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Chapter 513 - Humiliated! The Person That He Looked Down on Most Became Someone That He Could

Chapter 513: Humiliated! The Person That He Looked Down on Most Became Someone That He Could Never Match Up To!

Everything they bought was ready made so the preparation was very quick. After a while, the group of people sat before the panoramic window. The red soup in the hotpot was boiling and the spicy aroma made everyone salivate.

Gu Si asked them what they wanted to drink. They all said beer. Gu Si picked up his Wangzai milk and drank it as if it were beer. They all updated each other about the current happenings in their life as they ate.

Shen Huan said, “Sister Mang, it’s so hard to keep fighting. I wish tomorrow was the day of the university entrance exams so I could be free quickly! I’ve been studying so much that I’m going crazy.”

Lu Yang said, “I never thought that I’d f*cking pass. Sister Mang and Jinyang are my second set of parents! You are the light of my life! I must have used up all of the good luck in my life to be able to meet the two of you!”

Fatty was more direct. “Papa! Adopt me!”

Chu Yao repeated, “Papa! You don’t mind another son, right?”

Gu Mang and Gu Si were speechless. Meng Jinyang and Qin Yaozhi were laughing hysterically. Gu Mang agreed to return to meet them in Ming City, which was why they were having hotpot together this time.

She rested her arms on the dining table and her wrist hung downwards naturally. She had three fingers around the opening of the beer can. “Just hang on for a little while more.” Her voice was low.

They took a deep breath and then returned to their lively state.

Right, just hang on for a little while more. Soon, we will get to the other side of the big mountain!

After they had their meal, they delegated different tasks to one another to help clean up the dishes. Then, they sat on the carpet to play with cards.

Gu Mang did not join in.

Lu Yang kept cheating in the game, causing Qin Yaozhi to lose repeatedly. Qin Yaozhi got up and chased him around while hitting him.

It was really lively. This could be the last time that they could let loose before the university entrance exams.

The next day.

Gu Mang and Gu Si met Lei Xiao and the family at the airport. Lei Xiao never looked at Gu Mang kindly. When he looked at Gu Si, who was now a lot like Gu Mang, he felt scared.

Gu Si was wearing a black baseball cap backwards, and he exuded the same rebellious aura as Gu Mang did. It were as if the four words “you are all trash” were written on his face. He did not take anyone seriously.

Lei Cong behaved just like before. He got excited when he saw Gu Mang. Gu Mang greeted the three of them.

“Uncle, Aunt.” Gu Si smiled and greeted Lei Xiao and Xia Mingzhu.

Lei Xiao restrained his annoyance and hummed. As a formality, Xia Mingzhu started some small talk with them. When they reached Chunning City, it was already noon.

It was Third Uncle who came to pick them up. When he met Gu Mang, he was all smiles as he told her that she was really impressive for being the top scorer of the national joint exams. As usual, Gu Mang gave a fake smile that did not reach up to her eyes.

After praising Gu Mang, he praised Gu Si for having grown taller. Gu Si felt rather happy from hearing the praise. Along the way, he kept chatting with Third Uncle.

Two hours later, the car went straight to the entrance of the small road that led to the cemetery. They did not return to the Gu Villa after picking up Gu Mang and Gu Si.

There was a group of people at the entrance as well. They were surrounding Old Master Lei and Old Madam Lei.

The moment Gu Mang got out of the car, she saw that the relatives’ cars were parked by the road. She turned to look in the direction of the Gu Villa and her eyes darkened. Gu Si thought that it was strange too. Why didn’t they wait for them here instead of the villa?

They did not have much time to think before Old Master Lei spoke. They took flowers, incense paper and candles, and headed towards the cemetery.

Along the way, no one spoke but they kept glancing at Gu Mang. In the past, they had looked down on Gu Mang, thinking that she was a hooligan who could never accomplish anything. Yet, she was the top scorer in the nation…

They recalled all of the times they had said that Gu Mang was not a good student. They had also spoken about Gu Mang in front of their children, telling them not to be as humiliating as Gu Mang.

None of those comments had aged well. Now, they wished that their children would accomplish as much as Gu Mang.

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