My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 38 - Potion Class (2)

Chapter 38: Potion Class (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

At this time the hour-glass female teacher walked in. She overlooked all the students down there and said, “In this class, we are going to the lab to make level 1 healing potion. Whoever fails to make it has to write a 10,000-word self-criticism.”

Yan Chen’s face immediately turned white and he said with a trembling voice, “Seriously?”

The teacher then looked Yan Chen and asked, “Yan Chen, you got a problem?”

Yan Chen said awkwardly, “Teacher, we haven’t consolidated the theories, how can we go to the lab now?”

The teacher smiled and then the smile on her face went stiff, “aren’t you ashamed? You are the worst at the theories of the whole class.”

Yan Chen, “…”

Mo Fei chuckled to himself. But soon enough the teacher’s cold sound was heard, “Yan Chen, look at you, huh? You are even behind Mo Fei. But you are better than him in all the other courses.”

Mo Fei, “…” What the hell? Since when he became the negative example? But wasn’t he excellent and outstanding, leaving all the others behind to catch up with? Now he became the goddamn negative example? What is wrong with this world?

“Come on. Let’s go to the lab now.” The teacher then walked out, only leaving the pattering footsteps of her high heels.

And then all the students followed behind.

“Mo Fei, have you ever made any potion?” asked Yan Chen.

Xu Zihan then said coldly, “Yan Chen, do you even need to ask? Given that kind of family background, eating may already have been a problem. How could he have money to learn to make potions?”

Seeing Xu Zihan was a little unhappy, Yan Chen grumbled, “We weren’t talking to you.”

“But I was talking to you. I want you to have a clear understanding of yourselves.” said Xu Zihan complacently.

When Xu Zihan was saying that, he missed his step and fell on the stairway.

Mo Fei smiled, “Zihan, I know you like gossiping. But you should watch your steps when you speak anyway. If you die from falling to the ground, don’t expect me to shed tears for you. And, whether your fiancé would shift his love to someone else, only god knows.”

“Mo Fei, it’s you!” shouted Xu Zihan.

Yan Chen disapproved, “Xu Zihan, you’re such a bully! You fell down due to your own carelessness. How can you blame Mo Fei?”

Xu Zihan looked at Mo Fei with his face twisted, “You tripped me.”

“Enough, Xu Zihan. Stop make a scene.” said the teacher blandly.

Xu Zihan looked at the teacher and then said no more reluctantly.

Mo Fei raised his eyebrows, thinking, “Damn Mo Yi, how dare you trip him before the teacher? Fortunately the teacher has a bad sight and didn’t see it.”

When Mo Fei walked into the lab, he got struck dumb.

It was worthy of the lab of the Imperial College. All experimental apparatuses were the top level.

Mo Fei looked at Yan Chen and said, “You look a little nervous.”

Yan Chen nodded, wearing a sad face, “I’m afraid I’ll never escape from writing the 10,000-word self-criticism.”

Mo Fei then blinked, “Don’t say that! Maybe things wouldn’t be that bad as you imagined.” Mo Fei tried to comfort him.

Yan Chen looked at Mo Fei, “I’ve ever made 100 bottles of healing potions and picked the best one for Chenchen.”

“And then?” asked Mo Fei curiously.

Yan Chen said grumpily, “Chenchen should’ve recovered in two days, but he ended up lying in bed for half a month after taking it.”

Mo Fei, “…”

Yan Chen said with a pitiful tone, “So I will never be the material to be a pharmacist.”

Mo Fei nodded, “I also think so.”

Yan Chen looked at Mo Fei as silly as a toad, which made Mo Fei a little uneasy. He then forced a smile, “I mean, what makes you lose the confidence?”

Yan Chen gave him a filthy look and then looked here and there restlessly.

“The star herbs are on your desks now, five potions. You have to refine them all. If none of the potions you make is qualified, you can go write your self-criticism after school. Now I’m gonna demonstrate it for you. And then you can make it yourselves.” said the teacher.

Yan Chen kept his eyes wide open and observed every move of the teacher carefully. And soon the teacher was done, and a bottle of blue potion was placed on the desk.

After the teacher was finished, Yan Chen scratched his head chagrined, while Mo Fei blinked his eyes, still chewing how the teacher had done it.

Yan Chen elbowed Mo Fei, “Mo Fei, did you see it clearly?”

Mo Fei was still immersed in it, “Yeah, sure. What a beautiful pair of hands! Ruddy, delicate, as soft as like boneless, slender and mellow, no word could exactly describe them properly.”

“Thank you for your praise, Mo Fei.” a silver voice then was heard from behind.

Mo Fei’s face immediately went stiff. He immediately put on a smile, “Teacher, your hands are too pretty. I’m just saying what I feel.”

The teacher grinned and then said spookily, “Since you appreciate my hands so much, I have made a decision. If you can not make qualified potions, you’ll write a 20,000-word self-criticism.”

Mo Fei heaved a sigh. Women! You can neither praise them or scold them! So troublesome!

Yan Chen then looked at Mo Fei pitifully, “Mo Fei, my condolences!”

Mo Fei nodded, “It’s fine. I can hold it.”

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