My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 457 - Surrender or get lost (1)

Chapter 457: Surrender or get lost (1)

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He had been staying in B city to accompany Xu Weilai for the past few days. The board of directors was so anxious that they were about to explode in anger!

Although the public opinion of the Gu Corporation eased a little after Xu Weilai was detained, Xu Weilai was still Gu Yu’s wife, the official Mrs. Gu. After such a scandal happened to her, the Gu Corporation would still be implicated.

These past few days, the stock price had been on a red line. It was terrible!

When the board of directors knew that Gu Yu was finally going back to the company, they called for an emergency meeting. After Gu Yu arrived at the Gu Corporation building, he didn’t even enter his office. He walked directly into the meeting room that was already filled with people.

The moment Gu Yu sat down, Director No. 1 couldn’t wait anymore. “Mr. Gu, you should know very well what kind of situation our company has been in these past few days. The stock price has already fallen to a new low. Shouldn’t you give us an explanation? ”

Director No. 2 dissatisfaction had accumulated over the past few days so his tone was very blunt and didn’t hold back at all, “Mr. Gu, the company doesn’t belong to just the Gu family alone. It belongs to everyone. We know that we shouldn’t ask what your wife did, but her actions have caused the company to face a great crisis. I think the most urgent thing now is for the Gu Corporation to clarify its relationship with Xu Weilai so that everyone can regain their confidence in our Gu Corporation! ”

Perhaps it was because they had already discussed this issue, but the moment he said this, the other board members chimed in, “That’s right, we have to distance ourselves from Xu Weilai. She can’t drag everyone down just because of her personal problems! ”

Gu Yu, who had been silent the entire time, listened to their chatter and his dark eyes swept across the crowd. The corners of his lips curled into a half-smile. He opened his lips. His tone was indifferent and no emotion could be detected from his voice. “So, you hold this meeting today not because you want my explanation, but to inform me of what I should do, right? ”

His calmness, and even gentleness, made the directors think that he had no choice but to give in under everyone’s pressure!

That was true. The company was in this state because of him. The directors had the right to unite and depose him as the President!

The directors became more and more arrogant. Director Li, who was on good terms with Gu Xiong, said arrogantly, “Mr. Gu, we made this suggestion for the benefit of the company. We can’t just watch the company collapse, can we? ”

“Suggestion? ”

Gu Yu said this word lazily. His long fingers tapped on the conference table a few times and he gave a smile. “So, if you want the Gu Corporation to cut its relationship with Xu Weilai, how do you think we should cut it? ”

Gu Yu had always been an autocrat. He was the one who held the highest authority. However, now that he noticed the situation was not right, he actually lowered his proud head and ask for their opinions!

The directors who were ordered or bribed by Gu Xiong weren’t extremely brazen in the beginning. But, now they were starting to get overboard.

“Mr. Gu, this matter is very easy to resolve. Xu Weilai originally had nothing to do with Gu Corporation. However, since she’s your wife, the Gu Corporation had no choice but to pay for her actions. ”

“You can divorce her and sever all ties with her. Then, no matter what happens to her, it will not affect the Gu Corporation! Or, you can resign from your position as the president! ”

The words of the directors were loud and clear. Every word and every sentence was not a suggestion but an order!

Gu Yu’s dark eyes swept across the faces of all the directors who were speaking. The coldness in his eyes was like a chilly wind. But, his tone was still as indifferent as before. “Very good. ”

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