin Xuan nodded slightly.

From Tang Yu’s appearance, he didn’t look like an incapable ruler. Instead, he looked like a mediocre ruler.

No wonder Blue Cloud Nation was bullied by the Inferno Tribe to such a state.

On the side, Baherin, Brother Mu, and the rest of the thousands of people from the Inferno Tribe were all looking at Lin Xuan nervously.

His status as North Mystic Heaven’s Consort was enough for them to lose their arrogant demeanor.

They all felt a sense of nervousness. The reason such a great figure had descended into the Blue Cloud Nation’s Imperial Palace was obvious. He was here to uphold justice for the Blue Cloud Nation.

With him backing the Blue Cloud Nation, the Inferno Tribe was in danger!

After exchanging glances, Baherin mustered his courage and walked forward. He placed his hand on his chest and bowed to Lin Xuan.

“Baherin of the Inferno Tribe greets North Mystic Heaven’s Consort!”

Brother Mu and the other warriors also bowed. “Greetings, North Mystic Heaven’s Consort!”

They all looked fierce and valiant, but in front of Lin Xuan, they didn’t dare to put on airs.

Even the demon beasts following them lowered their heads one after another while feeling somewhat terrified under the inexplicable pressure.

Seeing this scene, the guards of the palace felt excited.

“The moment North Mystic Heaven’s Consort appeared, the bastards of the Inferno Tribe peed their pants. How satisfying!”

“North Mystic Heaven’s Consort is here. The Blue Cloud Nation is going to make a comeback!”

“Consort, we really can’t help but look up to you!”

The guards discussed softly with gazes filled with reverence and admiration.

“Consort, please go ahead!”

Tang Yu hurriedly led Lin Xuan and the children into the hall. Lin Xuan and the children’s seats were Tang Yu’s golden throne.

This was the first time the four little girls sat on the throne, and they looked at everything around them curiously.

Seeing that there were golden dragon heads on both sides of the armrest, Xuan Xi and Xuan You sat on the armrest with smiles on their faces.

“Father, look, we’re riding a dragon!”

Lin Xuan looked at them lovingly. “Is it fun?”

“It’s very fun!” The two girls were overjoyed.

Xuan Zhu and Xuan Han also sat on the dragon chair and touched it while muttering non-stop.

“This chair is really interesting. It’s just that it’s much smaller than Mother’s chair.”

“That’s right. Mother’s chair is ice-cold, but this chair is warm.”

Upon hearing their words, Tang Yu and the others revealed looks of awe.

As expected of the daughters of the North Mystic Heaven’s empress. They were indeed knowledgeable!

Tang Yu chuckled and walked forward. “Little princesses, how can my chair compare to Her Majesty’s?”

“But if you guys like it, you can do whatever you want!”

The four girls nodded at the same time, which made Tang Yu feel relieved.

He could tell that Lin Xuan doted on his four precious daughters very much.

As long as they liked this place, Lin Xuan would definitely help them resolve the crisis.

Then, Tang Yu said seriously, “My lord, please uphold justice for the Blue Cloud Nation.”

“As long as the Inferno Tribe no longer invades my country, I’m willing to live in peace with them forever and trade with them!”

Lin Xuan looked at Tang Yu playfully.

“You’re willing to get along peacefully, but to others, this might be a sign of weakness.”

Baherin, who had just braced himself and walked into the hall, couldn’t help but freeze when he heard this.

Lin Xuan’s words made him secretly gasp.

“Could it be that North Mystic Heaven’s Consort wants to attack the Inferno Tribe?”

Baherin looked up nervously at Lin Xuan, who was sitting on the throne, and his gaze was filled with fear.

If North Mystic Heaven made a move, the Inferno Tribe would probably be reduced to ashes in the blink of an eye.

Thinking of this, Baherin hurriedly bowed. “You’re too kind, Consort!”

“The Inferno Tribe is definitely willing to coexist peacefully with the Blue Cloud Nation. We will mind our own business from now on!”

Tang Yu looked at Baherin in shock.

He didn’t expect the imposing Baherin to take the initiative to say this.

This… showed the power of the Consort.

Lin Xuan said calmly, “The Inferno Tribe likes to bully the weak and snatch all their resources. Aggression flows in your bones.”

“I heard that you guys have incaded many places and killed many people over the years. How can I believe you?”

Phew ~

Lin Xuan deliberately controlled his aura to avoid the four babies, then released it in the hall.

A terrifying Emperor Realm pressure suddenly pressed down on everyone’s heads like a huge mountain descending from the Nine Heavens.

Tang Yu, Baherin, and the others felt their hearts skip a beat.

That inexplicable terrifying pressure made it difficult for them to breathe. Baherin hurriedly said, “I’m willing to swear in the name of the God of Flames that I will definitely do as I say!”

“Not only that, but we will definitely return all the resources we have plundered from the Blue Cloud Nation!”

“Also, we are willing to move another seven thousand kilometers to the north to stay away from the Blue Cloud Nation’s border!”

He was also extremely nervous, so he proposed so many compensations in one go.

He believed that his brother, Baherin, would definitely say the same thing.

It was because Lin Xuan’s Emperor Realm aura was too terrifying and it made him feel as small as an ant.

“I’ll give you three days. If you can’t do it…” Lin Xuan smiled and said nothing.

“Don’t worry, North Mystic Heaven’s Consort. We can do it in a day at most!” Baherin hurriedly said.

Lin Xuan nodded slightly.

Now that things had reached this point, he believed that the Inferno Tribe would no longer dare to act recklessly.

Everything that happened today would return peace and security for the country that he had once lived in.

After receiving Lin Xuan’s approval, Baherin hurriedly turned around and left the hall.

He secretly wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and sighed sadly.

“We’re really unlucky. Why did we meet such a terrifying big shot?”

After taking a deep breath, he hurriedly called Brother Mu and the others to leave.

After leaving the palace, Brother Mu couldn’t help but say, “Deputy Chief, you offered too

y conditions just now. Can we do it in a day?”



“We have to do it even if we can’t!” Baherin looked determined.

“Even if my brother was here, he would have said that!”

“After all, I have no bargaining power in front of North Mystic Heaven’s Consort!”

“Instead of letting him speak, why not take the initiative to say it ourselves? No matter how harsh the conditions are, we have to do it. This is the attitude one should have when facing a big shot!”

Brother Mu and the others nodded silently.

Today, they finally understood the sort of pressure a big shot had on other people.

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