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Chapter 356 - An Unexpected Surprise!    

Chapter 356: An Unexpected Surprise!

Seeing the powerful Cang Hao shattered by Lin Xuan’s sword, the entire Heavenly Demon Mountain Range was immersed in boundless shock.

The awe on the faces of Patriarch Blood Parting and the others was no less than if they had seen an immortal descend.


In their eyes, the current Lin Xuan was a true immortal!

He was domineering, looked down on the world, and was invincible!

Even a genius like Cang Hao was unable to touch Lin Xuan at all under the enhancement of the Reverse Dragon Wheel and the Nine Heavens Burial Sword. Instead, he was instantly killed by Lin Xuan.

In the eyes of Patriarch Blood Parting and the others, not only was Lin Xuan’s defense above this world, but the potential contained in his body was also comparable to a god.

He… was already above everyone!

“The Consort is mighty. I’m really impressed!”

Patriarch Blood Parting and the others looked like they were full of awe.

What was wrong with being Lin Xuan’s lackeys?

Even in that case, he was still out of their league!

As for the tens of thousands of Demon Generals, they swallowed hard and looked at Lin Xuan’s figure while feeling glad.

“Fortunately, we didn’t show any disrespect to the North Mystic Heaven’s Consort. Otherwise, we would have died as insignificant as ants!”

Thinking of this, the Demon Generals knelt on one knee and bowed with their right hands on their chests.

“Mighty Consort!”

The awe was palpable.

Lin Xuan calmly glanced at the place where Cang Hao died. Suddenly, the corners of his mouth curled up and his gaze was playful.

“So it’s a clone formed by the Demonic Transformation Technique. Do you think I won’t be able to find you if you hide your main body?”

When he killed Cang Hao just now, Lin Xuan realized that Cang Hao was very different from the other demons.

His entire body was shredded by the sword energy, but not a trace of blood sprayed out.

His entire body seemed very dry, like a riverbed that had lost the nourishment of water.

With the Absolute Mystic Heavenly Book, Lin Xuan quickly found the reason.

That was because Cang Hao’s essence was an ancient demonic beast. He cultivated the forbidden cultivation technique of the Demon Race, the “Demonic Transformation Technique”, and formed a clone.

This clone had inherited the talent of his main body. On the surface, he looked no different from an ordinary demon and could cultivate all cultivation techniques to increase his cultivation.

Under normal circumstances, the avatar could move freely and had independent will.

However, to have a powerful battle with Lin Xuan like just now, he had to have his main body supporting him.

In other words, Cang Hao’s main body was nearby!

Lin Xuan had a terrifying Rakshasa Spiritual Sense. When he released it with all his might, it could completely cover the entire Heavenly Demon Mountain Range.

No matter how fast Cang Hao’s main body was, he couldn’t escape from Lin Xuan’s Five Finger Mountain!

Phew ~

A golden light covered the entire mountain range, and everyone felt scared.

Lin Xuan saw every blade of grass and tree in the entire mountain range, even 10,000 feet underground, while frantically searching for traces of Xiao Yeran and Cang Hao.

Soon, a circular hidden light ball attracted Lin Xuan’s attention.

“I found him!”

Lin Xuan’s figure flashed and he sped towards the back of the main peak.

Inside the cave, the huge antennae wrapped around Xiao Yeran’s body suddenly squirmed.


The huge octopus opened its mouth and sighed.

Xiao Yeran’s eyes widened in shock. “You’re Cang Hao!”

She knew that voice all too well!

She just didn’t expect that the octopus wrapped around her was the real Cang Hao.

Then, Xiao Yeran’s eyes lit up.

When that clone Cang Hao was around, the octopus wouldn’t move.

Now, it suddenly moved. Did that mean something was wrong with the clone?

Perhaps the clone had already been killed!

Xiao Yeran heard the defeaning sound outside clearly.

Now that there was no movement outside, it meant that the battle had ended. Then, it was very likely that Lin Xuan had won. Cang Hao’s clone had been killed and he had helplessly awakened his main body!

The octopus’s voice was low and cold. “Since you know it’s me, you must have guessed what happened.”

“Damn it, why is the North Mystic Heaven’s Consort so strong?”

Xiao Yeran laughed happily. “I’ve already said that he is beyond your imagination!”

