My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 447 - I Want You to Marry Me (1)

Chapter 447: I Want You to Marry Me (1)

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Gu Yu put his hands in his pockets and didn’t show any emotion on his face. His dark eyes were always cold as he quietly looked at Yun Rou. No one knew what he was thinking.

Yun Rou didn’t expect that Gu Yu wouldn’t even say a word of comfort to her when her hands were crippled?

She called his name in the ambulance. She had lost so much blood and she was in so much pain but he didn’t even look at her. Instead, he firmly protected Xu Weilai in his arms. Xu Weilai was fine and she was still the perpetrator. Why did he need to protect her!

She really didn’t know what Xu Weilai had done to Gu Yu to make him become this cold and heartless!

Gu Yu’s gaze fell on her face. He said indifferently, “Xu Weilai was also attacked by the same criminal and was kidnapped there. She didn’t kidnap you. As for your hand, she did hold the knife, but she didn’t stab you. When she turned conscious, your hand was already stabbed. ”

Yun Rou looked at the man’s cold eyes in disbelief. She asked sharply, “The truth is right in front of your eyes. Everyone saw it. You don’t believe what you saw with your own eyes and you’re defending Xu Weilai? Yu, are you still the Yu I know? ”

“I’m not defending, it’s the truth. ”

” … ”

Yun Rou’s eyes were filled with tears. She looked down at her left hand, which was wrapped in bandages. Even moving her fingers hurt so much that it made her heart palpitate. But, Gu Yu was always on Xu Weilai’s side!

What about her?

She had nothing left!

Her hand was crippled. She could no longer play the piano, and she could no longer return to her stage. Her career as an artist, which she was so proud of, had come to an end because of Xu Weilai!

She would not let Xu Weilai Off. She wanted to seek justice for herself!

Yun Rou took a few deep breaths and used her uninjured right hand to slowly wipe away the tears on her face. She looked up at Gu Yu again, and her voice was hoarse but cold, “Yu, you came to see me because you wanted to speak up for Xu Weilai, right? You want me to give a statement to the police based on what you said so that she won’t be guilty, right? ”

Even though she was already injured at the time, she knew that a lot of media outlets had come at that time to record the scene. By now, it had probably spread all over the television network.

Her kidnapping had already attracted everyone’s attention. Now, she had been found and she suffered such a serious injury. She was a hero who could bring glory to the country, a rising star in the piano industry. Yet, she had been forced to give up just like that.

Once Xu Weilai was convicted of persecuting her, Xu Weilai would become a rat on the streets. Everyone would shout and beat her up. Moreover, she would also have to bear criminal responsibility!

That was why Gu Yu had appeared in her ward.

Even though this reason made her very unhappy, she felt that it didn’t matter now. She didn’t care about the process. She only wanted the result to be what she wanted, and that was enough!

Previously, Gu Yu made her disappear and she didn’t have the conditions to resist him. Now, it was different… she already had the capital to negotiate conditions!

Xu Weilai had taken away her most precious hand, making it impossible for her to step onto her stage once again. So, she had to give her back what she wanted the most!

As she thought about it, Yun Rou suddenly smiled. Her smile was as elegant and beautiful as usual. The light in her eyes gradually filled up, and she didn’t hide her thoughts at all as she spoke word by word, “Yu, if you want me to let Xu Weilai go, I can do it. But, I want you! You have to compensate me by giving yourself to me! I want you to divorce Xu Weilai and marry me! ”

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