My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 484 - She Couldn’t Lose Gu Yu (2)

Chapter 484: She Couldn’t Lose Gu Yu (2)

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Another reporter chimed in, “To think that she would call us crazy when she’s the one who’s actually mad. I already have an idea for tomorrow’s headlines now that we’ve proven that she’s really insane. I’ll get my editor-in-chief to reserve a large section for my article about her.”

“What are you guys talking about? Yu loves me! He’s mine! You should go to hell for spouting nonsense!” Yun Rou screamed.

She then got up from the ground and yanked the female reporter’s hair with so much force that she instantly shrieked for Yun Rou to let go.

During the tussle, Yun Rou’s sunglasses were knocked off and her face was revealed. Her expression was ferocious and her facial features were completely twisted. She was no longer the gentle and elegant pianist, but a terrifying madman.

When her manager saw this, her face ashened and the only thought in her mind was that everything was truly over for them.

Yun Rou might still stand a chance if she could get a hold of herself and sob miserably in front of the reporters to win their sympathy. However, her current behavior was as good as admitting her condition to the public.

Her manager was overwhelmed with anxiety and while she was still fretting over how she should handle the situation, another group of people swarmed over.

When she turned to look, realised that many of them were Yun Rou’s loyal fans who had been cheering on her at the entrance of the court. Now that they were here, Yun Rou would have a chance to escape.

Her manager’s face instantly lit up with joy. But before she could instruct the fans to delay the reporters and buy time for Yun Rou to leave, the fans had charged over angrily and were hurling their placards and flags at Yun Rou.

Yun Rou’s manager was instantly dumbfounded and could not wrap her mind around what was happening.

The fans were even harsher than the reporters, for after throwing the items at Yun Rou, they immediately cursed, “Yun Rou, we’re so disappointed in you. We trusted you so much and protected you but you manipulated us as your weapon.”

“Yun Rou, we finally see your true colors now. You’re such a disgusting woman. You’ve tainted art itself and don’t deserve to be a pianist at all,” they criticized.

“We must have been blind to like a person like you. From now on, we have nothing to do with you!” they declared.

During this period of time, Yun Rou’s fans had done many things and stirred up public opinion in order to seek justice for Yun Rou. They had insisted on what they believed was right but in the end, it turned out to be a sham. It was inevitable for them to be disappointed and upset.

“Yun Rou, get lost from the art industry. We’ll boycott you forever!” her fans booed.

Yun Rou was up against the reporters and fans all by herself and there was no way for her to resist them. Being surrounded, shoved around and cursed at, she eventually broke down completely.

Her manager urgently summoned the court’s security team and with their help, they then managed to leave in the car with much difficulty after the hour-long tussle.

When Yun Rou returned to her hotel apartment, she smashed everything in a frenzy and created a mess all over the place.

Her manager was reluctant to keep her company out of fear that she would suffer the same fate as the shattered items if Yun Rou were to go crazy. Without even notifying Yun Rou, she hurriedly turned and left.

When Yun Rou noticed this, she viciously hurled a vase towards the direction which her manager left and shrieked, “Get lost! Get lost, all of you!”

The vase was smashed to pieces after it landed on the ground and the broken fragments slashed her arm. Blood instantly began to ooze out.

Yun Rou fell back into the sofa in depression.

“Did I lose?” she wondered.

“No… I did not! I can’t lose! I’ve already lost my hand and career. I certainly can’t lose Gu Yu as well!” she thought in horror.

All of a sudden, a thought seemed to have crossed her mind and the crazed expression in her eyes was instantly replaced by one of concentration.

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