My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 531 - I Like You, I’ve Always Liked You (1)

Chapter 531: I Like You, I’ve Always Liked You (1)

For this birthday party, was Xiao Chun inviting Gu Yu as a friend, or as… the man she was about to confess to?

But no matter what the outcome was, she wanted to face it, not run away from it.

If friends were always so secretive with each other, then their relationship would eventually deteriorate. She cherished her sisterly relationship with Xiao Chun, so if there was a problem, she would resolve it.

Xiao Chun’s birthday party was held at A-PUB. Xu Shuai closed it just to make room for her to celebrate her birthday.

A lot of people came today, and all of them were Xiao Chun’s friends. She had a wide circle of friends, and all of them knew people more or less. Moreover, today’s event wasn’t a high-class style ball in the banquet hall, but more pub-style, therefore, everyone was a lot more casual.

The lights were dazzling and the music was electrifying. Everyone was drinking and dancing, and the atmosphere was very lively.

Today, Xiao Chun changed from her usual neat attire to a pink feminine long dress. Her wavy hair hung down, and there was a pearl hairpin on her head. She looked very ladylike.

Xu Shuai couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw her at first. He took three steps back in surprise, then rubbed his eyes, closed them, and opened them again. Then he said in an astonished tone, “Chun Chun, are you sick?”

As he said that, he reached his hand towards her forehead to check if she had a fever.

Xiao Chun slapped his hand away unceremoniously and retorted, “You’re the one who’s sick. Your whole family is sick!”

Upon hearing that, Xu Shuai heaved a sigh of relief. “Well, you seem normal, but… ”

He sized Xiao Chun up and down, then clicked his tongue. “What’s with the way you’re dressed? If I remember correctly, you dressed ladylike in high school because you weren’t in your right mind, then you returned to your original style. Now it’s starting again?”

His words surprised Xiao Chun. “You actually remember it.”

Xu Shuai was a philandering playboy. He couldn’t even remember the faces of the women who slept next to him every day. How could he still remember something that happened so long ago?

“Of course!” Xu Shuai pounded his chest. “Ah-Yu is my bro, and so are you. I care about the both of you all the same!”

Xiao Chun’s eyes softened, and she gave him a rare smile. She didn’t continue the topic, but said, “Xu Shuai, today is my birthday. Where’s your present for me?”

“As usual, you can pick any jewelry you want, and I’ll pay for it, ” Xu Shuai replied without thinking.

Xiao Chun shook her head. “This year, I want something different.”


“You’ll find out later.”

Although Xu Shuai was confused, girls’ thoughts were always hard to guess, and he couldn’t be bothered to guess. Besides, as a man, he only needed to satisfy their desires. That way, they would be happy, and he would save himself the trouble by killing two birds with one stone!

As they were talking, Gu Yu and Xu Weilai walked in through the door. Their arrival naturally attracted the attention of everyone.

Because there were a lot of people around and Gu Yu’s arm had been kept around Xu Weilai’s waist the entire time to protect her from being squeezed, his actions were so considerate that the ladies present felt both jealous and envious.

Who would have thought that a man like Gu Yu would be tamed by a woman one day?

The two of them walked in front of Xiao Chun. Xu Weilai handed her the box with a bow in her hand and smiled. “Chun Chun, happy birthday. This is our gift for you.”

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