My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 458 - Surrender or get lost (2)

Chapter 458: Surrender or get lost (2)

Was this a compromise? The directors exchanged glances with one another and saw the glimmer of success in each other’s eyes.

Having gained the upper hand, Director Li naturally took advantage of the situation and continued to attack. His tone and attitude were all condescending. “Then, Mr. Gu, what will you do? You’d better give us an answer now. The company can’t afford to drag it out!”

Gu Yu leaned back in his chair. His slender legs were elegantly crossed, and his hands were crossed in front of him. Despite being besieged like this, there wasn’t a trace of panic or embarrassment. He was still elegant, cold, and indifferent.

The man opened his mouth and said, one word after another, “I won’t divorce her.”

Director Li snorted. “So, Mr. Gu, you choose to resign?”

Xu Weilai really had some tricks up her sleeve. Both Mr. Gu Sr. and Gu Yu had all fallen into her hands!

But the next second, Gu Yu replied, “I want the position of president too! ”

” … ”

” … ”

” … ”

The meeting room turned silent for a few seconds. Then, the directors’ emotions were roused again!

“Mr. Gu, what do you mean by this? Are you going to drag everyone down with you because of the mess you and your wife made? ”

“Mr. Gu, if you are so stubborn, we will vote you out of the company! ”

Director Li’s words were filled with mockery. “Mr. Gu, we are meeting with you to give you face. Since you are ignoring our good intentions, we don’t have to be polite! ”

Gu Yu did not even glance at him. Instead, he turned to look at Assistant Lin, who was sitting behind him, and said calmly, “Have you memorized everything? ”

Assistant Lin replied respectfully, “I’ve memorized all the directors who spoke out against you just now! ”

Hearing his words, the directors immediately looked at each other. What did Gu Yu mean by this?

Gu Yu nodded, and his tone became more languid. “Read it. ”

“Yes, Mr. Gu! ”

Assistant Lin stood up from his chair, looked at the names written in the notebook, and read them out one by one.

His tone was gentle, but every director who had their names read felt a chill rise behind their backs as if there was an unknown fear was waiting for them.

After Assistant Lin finished his speech, he politely bowed and returned to his seat.

Gu Yu raised the corners of his lips. His tone was still as indifferent as before, but this time, his indifference carried an extremely sharp killing intent that pierced through everyone’s hearts.

“My Gu Corporation does not raise people who are disloyal. Under my rule, you can either listen to me or get lost! ”

His cold gaze landed on the face of Director Li first. He hooted the loudest. Gu Yu said, “I will also give you two choices. Shut up or get out of the Gu Corporation! ”

“You… ”

Director Li was so angry that his face flushed red. He opened his mouth a few times and the words were on the tip of his tongue. However, maybe it was because he was suppressed by his aura or maybe because, from the bottom of the heart, he did not dare to really offend Gu Yu, hence, he simply could not utter a single word!

He did not dare to speak anymore. The other directors immediately became listless. They did not even dare to raise their heads, lest they became the next target.

A more neutral director opened his mouth at this moment, “Mr. Gu, Mrs. Gu’s incident has indeed a huge impact. She has already been officially prosecuted. Once she is convicted, it will be a huge blow to the company. Do you have any countermeasures? ”

Gu Yu looked at him and his expression softened slightly.

He stood up and said to the crowd, “I will get the public relations department to clean up the malicious comments on the Internet. The public opinion regarding the Gu Corporation’s bullying will be clarified and the public’s confidence will be restored. “

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