My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 36: Fame and Fortune

Chapter 36: Fame and Fortune

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"Uhm, in theory, you could say so," said the middle-aged man sternly, although a little awkwardly.

It frustrated him to speak with this kid, who also happened to be a young doctor and the president of a business empire.

"Then can you tell me, who in the world told you that I don't have a girlfriend?" Qin Chu asked the middle-aged man as he crossed his arms and stared at him.

The middle-aged man froze for a second. Then, he immediately took out another set of documents, looked it over, and raised his head to respond, "We did some research, Doctor Qin. Over the past few years, we noticed that you were not overly intimate with any women."

"Then why didn't you just suspect that I was gay?" Qin Chu continued to ask.

"Because according to our investigations, you haven't had much contact with any men as well," the middle-aged man responded with great sincerity.

Qin Chu was left speechless; it seemed like these people had conducted quite a thorough investigation of him. They had even looked into all of the men and women around him, perhaps also investigated all but his ancestors.

"Take these documents away, I don't need any socialites," said Qin Chu pridefully. He wasn't desperate to the point of going on blind dates yet, was he? Maybe he didn't have a hundred women falling for him over the past few years, but at least eighty women had proclaimed their love for him. These admirers came in various forms, but they all failed to meet his standards.

"Why are you refusing? This is our official's way of showing gratitude."

"Then let me ask, does your official have the right to kidnap a woman, and force her into marrying me?" Qin Chu asked in all seriousness.

The middle-aged man's lips slightly twitched at his question.

"I… don't think so." No matter how powerful his boss was, he still could not lawfully kidnap someone and force her into marriage. It was strictly forbidden, as the country valued human rights.

"Then forget it. I am in love with someone, but since you guys can't kidnap her and make her marry me, then there's no need to say anything else."

"Then perhaps we can help in other ways…?"

"It's fine, I don't need any help, you are free to go," Qin Chu invited his guest to leave.

The middle-aged man sighed slightly and thought, this young kid didn't even tell me what he wanted, how am I supposed to return to my boss without accomplishing my mission?

Therefore, he decided to take matters into his own hand...

- Three days later -

C City suddenly released an official statement: three days ago, a certain high-level official visited Jing City to examine the city's economic situation. The official expressed his satisfaction towards one of the leading enterprises, GK Corporation, after an in-depth visit.

After the release of this statement, major media outlets began reprinting and reposting it...

At the same time, GK Corporation's stocks grew by 25% by the end of that day.

Qin Yumin was overwhelmed with joy when he saw this news. It seemed like handing GK over to his son was the right choice.

He had no clue how his son managed to come into contact with this certain Jing City official, but his corporation definitely benefited from it.

- In the evening -

It was already 8:30 PM when Qin Chu returned home.

"Chu, have you eaten yet?" Mrs. Qin asked enthusiastically.

"I have," replied Qin Chu as he headed towards the stairs.

"Chu, I saw the news today, and you've clearly proved me wrong. I'm very curious as to how you came into contact with this mysterious official," Qin Yumin asked formally as he laid down the newspaper.

"With my life on the line." Qin Chu turned around to head upstairs after this brief answer.

It was the truth - if something wrong happened during that surgery, then he would have ended up in jail and been forced to eat rice gruel for the rest of his life.

Many admired, were envious or even hated one's exceptional exterior, but only a few knew how much effort was put in behind one's radiant façade.

"What is with his attitude?" Qin Yumin was angry.

"Yumin, our son is very busy with work lately, please understand. The corporation is now developing at a stable pace, isn't this what you've wanted the most?" Mrs. Qin spoke in favor of her son.

- At First People's Hospital -

During her night shift, Huo Mian just happened to come across Ning Zhiyuan in the hall.

He seemed to have just gotten off work. He was in a blue t-shirt, paired with beige khakis and white sneakers; he looked quite clean and put together.

On that note, she had forgotten that they hadn't seen each other for several days.

"Huo Mian," he stopped her.

She raised her head and looked at Ning Zhiyuan with calm eyes, as if she was looking at any other colleague.

Ning Zhiyuan was somewhat disappointed at Huo Mian's reaction, as he thought that she would have been at least happy to see him.

"Did you need me for something?" Huo Mian asked calmly.

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