New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 357 - Stunned by Xuan Han!   

Chapter 357: Stunned by Xuan Han!


The purple light was the sword spirit of the Nine Heavens Burial Sword.

When it returned to the Extreme Abyss Demon Valley, it meant the Nine Heavens Burial Sword that it represented had been destroyed.

And if the Nine Heavens Burial Sword was destroyed, there was only one possibility. Cang Hao had been killed!

Originally, Situ Moxie and Cang Hao had agreed that if he encountered an enemy he could not defeat, he would return the Nine Heavens Burial Sword to him and let him take action.

From the looks of it, Cang Hao was killed before he could even escape. This meant that the person who killed him was very powerful.

“Nine swords as one, defying the laws!”

“I don’t care who you are. How dare you kill my disciple? You’re dead meat!”

Situ Moxie gritted his teeth.

He made up his mind to use this sword spirit to reforge the Nine Heavens Burial Sword.

After the nine swords were complete, he would immediately walk out of the Extreme Abyss Demon Valley and avenge Cang Hao.

He was absolutely confident that with his unparalleled strength and the power of the Nine Heavens Burial Sword, he would definitely be able to kill his enemy!

Crystal Palace.

The morning sun was warm, and the light mist was like gauze. Spiritual energy surged and drifted into the air, forming shallow rainbows. It was beautiful.

The huge palace was under light mist, spiritual clouds, and rainbows. It was like a jade palace in the Immortal World, and it looked especially magnificent.

“I think it rained last night.”

“Oh yes. No wonder the air feels so cool. It’s so soothing!”

“It seems like the view is better.”

‘Right, so I’m going to go round the garden ten times!’

Xuan Zhu, Xuan Xi, Xuan Han, and Xuan You wandered around the garden after breakfast.

“Eh? Look! The Chinese mulberry flowers in front have all fallen!”

Xuan Xi pointed to a corner of the garden and exclaimed.

Xuan Zhu hurriedly said, “Let’s go and see what’s going on!”

The four little girls quickly ran to the Chinese mulberry bushes and found all of them lying on the ground.

“How did this happen?” Xuan Han said with heartache.

She loved Chinese mulberry flowers. She always picked a few and put them in her room. They smelled fragrant.

Xuan Zhu thought for a moment and said, “I remember Auntie Tong saying that the Chinese mulberry flowers are very fragile. They must have been knocked to the ground by the storm last night.”

“It looks like they’re all dead. What a pity!” Xuan Han shook her head.

Xuanzhu Lingxi said, “I remember that Auntie Tong placed a bag of Chinese mulberry flower seeds with us. Why don’t we find these seeds and plant a large pile of Chinese mulberry flowers here again?!”

“Good idea!”

Xuan Xi, Xuan Han, and Xuan You immediately agreed.

Then, the little girls went to search the Crystal Palace and finally found the bag of Chinese mulberry flower seeds.

However, when they returned to the Chinese mulberry bushes, the little girls were in a dilemma.

“Do you know how to plant flowers?” Xuan Zhu looked at her sisters.

“I don’t know!” Xuan Xi, Xuan Han, and Xuan You shook their heads decisively.

Xuan Zhu’s beautiful eyes lit up. “I have a good idea!”

Xuan Xi, Xuan Han, and Xuan You immediately said, “Go find Daddy!”


With that, Xuan Zhu held hands with her three sisters and ran over to look for Lin Xuan.

After knowing that his daughters wanted to plant flowers, Lin Xuan brought them to find a few shovels and a few small wooden buckets. He carried the water and went to the Chinese mulberry flowers.

Looking at the Chinese mulberry flowers, Lin Xuan looked at his daughters dotingly.

“Planting flowers is actually a very simple matter. But before we plant them, we need to shovel away all the already dead flowers.”

Xuan Zhu raised her hand. “Father, if we make room for the new flowers like this, they can grow stronger, right?”

“How smart!” Lin Xuan patted her little head dotingly.

Xuan Zhu smiled happily.

Xuan Xi and the others looked at Xuan Zhu enviously.

Their sister was so smart. Daddy praised her again. They really envied her!

Lin Xuan took a casual look and could understand his daughters’ thoughts, so he smiled and said,

“Of course, Xuan Xi, Xuan Han, and Xuan You are also very smart.”


After being praised by Lin Xuan, the three little girls smiled happily.

Xuan Han even covered her mouth shyly and smiled secretly.

Without saying anything else, Lin Xuan brought his daughters to dig the soil with a shovel.

Under his guidance, the little darlings completed it very smoothly.

Although in the process, the four little girls would occasionally exert too much force and throw soil into the sky, scattering mud all over others.

But they all seemed particularly excited and felt particularly novel and interesting.

Lin Xuan looked at his laughing daughters gently. When they were all done digging, he stood up and said,

‘Now, we’re going to sow.’

He distributed the seeds in the bag to the little girls and took them with him to sow.

After the planting was done, he taught them to fill the pit and then carried the small wooden bucket to sprinkle water together.

Soon, a new patch of tansy was sown.

Looking at the wet soil, the little girls revealed very satisfied expressions. They felt especially accomplished.

“I really look forward to them growing out soon!”

The little girls looked hopeful.

Lin Xuan held them in his arms and thought of an idiom related to planting. He decided to teach it to his daughters.

“Babies, there’s an idiom called ‘You reap what you sow.’ It means we reap what we sow.”

“Oh, I see!”

The little girls immediately remembered Lin Xuan’s words.

Xuan Xi even learned to use it. “So if we plant the Chinese mulberry flower, we will harvest it!”

“Xuan Xi, you said it so well!” Lin Xuan rubbed the little girl’s head dotingly.

Xuan Xi smiled happily, showing two dimples.

He was right. She was indeed as smart as her sister!

Xuan You tilted her head and got a wild thought. “Then will a demon beast grow when I plant it?”

Lin Xuan stroked her little head. This little darling really had a wild imagination.

“That idiom just now mainly refers to a cause-and-effect relationship. It means that whatever we do, we get.”

“And for real planting, you have to use plant seeds. Demon beasts are another life form, different from plants.”

“Oh!” Xuan You nodded. Now that her father had said so, she understood very clearly.

Xuan Han rolled her big black eyes and said, “Xuan You, I have a way to plant a demon beast for you.”

Xuan You looked curious. “How?”

“Give me the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python!” Xuan Han took out the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python from Xuan You’s arms, then grabbed it and placed it in a small hole that had been dug and filled with soil.


The Nine-Headed Heavenly Python immediately rushed out of the soil.

Xuan Han pointed at it and said, “Look, if you plant a Nine-Headed Heavenly Python, you get a Nine-Headed Heavenly Python!”

Xuan You, Xuan Zhu, and Xuan Xi were stunned. “You can do that??”

Lin Xuan laughed loudly at the side.

He did not expect the usually shy Xuan Han to have such a wild imagination.

Throwing the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python into the pit and then letting it jump out was too naughty!

However, it had to be admitted that it was precisely because the little girl was smart that she could learn so quickly and use the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python to do such a thing.

As Lin Xuan laughed, he felt very proud.

With such a cute and smart daughter, what more could he ask for!

After the little girls played for a while, Lin Xuan brought them to pack up the shovel and wooden bucket and prepared to leave the Mulberry Land.


At this moment, the system’s mechanical voice suddenly sounded.

“You have completed a planting with your daughters. Reward: World Tree Seed!”

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