My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 37: Police Station

Chapter 37: Police Station

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"Oh, nothing, I suddenly remembered that I left some things at our old place. You can give it to me when you have the time."

"Okay, I'll look around when I get back," Huo Mian nodded and replied.

"You could just give it to He Man," Ning Zhiyuan added, just to piss her off.

However, Huo Mian wasn't surprised at all when she heard this. Instead, she casually responded, "Sure."

Then, Huo Mian walked right past him.

Ning Zhiyuan suddenly felt uncomfortable; he would be lying if he claimed that he had no feelings left for Huo Mian. After all, it took him a while before she agreed to go out with him.

They had been together for three years, and he had always treated her very well. Now that they suddenly broke up, it was only natural for him to be upset.

He originally thought that Huo Mian must have felt terrible as well, since he was now dating He Man.

Yet, there were clearly no signs of heartbreak in Huo Mian's expression back there.

Could this mean…that in all of these years, she never truly loved him? Perhaps she only loved that ex-boyfriend of hers?

Ning Zhiyuan's eyes then turned colder and colder at the thought of this.

Huo Mian returned home after work, and she bought some health supplements for her mother since her mother had just been discharged from the hospital. However, because her mother never appreciated her presence, she simply dropped the things off and left without even staying for dinner.

Then, she returned to her rented apartment, thoroughly cleaned the place, and found the things that Ning Zhiyuan had left behind.

She carefully gathered his possessions and placed them in a bin, as she planned to take it with her to work the next day.

Exhausted, she lied down on her bed and used her phone to transfer funds into her maxed-out credit card. Thankfully it wasn't overdue, or else the fees would have been staggeringly high.

Then, she sent a WeChat message to Zhu Lingling.

"Are you there?"


"Give me your bank account number, I'm going to pay you back."

"What's the rush? I'm not in a hurry," Zhu Lingling replied.

"You may not be, but I am. It sucks to owe others money."

"Where did you get all that money? Did Ning Zhiyuan return your share of the down payment?" asked Zhu Lingling.

"Yes," Huo Mian only vaguely answered to avoid explaining too much. She didn't want to explain that the money was a reward for being a scrub nurse during Qin Chu's surgery.

"Not bad. Okay, since you're this reliable, I'll lend you money without a word next time you ask." Zhu Lingling sent a smiley face over.

After Zhu Lingling sent over her bank account number, Huo Mian transferred the money.

After giving back what she owed, she only had two thousand yuan left for daily expenditures. However, she felt relieved.

Lying on her bed, she listened to the piano version of Pachelbel's Canon, suddenly noticing the beauty of such a simple life.

- Downtown, Criminal Police Department -

"Captain Gao, we cracked down on a brothel tonight and arrested lots of people," said a young police officer fawningly.

Gao Ran patted the little cop on the shoulders and said, "Good job, good work everyone."

"Captain Gao, one of the clients was drunk when we arrested him. We asked him to provide a contact for bail, but he wouldn't give us a name. There is also a password on his phone and we can't unlock it, so we can't contact his family either. What should we do?"

"Let me check this out." Gao Ran walked towards the detention room.

He walked in to see a young man with red cheeks, and the smell of alcohol pierced his nose.

Gao Ran frowned, "Where are his belongings? Bring them to me."

"Here, Captain Gao," the little cop handed him a cell phone.

Gao Ran swiped up and noticed that the phone requested a fingerprint passcode. Without another word, he walked over to the drunkard, took his finger, and pressed it onto the phone.

The little cop on the side raised his thumb and complemented, "Our captain sure has his ways."

After Gao Ran unlocked the phone, he frowned slightly when he saw an attractive woman's photo on the home screen.

"…Huo Mian?" Gao Ran mumbled to himself, not sure if he saw it right.

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