New Father: Empress Appearing On My Doorstep With Our Daughters

Chapter 33 - Like a God Descending From Heaven!

Chapter 33: Like a God Descending From Heaven!

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“Babies, Daddy will tell you guys a funny story.”

Lin Xuan looked at his four daughters dotingly.

The wave of demon beasts tonight made him feel very strange.

He had a feeling that this matter might not be simple.

Therefore, he wanted to stay here for a while longer and ask about the situation after the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python calmed the commotion below.

Most importantly, he didn’t want the children to witness all sorts of killings.


The four little girls clapped their hands happily and focused their attention on Lin Xuan’s story.

At this moment, in the Nine-tailed Kingdom, the king, Gongsun Ming, and fifty thousand top-notch elite warriors were embroiled in a fierce battle with the demon beasts.

“Damn it, where did these demon beasts come from? Why did they suddenly attack my country?”

Gongsun Ming held his sword and had a resentful look on his face.

His country was located outside the border between the North Mystic Heaven and Crimson Nimbus Heaven.

It could be said that it was a deserted country.

But in the thousands of years since the establishment of the country, the Nine-tailed Kingdom had never been disturbed by the outside world.

Unexpectedly, a large group of Tier 9 demon beasts suddenly appeared tonight.

They seemed to have gone crazy as they rampaged through the city on the green mountain, and they killed everyone they saw. They were simply brutal to the extreme!

Grand State Master Xu Wenzhou said, “Your Majesty, these are all things for later. Let’s kill these demon beasts first!”

“Sigh!” Gongsun Ming sighed. “Can’t you see? We can’t hold them off for long!”

A Tier 9 demonic beast was equivalent to a human Spiritual Wheel Stage cultivator.

There were thousands of demon beasts in front of him.

Even if the entire Nine-tailed Kingdom sacrificed everything, they could only produce 50,000 elites below the Mystic Realm.

A Spiritual Wheel Stage Cultivator was more than enough to deal with hundreds of Mystic Stage Cultivators, let alone those below the Mystic Stage.

How could they win?

Xu Wenzhou looked helpless.

They probably wouldn’t escape calamity tonight!


Just as they were feeling helpless, a huge black figure descended from the sky.

Gongsun Ming and the others looked up and saw a nine-headed snake demon, thousands of feet tall, appear in the center of the city.

“Hiss! Nine-Headed Heavenly Python!”

“My god! Even a great demon beast like this has appeared! Our country is about to be destroyed!”

After clearly seeing the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python’s true appearance, wails sounded out in the three armies of the Nine-tailed Country.

A thousand ninth rank demon beasts had already made the entire Nine-tailed Kingdom fall into an extremely dangerous state.

Now, a Nine-Headed Heavenly Python had appeared out of nowhere. F*ck… their country was about to be destroyed!

Just as everyone was in despair and helpless, they were shocked to see the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python attacking the surrounding demon beasts.

Its nine heads opened their ferocious mouths and frantically swallowed all the demon beasts in the surroundings.

At the same time, it spat out terrifying flames from its mouth that burned those demon beasts to ashes.

Soon, the situation was completely reversed.

After the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python swallowed hundreds of demon beasts, its body became even larger, and its killing power also increased exponentially.

The demon beasts that were prepared to escape were quickly caught up by it.

They were either swallowed or crushed into meat paste with its nine huge snake tails.

“We won just like that?” Gongsun Ming felt baffled.

Xu Wenzhou, on the other hand, had a pious and reverent expression on his face. “A divine beast has really descended from the heavens to save our kingdom!”

The Nine-headed Heavenly Python’s towering body was like a giant divine beast descending from the sky under the moonlight.

At this moment, everyone in the Nine-tailed Kingdom wanted to kneel on the ground and kowtow to it three times.

In the sky,

a luxurious jade carriage slowly landed under the pull of four green-winged birds.

The jade carriage was lustrous and lavish, and even lit up the dark sky.

“Who is this?”