“He’s like the clouds in the sky. You think you’re above him, but you don’t know that he’s at the top of the sky and no one can surpass him!”

‘Top of the sky?’

When Cang Hao heard this, he had mixed feelings.

There was bitterness and jealousy.

Although he was a demonic beast, he was extremely talented. He had a high chance of becoming human in form and ascending to become a demonic immortal.

However, today’s battle allowed him to see the gap between him and Lin Xuan.

This difference made him feel very desperate.

“Looks like I’ll have to borrow your body!”

Cang Hao sounded bloodthirsty.

As long as he absorbed Xiao Yeran’s Heavenly Demon Saint Blood and devoured her foundation and flesh, he would have a chance to inherit the Heavenly Demon Saint Body and become an unprecedented supreme demonic beast.

Then, he patiently stayed in this cave and used the protection of the maze array formation to avoid Lin Xuan’s search.

After Lin Xuan left, he quietly walked out of the cave.

He would find a place to hide and develop until his strength reached its peak.

Xiao Yeran knew that Cang Hao was going to eat her, so she smiled calmly.

“Come. I can die without regrets after hearing the news that he defeated you!”

“I haven’t lost yet!” Cang Hao sounded excited. “After I eat you, I still have a chance of turning the tables!”

Eight huge antennae lifted high.

At the very front of the antennae, a sharp mouth opened and aimed at Xiao Yeran fiercely.

Xiao Yeran smiled and closed her eyes.

Since she was able to serve the Consort in this life, she would die without regrets!


A mystic light flashed, attracting the attention of Cang Hao and Xiao Yeran.

Lin Xuan was already standing in front of them.

His incomparably handsome face lit up the entire cave like the sun.

Lin Xuan glanced at Xiao Yeran and then at Cang Hao.

“So it’s a sunflower octopus. No wonder it can split into such powerful clones.”

According to the records of the Absolute Mystic Sutra, the sunflower octopus demon beast was an extremely unique species of demon beasts.

Ever since they were born, they could absorb endless energy waves from the sun and transform them into their own strength.

And the reason they could split into clones that were even more powerful than geniuses was because they had a resonance origin core in their bodies.

This essence core gathered the essence energy of these demonic beasts. It could divide itself infinitely.

All split clones could resonate strongly with the main body.

For example, Cang Hao’s strike just now could release a powerful force without fusing with his main body.

To Lin Xuan, this sunflower octopus was a pleasant surprise.

This was because the resonance origin core in its body could be used by Lin Xuan to refine his precious daughters’ quasi-immortal swords.

In the future, when they used their sword moves, they would split into four and become one.

They resonated with each other and exploded with several times the lethality.

“What … do you want?”

Sensing the trace of greed in Lin Xuan’s gaze, Cang Hao couldn’t help but feel his heart turn cold.

Lin Xuan smiled playfully. “Guess.”

He took out four quasi-immortal swords and shot them out with lightning speed.

As the sword light flashed, it cut off all eight of Cang Hao’s tentacles.

Then, the sword light suddenly turned.

The sword cut Cang Hao into pieces, leaving only the resonance origin core in his body.

With a wave of his right hand, Lin Xuan held the resonance origin core in his hand and injected some spiritual power.


A loud bang shook the cave, like a hundred dragons roaring at the same time. The air suddenly shook, and the aura was very majestic.


Lin Xuan revealed a satisfied expression.

After fusing the resonance origin core and the four quasi-immortal swords, once the precious daughters attacked at the same time, they would definitely erupt with monstrous power.

After putting away the resonance origin core and the quasi-immortal sword, Lin Xuan glanced at Xiao Yeran indifferently and found that she wasn’t injured.

Thinking about how his daughters were still in bed, he brought Xiao Yeran out of the cave.

After handing her over to Patriarch Blood Parting and the others, he hurriedly returned to North Mystic Heaven.

In the Extreme Abyss Demon Valley, a purple light flew from the sky and landed in the valley.

Situ Moxie stretched out his hand and pointed, causing the purple light to linger on his fingertip.

“It’s the sword spirit of the Nine Heavens Burial Sword!”

“Cang Hao has been killed!”

Situ Moxie trembled, and his killing intent burned.

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