My Sassy ‘Crown Princess’

Chapter 37 - Potion Class (1)

Chapter 37: Potion Class (1)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“What is your mark in potion class?” asked Yan Chen curiously.

“64.” said Mo Fei complacently.

Although Mo Fei could make a lot of potions, he knew little about the potion knowledge on Daybreak Star actually. Even the names of many same herbs were different. So actually Mo Fei’s score was not pretty high.

Yan Chen said enviously, “Such a high score!”

Mo Fei then said sheepishly, “I also think so.” Of course it’s high. This is the only course I’ve passed.

Xu Zihan then turned around and looked at the two, sneering, “Seriously? You call that high? Are you kidding me? You are really bumpkins with no aspirations. Look at Lin Feiyu! He still stays low even if he got 98 points, while you are already proud of yourself since you only got 64 points?”

Mo Fei narrowed his eyes and looked at this guy, “Who are you? We weren’t talking to you. Why are you barking there? Your voice sounds even worse than a crow, you know?”

Xu Zihan’s face darkened, “What did you say?”

“I said your voice sounds even worse than a crow, what? Bite me!” said Mo Fei with his eyes popped out.

Yan Chen then pulled the sleeve of Mo Fei and said in a low voice, “OK, enough. Don’t quarrel with him. He’ll beat you.”

Mo Fei then glanced at Yan Chen and said, “It’s OK. He is just a level 1 star magician. Nothing to be afraid.” Just a level 1 star magician. If he was not his rival physically, he could use his mouth to bite him.

Yan Chen frowned, “He is not the dreadful one, but his fiancé is. Not long before two classmates offended him and his fiancé beat them up and were sent to hospital. Finally they were even forced to transfer to other department.”

Mo Fei then sized Xu Zihan up, “So it’s a shrew! Does his fiancé have myopic eyes? How serious could it to as blind as a bat for marry him?”

Yan Chen became a little nervous, “Mo Fei, stop it.”

Mo Fei shrugged his shoulders, “All right then.”

Yan Chen looked at Mo Fei’s dark circles and asked, “Mo Fei, did the prince ‘torment’ you last night again?”

Mo Fei forced a smile, “Kind of.”

Yan Chen then blinked, “Mo Fei, you should ask Prince Yu to control himself. He is young though, you shouldn’t do it so frequently.”

Mo Fei smiled awkwardly, “Quite reasonable. I also think he should control himself.”

Some students in the first row stared at Mo Fei, with all contempt in their eyes.

“Feiyu, why would Prince Yu marry Mo Fei?”

“I don’t know.”

“I heard he got rejected 17 times. A total leftover.”

“Bad aptitude, bad grades, plus that ordinary-looking face, he is a total good-for-nothing!”

“Don’t say that. Actually he…he has his virtues.” said Lin Feiyu hesitantly.

“Virtues? Where? Why don’t I see it? Occupying such bad condition, how dare he loathe Prince Yu?”

“Prince Yu must have been possessed, so he would have agreed on this marriage.”

Xu Zihan looked at Mo Fei and said, “Just wait and see. Soon enough he will be dumped. I mean it!”

Yan Chen looked at Mo Fei and said, “They are talking bullshit. Just ignore them.”

Mo Fei snorted slightly, “I don’t have time to argue with them.”

Mo Fei winked at Mo Yi and then Mo Yi laid his eyes on Xu Zihan, looking a bit complicated.

Mo Fei blinked his eyes confusedly and then looked away.

Mo Fei said, “I don’t remember I offended that surname Xu. Why is he denouncing me?”

Yan Chen shook his head, “No idea.”

Mo Fei then frowned, feeling confused. He found that Xu Zihan was close to Lin Feiyu recently. Xu Zihan was with General Zheng, while Lin Feiyu was with Prince Feng. The relationships among were kind of complicated.

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