Mystical Journey

Chapter 218: Southern Territory 4

Chapter 218: Southern Territory 4

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"Or else…"

He gestured with his right arm, causing an invisible force to shoot out, slightly bending the space around it. Rocks and boulders levitated and flew about in circles screeching, forming a Telekinetic Tornado about three meters tall and four meters in diameter.

"It’s Telekinesis! Please stop!" A deep voice echoed from the central area. "We are the Major Generals from Weisman, the Clown King you were looking for is not here!"

"Why do we even bother talking to these savages! Let’s show them who’s boss!" A deep female voice came from in there somewhere.


With a glint of red light, a boomerang sliced through the air toward the three newcomers, aiming at Andrela.

The edge of the boomerang had a glaze of toxic blue. In the air, it looked like a red-colored moon, as dangerous as it is beautiful, the air around it became a gust of strong wind.

Andrela parried it with his sword easily.

The boomerang was destroyed instantly, its pieces splintered everywhere. Andrela’s movements were relaxed, as if he was just brandishing it for fun.

After his intense training to better himself, he finally reached a level where he can safely say he’s one of the top fighters in the world. Even though he still has ways to go before he could compete with the best few, he could already hold himself against these fighters.

In terms of ranking, he’s probably one of the top 30.

It was only because King of Nightmares, Garen, Palosa who were all monsters in a race to the top that he looked weak. In comparison, if he decides to join any other organizations, he would be considered their best fighter.

King of Nightmares beside him didn’t think too much. His face was dark with fury as he pointed toward where the boomerang came from. "Hmph!"


A huge Telekinetic Tornado shot out.

As the green mist had yet to fully disperse, the Tornado quickly disappeared behind it.

A deafening silence, and a sudden detonation.

Boom! Woo woo woo!

A piercing sound of the explosion accompanied by a tempestuous blast spread out from the center of the explosion.

The ground shook, even the stone statues visibly trembled.

Sounds of screaming and shrieking echoed from inside, obviously hit by the attack.

"Let’s go in!" Garen marched into the stony maze.

King of Nightmares and Andrela followed closely.



The Scarlet Spider and the other clowns stopped in front of Si Lan. Everyone looked unsettled.

"What do we do now, boss?" One of them asked in a hushed tone.

"They are specifically looking for us, and they still made such a huge fuss, they must not be some normal goons! Now that the Clown King wasn’t here, we won’t be able to stop them! Abort! Abort now!" Scarlet Spider quickly muttered.

"Bring this harpy along!" She looked at Si Lan, who was laid down, unmoving, on the ground.

Two of the clowns approached her to grab her.


Si Lan flipped, kicking the two in their lower abdomen region. They yelped and staggered backward.

"You b*tch!" They tried to grab her again.

Woo woo woo!

A sudden blast of wind hit them.

The violent gale brought bullet-like stones and debris, piercing them in their backs. Ironically, Si Lan and Yoke were spared due to being in the shade of their pursuers.

Most of them were down. At least four of them had blood oozing out of all the seven openings of their heads, they were as good as dead.

The green haze finally cleared up due to that gust of wind.

"Kill her!" Kassidan shrieked.


Before she could do anything else, a foot appeared on her abdomen and had her sent flying to a stone statue not far away.

A tall and strong silhouette slowly walked beside the Scarlet Spider and stamped his foot on her torso.

The silhouette was of a hulking man, his wore an earring on his left ear, his short purplish black hair moving with the wind. His eyes were red as he looked down at the people.

"Tell me, where is the Clown King?" His leather boots lightly treaded on Scarlet Spider’s head, only putting minimal pressure on it.

"This voice!" Si Lan suddenly felt goosebumps running down her spine, and it shocked her out of her spacey state. She stared at the man.

"You! You’re Mr. Kelly!" She yelled out of surprise.

The man took a double take and slightly turned his head toward Si Lan.

"Miss Si Lan?"

Stunned, Garen stared at Si Lan and her torn outfit. Mr. Kelly, that name reminded him of the time with Dale Quicksilver when he pretended to be an appraisal expert.

"What is it Garen?" A tall, handsome man appeared beside Garen, and frowned as he cast his gaze on Si Lan.

"It’s nothing, I know her." Garen replied calmly.

"No use trying to run!" King of Nightmares shrieked in the distance. "Get rekt Clown King! I'll let everyone have a go at you for a hundred times each! I'll make you go through it until you begged to die!"

Garen and Andrela’s mouths twitched.

"His hobby is still… weird."

"You’ll get used to it… Let’s go see what’s happening." Andrela turned and headed off toward the source of the voice.

Garen turned.

"Miss Si Lan, care to follow?"

