New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 34 - Do You Want to See Daddy Perform a Trick?

Chapter 34: Do You Want to See Daddy Perform a Trick?

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“Ambush at the borders of the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom?” Lin Xuan narrowed his eyes. “Who are you going to deal with?”

The crimson whale said with fear, “North Mystic Heaven’s empress!”

“We received the Black Eagle Battle God’s orders to gather at the borders of the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom from all directions.”

“The goal is to successfully ambush North Mystic Heaven’s empress under the lead of the Black Eagle Battle God!”

“I see.” Lin Xuan’s gaze was slightly cold.

The situation was very clear now.

These demons who were hiding in various places mobilized at the Black Eagle Battle God’s orders.

They were only passing by the Nine-tailed Kingdom and coincidentally encountered the Nine-tailed Kingdom’s resistance, and killed people on the way.

“Do you know who instructed the Black Eagle Battle God?” Lin Xuan asked.

The crimson whale hurriedly replied, “I really don’t know!”

Lin Xuan nodded his head silently. The crimson whale no longer had value to him.

Sensing Lin Xuan’s cold gaze, the crimson whale hurriedly begged for mercy.

“Please spare my life! I’m willing to work for you!”

“Not interested,” Lin Xuan replied coldly.

He turned around and walked towards Xuan Zhu and the others with a gentle expression. “Babies, would you like to see Daddy perform a trick?”


Xuan Zhu and the others replied in unison with anticipation in their eyes.

Daddy’s trick must be very interesting!

“Alright, close your eyes first,” Lin Xuan said with a smile.


The four girls immediately closed their eyes.

At this moment, Lin Xuan sent a voice transmission to the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python. “Swallow the crimson whale.”

The Nine-Headed Heavenly Python was extremely excited when it heard this. If it could devour a Tier 3 crimson whale, its strength would definitely improve!

There was no hesitation.

The Nine-headed Heavenly Python opened its nine mouths with all its might, and its sharp teeth pierced into the crimson whale’s flesh.

Terrifying venom and scorching flames instantly filled the crimson whale’s body.

The scarlet whale that was originally a thousand feet long quickly melted away without a sound and was swallowed by the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python.


A golden light shot out.

A third red halo suddenly appeared in the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python’s nine eyes.

Its dark scales were also covered in a faint golden color.

Its appearance alone was filled with a terrifying and violent aura.

Gongsun Ming and the others swallowed hard in fear. The Nine-Headed Heavenly Python that had swallowed the crimson whale was clearly stronger than the crimson whale.

If such a great demon beast wanted to overturn the Nine-tailed Empire, then it would simply be as easy as blowing off dust!

At the thought of this, everyone looked at Lin Xuan again.

Compared to the Nine-headed Heavenly Python, the North Mystic Heaven’s Consort was even more awe-inspiring.

His means and ability were truly terrifying!

Lin Xuan ignored everyone’s respectful gazes. After making the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python smaller, he looked at his four daughters dotingly. “Alright, you can open your eyes now!”

The four little girls lowered their hands at the same time.

“What difference have you guys discovered?” Lin Xuan asked with a smile.

Xuan Zhu and the others looked around. The most obvious thing was that the Crimson Whale Demon Beast had disappeared.

“I know! Father turned that huge demon beast into nothing!”

“That’s right. It’s so big. How did Daddy do it?”

“How awesome!”

“Father, I want to learn magic too!”

The little girls threw themselves into Lin Xuan’s arms.

They felt that it was too magical that such a huge demon beast disappeared all of a sudden!

“Alright, when we go back, Daddy will teach you guys magic tricks!” Lin Xuan had a doting look on his face.

There were many interesting little magic tricks in the perfect father program that were very suitable for paternity activities.

“Then if we learn it, can we also turn such a big demon beast into nothing like Father did?”

The little girls widened their eyes in anticipation.

“Of course!” Lin Xuan smiled and rubbed their heads.

