Mystical Journey

Chapter 229: Reason 1

Chapter 229: Reason 1

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Looking through Acacia’s life, he realised that he was a gambling addict, a pervert and slow-witted. He didn’t even realize that he was completely exploited by a girl called Aquarius. All his family wealth that was rather important was ‘sold’ to Aquarius in order to get into her good graces.

Garen took a deep breath as he looked at the countless unfortunate encounters of this body. Although looking at Garen from the previous life and his own life on earth, Luo Jing had an above average intelligence; this body was definitely in the lead in terms of idiocy.

"Alright… Let’s look at the current stats."

He concentrated his mind and started to examine his body’s status in detail.

The familiar faint red ability words appeared just below his vision.

‘Strength 0.8, Agility 0.8, Vitality 0.7, Intelligence 0.4, Potential 1872%, Possesses unknown natural endowment.

Secret Technique -- Divine Statue Technique, Ten Thousand Mammoth Battle Skills.

Full recovery in 377 days (1 year).’

Garen furrowed his eyebrows slightly.

"Recovery requires a year? Also, why is this body’s attribution so useless? What does it mean by possessing an unknown natural endowment?"

The Ability remained mute, which was rather obvious considering the memory did not have enough information.

He continued to look at the last symbol.

Naturally, the meaning of this symbol swiftly appeared in his mind.

‘The primary potential has yet to be lost due to an unknown source of protection during the transmigration. Hence, all statuses will slowly recover through the adaptation of the soul.’

"Unknown source? Is that the Eternal Starry Night Pendant?" Garen thought. "The primary potential has yet to be lost. Does that mean I have to learn the secret techniques from scratch if it weren’t for the pendant?"

He recalled that he had depended on himself during his first transmigration. Perhaps there was some electrical energy involved, but that electrical energy was very minor.

Suddenly, he noticed another weird symbol appearing at the end of the his ability pane.

It wasn’t faint red in color but dark red, which had appeared for the very first time.

He focused his attention onto the symbol.

‘Discovered an unknown message. Do you wish to receive it?’

‘Discovered an unknown image message. Do you wish to receive it?’

‘Initiating automatic protection of the memories during transmigration. Begin recording of the unknown image…’

‘An unknown fluctuation in space time has occurred… Energy source has been shattered. The fluctuation has stopped. Playback recorded messages?’

Four messages came into Garen’s memory in an instant.

It was obvious that all of his memories would be disintegrated during his travel in space time without the protection of this ability.

He had a small epiphany, an enlightenment started to swell up from his heart.

The red debris from the bottle had kickstarted his abilities, and he could achieve a strength that was unimaginable in this world as his secret martial techniques had been merged with his energy spirit.

This was also the reason why he could recalled this transmigration instantly. The last time he transmigrated, he could only recall a portion of it.

"What is this recording thing…" Garen suddenly recalled the lights on the planet as he was travelling through the space time.

He opened the window and quickly cleaned up the room. The room reeked with the odour of the medicinal oil, and its stain was virtually un-cleanable.

He had no choice but to open the window to allow some fresh, cold air to enter.

Since there was still a long time before he fully recovered, he took out a chair, sat down and quietly recalled the light he saw during his transmigration.

It was a ray of almighty light of an unknown color. Even as Garen started to recall it, he was still unable to make out the color of the light.

It was like a three dimensional object appearing in a two dimensional space. He was able to instantly understand the two dimensional image, which was voluminous but had no obvious content. It was a feeling so strange that he couldn’t get used to it.

He believed that he could find a way to return to the previous world, or even the one before it, if he could fully understand the nature of this ability.

All in all, he had many concerns that had yet to be solved in two of the previous worlds that he was in.

He laid against the chair and started to sort out his thoughts.

"How was I able to see that light? Why didn’t I see it during my first transmigration, then? Was it an effect of the advancement of my abilities? How was I able to find a habitable planet in such a short amount of time, especially when there were so many planets out there? It felt like I was guided here by something."

He recalled the scene during his transmigration.

It was as if there was a force guiding him to this planet as he flew here at an incredible velocity.

During his first transmigration, he floated in the universe for a very long time, as he passed by countless, inhabitable planet before reaching Garen’s planet.

No matter how he looked at it, it was much faster than before.

He finally set his vision onto the symbol at the end of his abilities pane.

"Looks like I should be able to find some clues on the recorded unknown image message."

‘Do you want to play back the recorded message?’

The symbol asked again.


Garen answered with absolute certainty.

Silently, a huge amount of information gushed into his brain.


