Mystical Journey

Chapter 217: Southern Territory 3

Chapter 217: Southern Territory 3

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[Trigger Warning: This chapter may include minimal sexually abusive narration. Please exercise caution when reading or skip the chapter.]

Carefully, Dale Quicksilver and the others retreated from the immediate area to avoid being noticed.

From afar, leaders from the Three Major Generals, the Werewolves, and the Demon Hunters negotiated for a while, all becoming increasingly tense as time goes by.

The Werewolves and the Demon Hunters drew their weapons facing each other.


With the sound of a whistle, all the werewolves charged at the Demon Hunters in a fan-shaped formation.

Bullets wheezing, growls, howls, and other sounds mixed into one another, forming an orchestra of bloodshed and severed limbs as the Demon Hunters and the Werewolves fought.

The Werewolves were ferocious and brutal. In their fury, they can enlarge themselves by more than half of their original size. Coupled with their accelerated healing factor and their astonishing defense, killing them would prove to be difficult unless their heads were lopped off.

On the other hand, the Demon Hunters were aggressive as well. Their weapons were so sharp they were able to slice the limbs off of werewolves easily. Even though they lack power, they made up with their immense experience, establishing them to be well matched with the Werewolves.

One after another, the other parties retreated. Unlike the usual tactics the Demon Hunters used, this team was able to fight the Werewolves one-on-one, demonstrating their elite status among the usual teams.

The red-eyed lady brandished her metallic arm and faced off against the leader of the Werewolf pack. Her red cape darted around him like scarlet fire surrounding him.


The leader howled wildly.

"Enough, Bedega!" Among the Three Major Generals, a tall, lean man beside the Glorious Chancer yelled. "There were other elites on this island, do you want all of us to die?"

Unfortunately, it was a little too late.

With the leader’s howl, the eyes of all the werewolves flashed red, increasing their speed remarkably.

"Slay them!" The Demon Hunters yelled, procuring a syringe each and injecting a pale red liquid.

The situation soon descended into disarray.

Due to the conflict between the main forces, the Three Major Generals were not able to control the situation, considering their lack of manpower. Some other forces who were nemeses started attacking each other as well.

Dale Quicksilver and his team kept retreating when suddenly a flying machete cut through the air and flew toward them.


White Eagle swung his blade at it.


The machete split into two parts and fell into the ground near the human statue behind them. At the same time, the main fight had shifted closer, forcing the group into two sides, Si Lan and the appraisal expert were on one side, Dale Quicksilver and White Eagle on another.

In the turmoil, Dale Quicksilver kept trying to follow Si Lan with his gaze, but there were seven or eight people fighting between them. As he turned his gaze upward, a bullet hit a stone statue on top of him.

He could only hear weapons clashing, screaming, robes flipping, and the wind swooshing. Other than that, nothing.

After White Eagle parried several other machetes, he was immediately treated as the enemy and was pulled into the fight. He tried his best to defend Dale Quicksilver while worriedly glanced at Si Lan and the appraisal expert.

"What now!"

"We need to get closer! Otherwise, Si Lan will be in trouble!" Dale Quicksilver clenched his jaw.

Unwittingly, they were forced farther and farther from their original spot, to the point that they have lost sight of the other two.

Dale Quicksilver tried to calm down.

"Need to find a way! I… must!" He stood behind White Eagle with his back against a stone statue, squinting.

The difference between their strength is too huge. Anyone from this bunch of people would be considered elites of the world, even though they look like they were struggling, every one of them could watch out for their own. At most they’ll be injured, not dead.

"Something weird!" Dale Quicksilver realized something. Even though the people seem brutal, the movements they employ were mysterious, separating the group as well as blocking them from meeting up.

"They’re doing it on purpose!" He realized with a start. " White Eagle! Charge!" He roared.

"Follow me!"

White Eagle rippled his sword.


Black runes lit up from the rune blade, vibrating as if they were made of ink.

It sounded like an uncountable amount of people chanting together.

The blade was soon illuminating with black radiance. Three other rune blade shadows appeared out of thin air, circling White Eagle and Dale with increasing momentum, like a fan at its maximum speed.

Two sparring ‘opponents’ didn’t react in time and got slashed by the spinning blades, stumbling back awkwardly.

"Where are you going?"

A strange piercing voice came from straight ahead.

A levitating red figure came into sight, colliding with White Eagle forcefully.


The shadows vanished as White Eagle grunted and retaliated with the red figure.

"You again!" He groaned and tried to disengage to no avail.

