Mystical Journey

Chapter 230: Reason 2

Chapter 230: Reason 2

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The current identity that Garen had reincarnated into was Acacia, the son of a Luminarist whose life was wanted by both the Seraph Light and Phantom Light. His father Vanderman was a Luminarist with average strength. He had occupied a place but he was fated to die from either sect as he did not listen to the Obscuro Society’s command, and because of the crimes he committed in the past. His household’s land was also fated to be seized and his family members killed, so that the rebel bases could be built here.

"It’s still too early to think of these. I need to see if my predictions are true." Garen stood up, walked towards the window and looked outside into the distance.

"If they are, judging from the current timeline, the news of the uprising’s failure in the valley should come soon. After that, there would gradually be difficulties to collect tenant rent."

Garen let the cold air breeze on his face and golden hair. It cleared his mind a little as the cold air cooled down his overworked brain.

"We’ll see. If what I saw from the message is true, I will have to start planning early."

This body’s father, Vanderman was a self-willed man. The only person he was kind to was his son, and he viewed him as the successor of the family. It was unfortunate that he had abducted a few young boys and girls as materials for his experiment to research the special abilities of the Phantom Light. Among abducted children, there was a girl named Leanna -- Beckstone’s childhood first love.

Leanna was dead. This meant that there shall be a hateful grudge, an unforgivable resentment.

On the other hand, Vanderman complied with the Obscuro Society’s orders in appearance, but opposed it in his heart in order to sustain his status and identity. However, he did not listen to most of the orders and dissatisfaction eventually accumulated. He was eventually killed by an elite from the Obscuro Society as he invented rather interesting special abilities.

"It’s not that surprising if all of this is true… If this goes on, I wonder how many Luminarists like Vanderman would lose their lives..." Garen gazed into the distance outside the window.

A faint yellow line formed by the yellow dots were moving slowly, faintly, in the dark forest far away.

There were torches held by the patrol group from another household nearby this area.


Suddenly, the group of yellow dots ground to a halt as a clear gunshot travelled through the surrounding. A faint sound of a small deer was mixed among the gunshot.

Garen could heard laughters from the group that was far away. They seemed to be quite happy.

"It’s another wild deer! We’re very lucky! Haha…" The sound travelled faintly from afar.

The group soon disappeared from his vision.

The mountain opposite of his window had no more movement after that.

Garen shifted his sight to his surroundings.

He was currently standing on the second floor of a double story house which was made out of wood. This wooden house was just a small portion of a big manor.

There were at least ten buildings of different sizes and arrangements in the manor, all of them painted in white.

Acacia, his father and a female housekeeper lived together in this building. There were at least ten female servants, grooms, gardeners and chefs who lived in this manor as well. The whole manor was as big as two soccer fields and one would be lost easily as the routes were wrapped around from one end to the other.

The building he was currently in was placed at the rightmost corner of the manor.

Acacia was the kind of person that was very frightened of his father. Although Vanderman had never beaten him before, his deep and dense aura made Acacia not want to stay near him for any long period of time. He would immediately flee after his usual greeting routine.

He even chose the place that would be the furthest away from the center of the manors, all to stray further away from his father.

His cousin Sofea Hathaway and Little Giles, who often came to play were present today. Little Giles was the son of Vanderman’s favourite student. Hence, Sofea and little Giles would often visit his father Vanderman.

Garen listened to his surroundings carefully and could faintly hear Little Giles speaking loudly from afar. It was obvious that this kid was playing with the dogs again as he could also heard the dogs barking.

He could also hear the servant's’ footsteps passing by during their night patrol.

This manor was located deep in the mountain, and it felt like it had been isolated from rest of the world. They had their own vegetable garden, farm, livestock sheds and even a small self sustaining town at the foot of the mountain.

His father Vanderman kept lurking in his manor all day long and no one knew what he was up to. He didn’t go out to socialise and he would occasionally attend classes in the royal academy as he was a professor there. Other than that, he had done nothing else for the past five years.

On the other hand, Acacia often attended the balls and parties nearby. His cousin would occasionally visit him as well.

There was only one way to communicate between the manor and the outside world: Every once in a while the female housekeeper would go out to collect rental, tax and sell some local specialties. She would came back with daily necessities and some condiments after that.

He tidied his messy hair and peeled off the blood clot at the back of his head painfully.

He sat back onto the study desk as he had a better understanding of his surrounding environment.

