My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 530 - Who Is The Person You Like? (2)

Chapter 530: Who Is The Person You Like? (2)

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Xiao Chun picked up the cup and was just about to drink from it. Perhaps it was because she was shocked by Xu Weilai’s question or it was something else, but her hand trembled involuntarily. Some coffee spilled out and landed on the table like ink.

However, she still put the cup to her mouth and lowered her head to take a sip to conceal something.

Xu Weilai, who had witnessed her reaction, didn’t say anything. She simply patiently waited for her answer.

After Xiao Chun swallowed the bitter coffee, she reflexively clasped her fingers together. A mixture of emotions flashed through her eyes. After about ten seconds, she opened her mouth and asked instead of answering, “Lil’ Weilai, why are you suddenly asking about this?”

Xu Weilai didn’t look surprised. She picked up the cup and took another sip. She smiled and said, “I’m concerned about you.”

Her fingertips lightly tapped on the table as she added, “Chun Chun, after this incident, I hope that we can be honest with each other instead of hiding things from each other to avoid causing unnecessary misunderstandings.”

Xiao Chun lowered her eyes. “This question is what you wanted me to answer truthfully at the entrance of the police station, wasn’t it?”

Xu Weilai nodded. “Yes, truthfully, I want to know your honest answer.”

When Xu Weilai suddenly asked about Gu Yu in the car, Xiao Chun wasn’t that certain about her intentions. At this moment, she was completely certain.

She remembered the last time she saw Yun Rou. After she rushed forward to slap her, she said those words. Therefore… that was what she meant.

She knew that Yun Rou had not only forced her keep an eye on Gu Yu all these years, but she had also done other things to get news of him. Although she didn’t know what she had done, this time, she had indeed delivered a fatal blow to her.

They had agreed to be honest and not lie.

Xiao Chun closed her eyes and clenched her fists. She opened her eyes and met Xu Weilai’s eyes. She replied, “Yes! I have a crush on someone! ”

“A crush? ”


Xu Weilai couldn’t describe whether she felt surprised or as if she expected it. She fell silent for a moment before asking again, “Do you still like him now? ”

“Yes.” Xiao Chun replied crisply.

“Then… ”

She still had to ask this question after all. Xu Weilai took a deep breath and enunciated clearly, word by word, “Who is the person you like?”

Xiao Chun didn’t answer. She deliberately smiled mysteriously, then said, “Lil’ Weilai, I don’t want to answer this question so rashly. How about this, one week later, my social service ends. Moreover, that day would also be my birthday, so I want to hold a birthday party. First of all, it would celebrate the end of my prison sentence. Second of all… I’m not young anymore, so it’s time to make plans for my own feelings. On that day, I prepare to confess to the man who I’ve been secretly in love with for a long time. I’ll invite all my friends to be my witnesses. At that time, you’ll know who the person I like is.”

Xiao Chun didn’t want to continue the topic and said, “Lil’ Weilai, I’m a little tired. I want to go home to take a shower and have some good rest.”

Since she had already said that, Xu Weilai had no choice but to agree. “Then let’s go.”

Gu Yu went on a business trip for five days. After getting off the plane, he went straight back to his apartment. He nonchalantly left his briefcase and phone on the coffee table in his bedroom, then walked into the bathroom.

When Xu Weilai walked over, she just happened to see a new text message on his phone from Xiao Chun inviting him to her birthday party the day after tomorrow.

Her gaze froze slightly.

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