It was then that Dale Quicksilver realized the red figure was the weird clown who intercepted them before.

"The red clown!"

The clown had two bright red daggers on his hands and stabbed at White Eagle furiously, but his face was wearing the eerily calm grin the whole time, as if this was all an intricate dance routine he was used to*.

"Spiralling Smog."

He shrieked as green haze burst out of his body, covering a huge area centering him.

White Eagle and Dale Quicksilver were immediately enclosed by the haze, choking them both.

"We need to meet up with Si Lan!" Dale Quicksilver screamed at White Eagle.

"No! He’s still here!" White Eagle paused to regain his equilibrium, but a red silhouette dashed on his left, leaving a burning wound on his arm.


Dale Quicksilver was cut on his back as well.

"What can we do? Dammit!" White Eagle tried to suppress the anger in him. The situation is getting worse and more dangerous than ever. If even they were so badly hurt, then where Si Lan is… unimaginable!



Si Lan yelped and stumbled backward, clutching her chest. Her black outershirt was sliced open, revealing the white corset she was wearing underneath.

The opponent’s attacks were so unnaturally accurate, it was obvious that it was planned.

Right now, she’s trying to hide next to Yoke the appraisal expert in the crevice between two statues at the same time the clown in red costume was closing in on her.

"Yoke, I’ll hold him off, run when you can!" Si Lan whispered as calmly as she could. Her usual politeness and seriousness was slightly shaky, as she herself had worried written in her eyes.

"What about you?" Yoke wasn’t so sure about the plan. "I can’t leave you here!"

"Just go, I have my own way to escape." Si Lan pretended to be confident in her plan, but she knew, it would be over for her.

Since working with her most admired Detective Dale Quicksilver, this was the first time she was in such a pinch.

The enemy in front of her wasn’t just a normal criminal. He was from the top assassin syndicate in the world, the Joker Squad of Poker Organization.

What she couldn’t believe was the clown in front of her slowly took off his mask, and revealed a badly scarred face of a woman.

"Si Lan Reybier, it’s been so long, you’re grown up to be such a pretty girl…" The woman’s voice was dangerous and shrieky, "It’s been what, twelve years since Dale Quicksilver and White Eagle forced me into desperation by the Nile River…"

Si Lan felt her throat went dry.

"You! You’re Kassidan!" How could she forget? Twelve years ago, when she was just a little girl, she was kidnapped. A huge amount of money were asked. The proprietor of the incident? Scarlet Spider Kassidan.

If it weren’t for Dale Quicksilver and White Eagle who passed by and saved her, her weed on her grave would’ve been as tall as an adult.

"You’re still alive!" Biting her lip, Si Lan spat out, "And you even joined the Poker as the Joker!"

"Because of you… I didn’t die, I’m stronger than ever…" Kassidan’s eyes were wild, "Do you know why I split you guys up?"

She chuckled and clapped her hands twice.

Soon, a dozen strong men waddled in from the hazy surrounding, all of them wearing the Joker mask.

"Unexpected, after chasing Dale Quicksilver’s tail for so many years, you’re still a virgin? What a shame… dying from this brutality at such a young age. You haven’t turned 25, have you? So young… tsk tsk tsk…"

The Scarlet Spider giggled, which soon turned into a nefarious shriek. Her right hand flicked, and a flying knife sliced a large hole into Si Lan’s shirt at her waist.

Another flick, the flying knife returned to her hand. Another, the knife darted between Si Lan’s legs and nailed itself on the stone statue behind her. Her fair thigh was exposed at the cut on her pants.

"Agh!" Si Lan staggered backward, her back pressing against the statue.

"Such smooth skin… Ah! Ah!" Scarlet Spider started moaning, reveling in her torture. "Now! Deflower her to death! Don’t leave any holes undefiled!"

Hurr hurr…

The dozen of men approached Si Lan, rubbing their palms together and surrounding her.

"Si Lan, run!" The appraisal expert, Yoke barged into the circle, blocking in front of Si Lan.


He was sent flying and fainted after having rolled on the ground.

"Yoke!" Si Lan’s face was white as ash.


Garen, King of Nightmare and Andrela marched up to the central area of the fog and looked darkly into it.

"Blow it away!" Garen ordered.

"I’ll do it!" Andrela stepped forward and brandished his sword.


Three silver mirrors appeared in front of him. Wind started blasting away at the green haze, unveiling the scene inside the chaotic area.

"Listen up!" King of Nightmare projected his voice. "Give us the Jokers in ten seconds!" His voice boomed at everyone who were inside the green mist.

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