My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

Chapter 1298 - 1298 It's Not Right to Gloat At Others’ Misfortune

1298 It’s Not Right to Gloat At Others’ Misfortune

The golden pagoda imagined that scene and couldn’t help shaking its chubby cat body.

Even though there were limited tracking methods in the Martial Arts World, the scene of being chased by everyone still made it feel very pressured!

After all, once it was hunted down by everyone, it couldn’t go around anymore. That was simply a thousand times more terrifying than killing it, right?

So, the golden pagoda, which was originally in high spirits, immediately became obedient.

“Hey, hey, hey, why did those guys suddenly change their route? What a disappointment. I’m a cat who even prepared coke and popcorn!”

The golden pagoda took a big bite of the roast chicken gloomily and stuffed a handful of popcorn into its mouth.

When Lu Zijia saw the popcorn and drink, she knew that Tian Xiaogui and Feng Wenshan must have prepared something for it.

“Wow, wow, wow! The other party has cut off the way from the other side. Master, Master, we have a good show to watch again!”

The golden pagoda stared at the situation in front of it without blinking. Its original frustration instantly turned into excitement.

The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth couldn’t help twitching as she thought to herself, “Is it really good for the golden pagoda to be so excited when it sees someone unlucky?”

Even though she also liked to watch the fun, it wasn’t right to “gloat”!

In accordance with the responsibility of its master to educate its little friend, Lu Zijia slapped the head of the golden pagoda’s cat, signaling it to restrain itself so that it wouldn’t attract hatred without knowing what was going on.

The golden pagoda’s cat face was full of innocence, but it restrained itself.

However, after watching the show for a while, the golden pagoda looked at its master in confusion. “Master, they said that those unlucky people are disciples of the Octagon Sect, so they’re our allies! Why don’t we save the damsel in distress?”

Lu Zijia wiped her hands after eating the drumstick and sized up the golden pagoda after hearing that. “Shouldn’t the big black cat be saving humans?”

The golden pagoda: “…” Seriously, why did its master have to worry about its size?

“Aren’t you going to save the beauty? Why aren’t you leaving?”

Lu Zijia didn’t seem to notice the golden pagoda’s speechlessness. She touched its furry head and walked towards the two groups of people first.

More than twenty disciples of the Biluo Sect attacked the ten disciples of the Octagon Sect from both sides.

“When did the disciples of the Octagon Sect become so useless? You ran away when you saw our disciples. You’ve really embarrassed the Octagon Sect!”

“Right, if I were the Sect Master of the Octagon Sect, I would have long expelled you losers from the sect.”

Hearing the Biluo Sect disciples humiliate them one after another, Kong Minghao and the others were furious.

However, since the other party had the advantage in numbers and they obviously had no chance of winning, they could only grit their teeth and endure it.

However, just because they endured it didn’t mean that the disciples of the Biluo Sect would let them go.

“Heh, even though the disciples of the Octagon Sect are a bit cowardly, the female disciples are not bad-looking.”

“Tsk, tsk, looks like we have benefits today.”

“Don’t talk so much nonsense. Kill them quickly. Kill them after using the women.”

“Let’s attack. Don’t let any of them go.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the disciples of the Biluo Sect took out their weapons one after another and aimed them at the ten disciples of the Octagon Sect.

“How dare you? My master is the First Elder of the Octagon Sect. My master has always valued me. If you dare to hurt me at all, my master will definitely not let you go!”

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