Gongsun Ming, Xu Wenzhou, and the others watched the jade carriage nervously.

The battle just now was too shocking, so they were unable to think about where this jade carriage came from.

After the jade carriage landed, Lin Xuan slowly walked out with Xuan Zhu and the others.

It was only at this moment that Xu Wenzhou, who had been in a daze, suddenly came to a realization.

“It’s the North Mystic Heaven’s Consort!”

Gongsun Ming was shocked. “Grand State Master, how do you know the North Mystic Heaven’s Consort?”

Xu Wenzhou analyzed, “This jade carriage is specially used by the North Mystic Heaven’s royal family. It is rumored that Empress Mystic Ice has four daughters.”

“In addition, this young master before us is handsome and has an extraordinary aura. Who else could it be other than the North Mystic Heaven’s Consort?”

“I see!” Gongsun Ming was overjoyed.

Looks like this terrifying Nine-Headed Heavenly Python was sent by the North Mystic Heaven’s Consort to save the Nine-tailed Kingdom.

Gongsun Ming brought Xu Wenzhou and quickly greeted Lin Xuan.

“The king of the Nine-tailed Kingdom, Gongsun Ming, Grand State Master Xu Wenzhou, greets the North Mystic Heaven’s Consort!”

At this moment, the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python that was suppressing a country just now turned into a small snake the size of a palm and obediently returned to Lin Xuan’s side.

Gongsun Ming and the others were even more in awe. The North Mystic Heaven’s Consort was really a god!

Lin Xuan nodded as a greeting and then asked, “Why did these demon beasts suddenly attack the Nine-tailed Kingdom?”

Gongsun Ming and Xu Wenzhou looked at each other in dismay. “We don’t know about that.”


Just as he finished speaking, a terrifying murderous aura suddenly burst out from the sky behind Lin Xuan.

A black shadow that blotted out the sky and earth rushed over fiercely under the moonlight.

Everyone focused their eyes and saw that it was a Crimson Whale Demon Beast with huge wings.

What was even more terrifying was that three red halos flashed in the crimson whale’s golden eyes.

A third-stage great demon beast!

Gongsun Ming and the others could not help but gasp.

Sensing the crimson whale’s killing intent, the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python hurriedly returned to its main body and charged forward.


The enormous sound of the collision caused the entire Nine-tailed Kingdom to tremble.

Not only was the Crimson Whale’s rank higher than the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python’s, but its body was also twice as large.

In such a head-on collision, the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python was no match for it.

The Nine-Headed Heavenly Python quickly fell to the ground under the impact of the crimson whale, and the area within three kilometers was in a mess.

After the crimson whale was stimulated, its temperament became even more violent and cruel.

A terrifying bloody light lingered around its body as it turned around and rushed towards Lin Xuan.

It clearly knew who the backbone of the crowd was.

“The intelligence of a level-three greater demon is already equivalent to that of a mortal. It seems like I can only start with it if I want to understand some things.”

When Lin Xuan thought of this, he casually grabbed a longsword from afar.

He soared into the sky. It was as if he was stepping on a heavenly staircase.

In front of him was a crimson whale filled with killing intent.


There was a soft sound.

Lin Xuan stabbed his sword into its chest with a clumsy sword move.

The entire process was carefree and casual, and it was unlike a battle.

Gongsun Ming and the others could not help but exclaim.

The Consort was really like a god descending to the mortal world!

Then, they heard the crimson whale let out a miserable scream. A huge black shadow fell from the sky while shaking the entire valley.

Lin Xuan also landed on the ground and ordered the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python to wrap around the crimson whale.

Currently, with the Nine-Headed Heavenly Python coiling around the crimson whale, forget moving, even breathing was difficult.

Lin Xuan put away his sword and sent a mental message to the crimson whale. “Why did you guys suddenly attack the Nine-tailed Kingdom?”

The crimson whale’s voice trembled as ut said, “We’re not attacking the Nine-tailed Kingdom, but we’re passing through here to set up an ambush outside the borders of the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom!”

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