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Chapter 514 - Only Better

Chapter 514: Only Better

What parent wouldn’t want their children to be the top scorer? Who wouldn’t want their children to go to Capital University, the #1 ranked university in the nation?

Meng Jinyang, the daughter of the Meng family who used to be on very good terms with Gu Mang when she was a child, was now at Ming City High School, and she ranked first in her year on all her examinations. She was better than the second place by a whole 40 marks!

When she scored above 700 for the joint exams, she did not even leave.

In June, her results for the university entrance exams would be even higher than at the joint exams!

They had a brain so they knew Gu Mang was the one who had helped Meng Jinyang. Also, Meng Jinyang was just an outsider. Meanwhile, they were all blood relatives of Gu Mang!

If they had treated Gu Mang well in the past, Gu Mang would have definitely helped their children. Then, none of their children would have been any worse than Meng Jinyang.

They had made things easy for Meng Jinyang!

Initially, Gu Mang had no intention to come back for the Qingming Festival. But the last time they had swept the tombs, Gu Si had been training with Red Scorpion. This time, she wanted to bring him back.

Gu Si knelt before the grave and kowtowed thrice. His eyes were red and he tried to fight back his tears. He was young and so he could not conceal his emotions.

He bit his lip and thought of the accident that had killed his parents. Fury and hatred filled up his eyes.

The siblings got up after kowtowing.

Gu Mang pressed on Gu Si’s head and Gu Si understood what she meant. He tried to suppress his emotions. They prayed and swept the tombs very quickly. They got rid of all the weeds surrounding the grave and returned the same way that they had come.

On the way back, someone was thick-skinned enough to walk to Gu Mang and made small talk with her. “Gu Mang, I heard that you left school. What are you up to lately?”

Gu Mang slowly looked over using the corner of her eyes. It was her Fourth Aunt.

The corner of her lips curled up and she looked nonchalantly rebellious. “Fooling around.”

Fourth Aunt was at a loss for words.

Lei Xiao turned to look at Gu Mang, his eyes full of fury. But because of Gu Mang’s connections, he held in his anger and did not show it any further.

He said, “If you are so free, then come and tutor Lei Cong.”

Old Master Lei looked at Gu Mang. His blurry eyes glowed. “Your uncle is right. It’s better than you doing nothing all day and playing on your phone.”

After Lei Xiao spoke, everyone who had similar thoughts agreed.

“Yeah, Gu Mang. You are so good at studying. Tutor your brothers and sisters.”

“We are all family. You shouldn’t be so selfish. If your results are so good, you should consider coaching your brothers and sisters.”

“Meng Jinyang is just an outsider. Compared to your brothers and sisters, how close…”

They all added in.

Gu Si was silent. He was rather surprised. How could these people bring up such a favor in this manner?

Gu Mang did not say anything. Her eyes were droopy and she looked at the road.

Just then, Old Madam said. “And Gu Si too. Last year, he was in a small school in town and his grades were the worst in his class. He scored single digits in all of his subjects. You should pay closer attention to Gu Si’s studies too, given how good your own grades are.”

Gu Si said nothing.

The dozens of relatives kept adding in along the way. Gu Mang and Gu Si did not utter a single word in response.

After speaking, the group of relatives began to show their discontentment on their faces.

Old Master Lei said in a heavy and serious tone, “Gu Mang, the elders are talking to you. What kind of attitude are you showing us?!”

In the past, when Gu Mang’s grades weren’t good, he thought that he could threaten her by being imposing. Now, because of the connections that Gu Mang had, he had to take his relationship with Gu Mang more seriously.

Lu Shangjin was someone that Lei Xiao could never match up to. Meanwhile, Gu Mang, a mere student, could eat from the same table as him.

Later, Gu Mang became the top scorer in the nation. All of them had to put themselves down to give Gu Mang some face.

Yet they did not expect that the brat wouldn’t know better!

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