"O… Of course!" Si Lan stood up in a hurry, but still instinctively pressed her legs together as her thighs showed slightly where it was sliced off.

Garen smiled and approached her and Yoke. Carrying them one on each side, he followed after Andrela speedily.

As Garen dashed through the field, Si Lan’s eyes were shut tight due to the wind, she asked loudly.

"Mr. Kelly, why have you come to this island?"

"I have some things to do here. I’m looking for something." Garen answered casually. "What about you? Dale Quicksilver is here too, isn’t he?"

"Y-yes. We lost touch a little while ago." Si Lan clenched her teeth. "Was the one chasing after the Clown King your teammate?"

"I don’t know him." Garen denied without hesitation. If he admitted to knowing King of Nightmares, that’d be embarrassing.

As they spoke, they have arrived at the central area where the smog had completely cleared up.

There were bodies lying haphazardly on the ground, three people were attacking a lady on a small clearing in the center.

The lady wore sharp golden claws on both her hands. Wherever she scratched at, the person in that direction would evade as soon as possible.

It was then that Si Lan noticed, among the ones attacking the girl, there were one of the Three Major Generals of Weisman, the red-eyed woman leading Demon Hunter, and a strange figure with the clown costume.

"Hmph!" Andrela huffed. "Night, you need help?"

"Nope!" The lady with sharp claws giggled, and scratched furiously, leaving lasting marks in the air. As the three stepped back, she twirled around.

"Got ‘em!"

The golden marks left in the air slowly dissipated according to a mysterious pattern, but everyone who watched this scene fell into a trance, feeling drowsy, as if their mind is filled to the brim. Suddenly alert, most of them turned away.

The three attacking King of Nightmares pulled back in aghast, but right then, the clown stumbled and fell backward.

"Run!" Smoke screen burst out of the other two as they transformed back into two clowns. They ran in two different directions.

King of Nightmares grabbed the clown who fell.


The other two clowns screamed worriedly.

At the same time, the smog cleared up, the Three Major Generals of Weisman had already landed their killing strike and congregated. They also saw the fight in the middle with King of Nightmares and the clowns.

"It is the Clown King’s people! They dare show themselves!" The Glorious Chancer scowled. "Who’s that being attacked?"

"I think it’s King of Nightmares from the White Peacock!"


As the speaker finished his sentence, silence fell after a collective gasp.

King of Nightmares, the person who claimed to not be the strongest, but was said to be the most terrifying. He could manipulate at least 90% of the people to do anything they wouldn’t have done otherwise.

It didn’t only happen once or twice, but many, many times. Some had been hypnotized to streak, some were even hypnotized to lick the ground in the toilet while propping their buttocks up…

Or hypnotized to see the septic tank as a swimming pool…

The stories are so outlandish, but it always managed to throw people into bouts of goosebumps.

Hearing it was King of Nightmares, not only the normal people, the Demon Hunters, the Werewolves all took several steps back quietly. Even the Glorious Chancer himself frowned.

Because of that, King of Nightmares had numerous enemies and myths about him.

The Archbishop of the Holy Church, Archbishop Hester, who has had very positive public image, had been pursuing King of Nightmares when he was hit with a hypnotic suggestion, causing him to stop mid-fight and jerked off in public.

An old man, eighty-seven years of age… masturbating in front of hundreds of audience…

The old man killed himself after it ended, and King of Nightmares’ fame spread around the world yet again.

"Do we need to explain to them about the Jokers pretending to be us…" General Milo asked.

"What is there to explain? Don’t disgrace the Weisman Empire!" The Glorious Chancer persisted.

"King of Nightmares, the Clown King is our enemy as well. If you’re willing, we’ll definitely help in their extermination!" Werewolf pack leader declared.

"The Demon Hunters too!" The red-eyed lady shuddered as she recalled the event with the Archbishop.

Other powers quickly followed suit, as if scared about repercussions if they are the last.

"Who attacked us on the beach?" King of Nightmares clutched the head of the clown, restraining him, and stared at the crowd.

The clearing was messed up. King of Nightmares stood in the center of the crowd and glared without any signs of fear.

No one answered. The leader of the Demon Hunter, Elysha looked antsy.

Garen approached King of Nightmares with Si Lan in his arm, followed by Andrela.

"Maybe we can get information from this joker," Garen glanced at the clown held down by King of Nightmares. "The others called him Queen, so he must be pretty high-ranking."

"Kill me if you can! You can kill me, but you’ll never kill the Queen! Hahahahaha…" The clown laughed maniacally.

"Kill you?" King of Nightmares smirked, "There’s nothing easier than killing! You won’t die so easily in my hands!"

"Tomorrow, before this time, we have one day to find and kill the Clown King." Andrela peeked at his wristwatch and stated.

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