My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 503 - Barely Breathing (1)

Chapter 503: Barely Breathing (1)

The man in black looked and realised that the person who had given her the powerful, precise kick was a tall man who was obviously anything but frail. If she continued to put up a fight against the man, not only would she fail to kill Xu Weilai, she might even be subdued and it wouldn’t be worthwhile.


The man in black narrowed her eyes and decisively gave up on the idea of getting her knife back. Instead, she suddenly charged towards Xu Weilai, who had let down her guard, and pushed her towards the edge of the cliff violently.

The force made Xu Weilai fall forwards.

The man horrified and, without any hesitation, pounced towards Xu Weilai as best as he could. Grabbing hold of her wrist tightly, he managed to pull her back up before she fell off the cliff.

The man in black then used the opportunity to retrieve her knife and escape.

The man wanted to give chase but noticed that Xu Weilai could hardly even stand, for her knees were giving way. He quickly supported her and yelled out, “Xu Weilai, how are you feeling? Are you alright?”

When Xu Weilai heard the familiar voice, forced herself to hold on to her last shred of consciousness and looked up at him. “Xu… Xu Shuai?” she asked.

“Yes, yes, yes. It’s me! Hang in there. You can’t lose your consciousness. Please stay awake! If anything were to happen to you, Yu will shred me to pieces,” he shouted.

“Gu Yu…” the words rang inside Xu Weilai’s head and she instantly stopped herself from shutting her eyes.

When Xu Shuai noticed this, carried Xu Weilai in his arms and dashed down the mountain while he muttered to himself, “Xu Weilai, you finally got together with Yu after so many things happened. You guys haven’t even begun to experience a blissful life together yet. Wouldn’t it be a huge loss if you were to die like this?”

“Moreover, Yu is such a handsome, rich, and capable man who could manage a company well and even fight a lawsuit in court. An outstanding man like him is popular among the ladies. If you were to die, Yu will date another woman in the future. Would you be able to accept that? I know you can’t,” he said.

“Xu Weilai, since you’ve been covering news for so long, you must have experienced all kinds of scenarios. I’m sure that this a piece of cake for you as well. We’ll reach the foot of the mountain soon and everything will be fine!” he assured.

Xu Shuai mustered all the strength that he had and sprinted to the foot of the mountain at the fastest speed that he ever ran in his whole life. He hardly dared to take a moment to pant and dashed straight into the hotel lobby.

When the porters saw him carrying a woman covered in blood, they were so shocked that they none of them managed to react until Xu Shuai roared at the top of his voice, “Hurry and get something to bandage her with. Call for an ambulance as well!”

The porters quickly snapped back to their senses and the receptionist immediately made the call while another porter went to retrieve the first aid kit.

Xu Shuai placed Xu Weilai down on the sofa in the lobby gently. Her clothes and his hands were already covered with blood and it was a terrifying sight to see.

Xu Shuai’s gaze landed on Xu Weilai’s face and realised that she was clearly losing focus and was also barely breathing.

He does not know how serious her wounds were, but since it would also be life-threatening to lose too much blood, he knew that he had to stop the bleeding immediately.

The porter quickly returned with the first aid kit and even tripped over in his panic. The first aid kit was flung out of his hands and skidded over to Xu Shuai’s feet. Xu Shuai immediately picked it up and after he opened up the box, took out a strip of gauze to bandage Xu Weilai’s wound.

As it was late at night and they were on the mountain, it would take some time for the ambulance to arrive. Xu Weilai’s pupils gradually began to dilate and Xu Shuai was so overwhelmed with anxiety that he began to scratch his head.

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