My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 483 - She Couldn’t Lose Gu Yu (1)

Chapter 483: She Couldn’t Lose Gu Yu (1)

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Yun Rou’s manager and the three assistants quickly escorted her out of the court. Yun Rou was wearing her sunglasses and keeping her head down to avoid the crowd’s look of derision.

As the reporters had already gathered in front of the court, they did not leave via the main entrance. Instead, the manager instructed the driver to drive the car to the underground parking lot and they took the elevator down.

Unexpectedly, they were greeted by countless reporters the moment they exited the elevator. The reporters, who were all geared up with their microphones and cameras, quickly swarmed over and circled Yun Rou’s group.

One reporter asked, “Miss Yun Rou, did you stage your own abduction? Did you injure your hand to trigger the recurrence of your past ailment and frame Xu Weilai to obtain the insurance payout?”

Another reporter interrupted, “Miss Yun Rou, are you suffering from a serious mental condition? You fantasized that Gu Yu is deeply in love with you when in reality, it’s just your own wishful thinking. Gu Yu never had any romantic feelings for you, did he?”

A third reporter added on, “Miss Yun Rou, your hand was injured a long time ago. You covered this up and used it to win the sympathy of fans who support and love you. Don’t you think that you’ve let your fans down by doing this?”

“Miss Yun Rou, you have a high chance of winning this case and yet you lost. How do you feel right now?” asked the fourth reporter.

However, Yun Rou remained silent and pursed her lips tightly. The reporters were naturally displeased with her reaction and began to urge, “Miss Yun Rou, say something.”

“Give us a response. Are you too embarrassed to say anything?” they pressed on.

“Miss Yun Rou, are you tacitly admitting to the fact that you’ve staged the whole incident and framed Xu Weilai for it?” the reporters grilled on.

“Miss Yun Rou, aren’t you worried that Xu Weilai will sue you for slander and for setting her up?” they bombarded.

“Enough! Shut up, all of you!” Yun Rou roared sternly. “Which newspaper publication are you from? I’ll sue all of you if you continue to spout nonsense!” she threatened.

The reporters were instantly amused.

As compared to her threats, they were more afraid of her silence. They had the right to freedom of press and everything that they had said were the truth. If she were to sue them, she would only lose one more lawsuit.

The goddess-like public image that she had always maintained would also be completely destroyed.

As Yun Rou was rude to the reporters, they stopped being polite to her and began to squeeze closer and closer to her. They also shoved their microphones close to her mouth and aimed their flashlight right at her eyes while they snapped their photos.

Despite her manager and three assistants’ desperately attempts to protect her, they failed to withstand the attacks of the reporters and were forcefully pushed away.

Without their protection, Yun Rou was pushed from side to side and began to scream. Losing control of herself, she flailed her hands maniacally and started to hit the people around her.

“Stay away from me, all of you! You’re all insane! Yu will save me. When that time comes, all of you will be in deep s***. Argh!”

Someone might have shoved Yun Rou, for she suddenly lost her balance and stumbled before landing hard on the ground. Her face instantly turned pale from the pain.

One of the reporters who heard what she said, asked, “Yu? Is she talking about CEO Gu Yu? Oh my god, isn’t he Xu Weilai’s representative? He was the one who dealt those strong blows to her in court and cleared Xu Weilai of all charges. To think that she actually believed that he would come and save her. That’s hilarious!”

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