My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 504 - Barely Breathing (2)

Chapter 504: Barely Breathing (2)

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“I have to do something to keep Xu Weilai awake. If she loses consciousness and never wakes up again, things wouldn’t end well for me either,” Xu Shuai ruminated.

But no matter what he said, he still failed to help Xu Weilai hold onto her consciousness.

Gu Yu was the only one who could salvage the situation now, but he wasn’t here.

Xu Shuai felt as anxious as a cat on hot bricks and paced back and forth multiple times before an idea suddenly popped up in his mind. “Oh right, how could I forget about this!” he thought.

“Gu Yu would indirectly appear before Xu Weilai if I were to do that,” he mused.

Xu Shuai groped around his pockets but perhaps because of the how fast he had been sprinting just now, his phone seemed to have fallen out and was nowhere to be found. Thus, he yelled at the uneasy porter beside him, “Lend me your phone quick!”

The porter was a young lady who had yet to recover from her fall just now, and now that Xu Shuai was shouting at her so fiercely, her face instantly turned pale. With trembling hands, she handed over her phone dutifully.

Xu Shuai was usually gentler, but since the situation was critical, he had no time to bother about anything else.

As he knew Gu Yu’s phone number well, after he took over the phone, he managed to key out the eleven digits quickly and called Gu Yu.


The call went through but nobody picked it up.

Although Xu Shuai dialled over a dozen times, all the calls ended automatically since Gu Yu did not pick it up. Out of helpless, Xu Shuai could only try his best to recall Assistant Lin’s number and called him instead.

Meanwhile, in Country M, many high-ranking officials and members of the media were gathered in a large conference room.

The Gu Corporation and P Group were about to officially ink the contract for their joint project.

Gu Yu was seated on the left of the long table while CEO Chen of P Group sat on the right. Both parties had a contract placed before them and they picked up their pens to sign their names.

When Gu Yu was writing the last stroke of his name, his heart tightened out of the blue, causing him to leave a long pen mark on the paper.

His brows scrunched into a frown.

When CEO Chen had signed his name, stood up to shake hands with Gu Yu before the crowd to mark the start of their collaboration.

However, after Gu Yu stood up, instead of shaking hands with CEO Chen, replied in a deep voice, “CEO Chen, my apologies.”

“Pardon me?” CEO Chen asked.

But before CEO Chen could react, Gu Yu turned and dashed out of the conference room.

Everyone was dumbfounded by what had happened. “What… What does Gu Yu mean by this? Even though they had already inked the contract, the contract signing ceremony has yet to end. Isn’t it rude to abandon his business partner like that?” the crowd mused.

“Or is the Gu Corporation insincere about working with the P Group?” everyone wondered.

Assistant Lin, who was standing at the side, was also surprised by his Big Boss’ sudden, unusual behavior. This was an important occasion and his boss was a man with a sense of propriety unless it came down to matters that involved the Young Mistress.

Assistant Lin’s phone had been vibrating non-stop earlier on and when he took it out, realised that he had over a dozen missed calls from an unfamiliar number.

He did not call back but had a gut feeling that his conjecture was right. “It seems like CEO Gu wouldn’t be able to return any time soon. I’ll have to take care of the situation here so that it wouldn’t add on to his list of woes,” Assistant Lin thought.

He then took a deep breath and strode over to CEO Chen.

Xu Shuai was on the verge of despair when his phone finally rang — Gu Yu had called back.

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