He lowered his head and gripped it with his hands, as all he could feel was his brain in complete chaos. This came with an incredible headache, where he felt like his brain was about to split into two with an axe, stuffed in between with a large chunk of something, before being sewn back up again.

The light that appeared from the planet instantly appeared in his memories.

The sceneries kept passing by in his brain one after another.

The wars, conflicts and misfortunes.

The succession of political power, the changes of the world and the loss of power.

It was the light of the past. It was the light of history that showed the major historical events of this planet.

He accidentally received this information during his transmigration when he was still light-years away.

An endless stream of information entered Garen’s mind instantly.

The Terraflor Society, Obscuro Society, Totem, Luminarist, the fall of the royal power, the country’s recessions, the changes of the planet…

A myriad of scenarios swiftly appeared in Garen’s mind.

Soon, the images connected together and became a complete structure…

Sun Calendar Year 3570 of the 10th month, there was a major uprising in the east continent.

The Kovitan Empire was the second to fall.

The countless images portrayed just a part of the history.

There were many powerful empires in this world, with the emperors using cold weapons and outdated firepower to rule the world.

However, hidden in the fabric of reality, there was a group called the Luminarist. They hold the power of the totem.

Luminarists, who used white silver to forge their totems, were professional experts with extraordinary abilities. They were the specialised members who could create totems, and was considered a rare talent.The world revolved around the Luminarist, who hid in the fringes of society and held true power and influence. The Luminarists were separated into two sects, each having their own ideals. They were the Seraph Light and Phantom Light Sects respectively.

When the Luminarist moved, the world moved with them.

The Seraph Light, who represented purity, and the Phantom Light, who represented evil were the two separates forces in this world. These two sects had their own respective ideals. The Seraph Light’s ideal was peace whereas the Phantom Light’s ideal was of survival of the fittest. These were the main differences in their leadership. On one hand, one used their strengths for peace, while the other used their strength to further themselves. These were the differences between the sects. These also represented two different political systems: democracy and dictatorship.

The society that represented the Seraph Light was the Terraflor Society.

On the other hand, the society that represented the Phantom Light was the Obscuro Society.

Both sects were standing at the pinnacle of the totem world and had been battling against each other for a long time.

Among them, one who had triggered the change of the world was a young man named Beckstone and his partners. They were the successors of the Terraflor Society, which represented the Seraph Light, and would become the strongest society of the Seraph Light in the future.

Garen finally slightly understood a few key connections after he completely laid out the information structure.

"Simply put, this was the history of how Beckstone and his companions battled and eventually won against the Obscuro Society of the Phantom Light…"

"It’s obvious that this happened in the uprising era, where dictatorship started to fall. However, this body is currently living in the era where dictatorship is still stable, and there were not even one uprising reported thus far. If what I saw was real…"

Suddenly, he recalled the recorded message he had just seen earlier.

At the last sentence of the record: Unknown fluctuation in the space time continuum has occurred…

"Theoretically speaking, the distance between two habitable planets which were from different solar systems should have been light-years apart from one another. If this theory is true, going back into time isn’t impossible…" He speculated.

"If it was really a backward flow in time, then the scenario that I have saw should probably be the future events of the planet."

"This means that when I was lightyears away from this planet, I received an unknown light, and saw the events of this planet. However, as I travelled through lightyears of distance in an instant, I have arrived to this planet’s era where the uprising occurs?"

He managed to clear up his train of thoughts. This was the only logical explanation that that could mould all of the clues together.

"Assuming that this hypothesis is true, the Phantom Light will lose, causing the Obscuro Society to collapse and the world will adopt the capitalist social system. This means that the Seraph Light has obtained victory. Judging from the looks of it, Beckstone is the legendary brave and spirited man, who is also the main character? He’s a person who came at the right moment. Even without him, world would still change, and a second Beckstone would have arrived to take his place. Such was the world’s desire…"

"The most troublesome thing isn’t this at the moment…" Garen frowned. "Based on Acacia’s memories, his father Vanderman is an upper class aristocrat of the Kovitan Empire and he has rather strong influence and authority. Furthermore, he had another identity, which is a Luminarist of the Obscuro Society. He is still an independent Luminarist and hasn’t completely entered the Obscuro Society yet."

"This situation looks dire…" He face was rather gloomy. "If all of the future events are true… This body’s father, Vanderman who is the protector of the dictatorship, is a common Luminarist of the Phantom Light. Based on the images, Vanderman is one of the fated Phantom Light members who will be destroyed together with the Phantom Light by Beckstone…"

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