Gongsun Ming and the others were filled with awe.

The North Mystic Heaven’s empress was publicly acknowledged as a cold goddess in the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

In the past, countless proud elites had confessed their love to her, but they had all been mercilessly rejected by her.

There were even some people who were not even qualified to be glanced at by Empress Mystic Ice.

Before Lin Xuan coaxed the children, Gongsun Ming and the others were wondering if Lin Xuan had any special methods to win the Great Empress’s heart.

Now, they understood. In terms of raising children, if Lin Xuan claimed to be second, no man would dare to claim to be first.

His trick not only prevented the children from seeing the bloody scene of a snake swallowing a whale, but also made the children extremely happy.

How brilliant!

Seeing that the chaos in the Nine-tailed Kingdom had been settled, Lin Xuan then brought his daughters back to the jade carriage.

Anyway, it was still early. He planned to deal with the demons’ ambush first and bring the children home.

In this world, Lin Xuan had two things that no one could touch.

Four daughters and their mother.

If anyone dared to touch them, sorry, he would kill them all!

300,000 kilometers outside the borders of the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom.

There was a huge valley beside North Mystic Heaven.

Both sides of the valley were filled with beautiful mountains and forests. The terrain was complicated and strange.

If one hid above the valley, not only could one avoid being discovered by the people below, but one could also see everything in a fifty-kilometer radius.

There was the Black Eagle Battle God brothers Gou Zhan, Gou Xuan, and Gou Wu.

At this moment, they were lying in ambush on the mountain valley with ten thousand demon soldiers.

The original bodies of the three Gou brothers were all rank three double-headed black falcon great demon beasts. They were brave and skilled in battle, and they were quite famous as “war gods” among the demon race.

The demon warriors under their command were all demon beasts above the ninth rank.

Among them, there were more than 300 great demons above the first stage.

It could be said that if this force ambushed someone, it would definitely be fatal.

In the dark valley bushes,

the three Gou brothers wore purplish-black armor and a black feather cloak as they looked down at the ground fifty kilometers away.

Gou Zhan then looked up at the sky. “According to the time, it will take at most two hours for Empress Mystic Ice’s army to depart from the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom and return to the North Mystic Heaven.”

“Is everyone on our side here?”

Gou Wu thought about it and said, “I think only the crimson whale hasn’t arrived.”

Gou Xuan glanced at him and said coldly, “This crimson whale doesn’t seem to be completely loyal to you.”

“Everyone else is here, but it’s late. Is it trying to embarrass you?”

Gou Wu revealed an angry expression. “Hmph, it’s just a stupid whale. Without him, we’ll still let Empress Mystic Ice suffer!”

Gou Zhan nodded slightly.

He had long sent out scouts to investigate the situation in the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom


Although the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom’s king, Zheng Song, had suddenly been killed and Bloodthirsty Demon Lord had disappeared overnight,

in the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom, there were still many powerful demon factions.

Empress Mystic Ice had also suffered considerable losses in her assault on the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom.

Now, Empress Mystic Ice was going to bring the remaining troops back. The three armies would definitely be exhausted.

Moreover, with the strength they possessed while lying in ambush here, they would absolutely be able to catch Empress Mystic Ice off guard.

A smug smile appeared on Gou Zhan’s face.

“Third Brother is right. The absence of the crimson whale won’t affect us at all.”

“As long as we seriously injure Empress Mystic Ice this time, our reputation in the demon race will definitely improve!”

“When the time comes, the day when our Black Eagle Tribe will soar among the demons will be just around the corner!”

Gou Xuan and Gou Wu smiled proudly.

To avoid being exposed, they quickly lowered their voices.

Since they were ambushing, they had to be patient. They could not let Empress Mystic Ice discover anything.

What they did not know was that 5,000 kilometers above the valley, in the clouds,

the jade carriage that Lin Xuan was on was floating in the mist.

He fully unleashed his spiritual sense and took in what happened in the entire valley.

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