My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

Chapter 1297 - 1297 Master Lu Who Scares Her Companions

1297 Master Lu Who Scares Her Companions

“I’m sorry, Senior Brother Kong. I really can’t take it anymore. Leave quickly. Don’t worry about us,” the woman in blue said to Kong Minghao while panting.

“Boohoo, I don’t want to die. I’m still so young. I don’t want to die. Boohoo…” Another woman dressed exquisitely in a pink princess dress grabbed her companion who was supporting her with one hand and cried sadly.

“Junior Sister Lin, I don’t want to die either, but we can’t drag everyone down. Once the people of the Biluo Sect catch up, everyone will have no way out,” the woman in blue, Ding Kefang, said with a bitter smile.

“I don’t care. Anyway, you can’t leave me behind!” Situ Lin didn’t listen to Ding Kefang’s persuasion at all and shouted stubbornly with a ferocious expression.

“Stop talking. Continue walking!”

Kong Minghao personally went forward to help Situ Lin up, signaling everyone to move faster.

“Senior Brother Kong, there seems to be someone in front!” The man called Ah Zhi pointed at the direction where white smoke was rising in the distance.

Kong Minghao frowned and reminded them, “Everyone, be vigilant in case there’s a trap.”

“Yes, Senior Brother Kong.”

The others responded one after another, and their grip on their weapons subconsciously tightened.

However, when they got closer and saw the scene in front clearly, Kong Minghao and the others were shocked.

“That… That’s a cat? How can there be such a huge cat?”

“Before I came in, I specially investigated. There are no mutated cats in the Desolate Beast Mystic Realm!”

“Then what’s wrong with that cat? Is it a conspiracy?”

While the others were paying attention to the big black cat, Kong Minghao noticed Lu Zijia first. When he saw her face clearly, his pupils constricted.

“Senior Brother Kong, don’t you think that woman looks a bit familiar?” Luo Hai asked in deep thought.

Before Kong Minghao answered, Jiang Zhi, who had already recognized Lu Zijia, said excitedly first, “Senior Brother Kong, didn’t Master tell us to…”

Kong Minghao was quick-witted and covered Jiang Zhi’s mouth in time when he said the keyword.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Walk to the right. You go first. I’ll take the back.” Kong Minghao had no intention of explaining. Instead, he changed his route at the last minute.

In fact, Kong Minghao also recognized Lu Zijia. She was Alchemist Lu, whom their Master had repeatedly told them to protect.

That was why he changed his escape route at the last minute.

Even though Jiang Zhi didn’t understand, he still subconsciously followed Kong Minghao’s instructions.

Not far away, the woman and the cat couldn’t help looking at each other for a while when they saw that the group had changed their route at the last minute, as if they were a bit regretful that the good show had already ended before it started.

“Master, should we chase after them and take a look?” The golden pagoda said excitedly. It was still very enthusiastic about watching the commotion.

Lu Zijia glanced at its huge cat body speechlessly. “Are you sure you won’t be treated as a mutated beast in the mystic realm if you chase after them like this?”

It would be really funny if it was caught and roasted accidentally.

The golden pagoda looked down at its chubby cat body and blinked. “Why don’t I return to my mini form?”

“Sure, but if you turn back into a mini right now, you can’t become bigger before you leave the Desolate Beast Mystic Realm. Otherwise, you’ll be hunted down by everyone!” Lu Zijia threatened.

If the golden pagoda kept changing, it would be very easy for people to notice something.

In order to prevent herself from becoming popular in the entire Upper Martial Arts Realm, she could only scare the golden pagoda first.

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