"I should focus on the so called Luminarists of this world. I wonder how strong the Luminarists are, with their totems as their weapons…"

He gently held his fist, and he could feel that his body was slowly recovering. Although it was very slow, it was much better than when he had just woken up.

"Currently, the strongest Luminarists are the president of the Obscuro Society, Ghost Gate and the leader of the Terraflor Society, Sisley. The images have information of their battle…" Garen felt strange that most of these images looked like Beckstone’s perspective during his adventure. All the major events were recorded clearly from the beginning until the defeat of Ghost Gate of the Obscuro Society.

The remaining information related to the Luminarists was completely recorded down.

He didn’t know what kind of other capabilities his abilities possessed but the current main concern was not this.

He started to skim for every event that was recorded down in the message. The images kept flashing by in his mind. Time flew…

"Found it!!" He suddenly stopped at a portion of the message. Two commoner figures appeared in front of his mind.

"There were at least ten records of the battle between Luminarists in the forest near the Trejons Household land in the Lush Forest district. The most recent battle… was between a person called the Emin of the Seraph Light and Clyde of the Phantom Light." Garen examined this portion of the record in detail only to find out that they were Luminarist with below average strength and hence had very weak abilities. Thus, the scenario was very cloudy and nothing could be seen clearly. When he opened the message, there were stripes of colorful lines similar to that of a television without a strong signal. The recorded images from the abilities were all mixed together and nothing could be made out of them.

"Let me look at the time… To be precise… It was after the event of rental difficulties and… before the uprising by the valley, which is in two days time."

Garen picked out the most recent battle in the record.

The image messages recorded by his abilities were so detailed that Garen took a long time to sort out the most recent details in his timeline.

"The lowest tier of a Luminarists. Let’s compare their strength with secret techniques and see how strong they really are."

Garen took a deep breath, got up and laid onto the big soft bed. He covered himself with the white blanket as he felt a sense of drowsiness settling upon him.

From the war in the previous world, to the transmigration, up to the sorting of his memories… his nerves had been under stress for all of them. Since he had a clear grasp of the situation he was in and there was no danger nearby, he could finally relax.

"Acacia is dead. From now on, I am the new Acacia…" Garen laid on the bed and thought, as he felt his brand new and unfamiliar body.

After a while, he drifted into his dreams…

He was back to Smoke Island, right before he punched the nuclear bomb.

In that instant, the nuclear bomb beamed out a ray of bright light and the mega volcano erupted below him. His body was disintegrated instantly.

The powerful eruption shot his very last piece of consciousness up into the sky.

In Garen’s dream, the eruption of the mega volcano looked like a giant black smoke pot as he turned his head around and flew away from the planet.

"So this was the legendary Black Smoke Pot…" Garen finally understood. "Then what’s the deal with the legend stating that it could be used to communicate with the dead? Also, how does the ancient endo’s culture discovered the mystery of the volcano and they even build so many stone statues on top of it. Furthermore, I didn’t even see any trace of corpses until the very end."

"The Black Smoke Pot that is able to go beyond the limits… I guess no one had succeeded since history began…?" Garen thought.

Was it a rumor that became a legend or a legend that became a rumor. No one will never know.

However, one thing was certain. It was not a coincident that he was able to arrive to this planet. He would most likely not able to reach this planet if not for the volcano’s assistance.

The strangest part was that he had leaped countless light-years.

"The last time Smoke Island erupted was most likely a very long time ago. Is it possible that the totem’s power and the so called Luminarists on this planet are the relics that was left behind by the mages from the previous world? Or maybe there are some form of connections in between?"

Garen suddenly thought of this possibility in his dream.

The legends of the mages from the previous world were not uncommon. In that strong and advanced era, there was always a possibility that strange phenomena would occur.

Chirp… Chirp...

Garen opened his eyes as the golden rays showered his blanket. Sunlightpassed through the window’s and reflected off the dust floating in the room.

There were two pigeons chirping loudly just outside the window.

"Where am I?" Garen looked up at the unfamiliar ceiling as he was not able to react in time.

He sat up and felt a warm sensation as he let the sunlight shining freely on the back of his hand.

Soon, everything in his brain clicked.

"I am now Acacia… I am no longer Garen Lombard or Luo Jing." His had a strange look on his face as he was inside an unfamiliar, weak body. He was not used to anything at all.

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