My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 446 - Worst-case Scenario (2)

Chapter 446: Worst-case Scenario (2)

Xu Weilai hadn’t eaten for a long time so she couldn’t eat much. She shook her head and refused, “I don’t want to eat anymore. ”

Gu Yu didn’t force her. After looking at the bowl, he caressed her pale face with his big palm. There was a deep surge in his eyes, but it was suppressed in an instant. Instead, it was replaced by a layer of softness, “Do you want to sleep for a while? ”

“Yes, ” Xu Weilai answered in a low voice. Then, she stared at him with her big black eyes. “Can you sleep with me? ”

“Okay. ”

Xu Weilai automatically moved to the other side of the bed to make room for Gu Yu. Gu Yu chuckled. He lifted the quilt and lay down. He stretched out his arm and pulled her into his embrace.

Xu Weilai leaned towards him. When she closed her eyes, all she saw was blood-red. She couldn’t help but frown and open her eyes again.

Gu Yu didn’t ask her what was wrong. Instead, he patted her back gently and said in an extremely gentle voice, “I’m here. Sleep in peace. ”

When she was running the news, she had encountered all kinds of dangerous things. Xu Weilai had never thought that she would be so weak. At this moment… he was by her side, so she let herself be weak.

It turned out that she wasn’t that strong. She also wanted a chest that could shelter her from the wind and rain.

Even if she was only weak for this moment, she was still satisfied.

Even though Gu Yu hadn’t slept for almost two days, he wasn’t sleepy. He just quietly stayed beside Xu Weilai. He felt her gradually calming down in his arms and her breathing became even and long. He lowered his head and kissed her heart.

He gently moved her out of his arms and placed a pillow in her arms in replace of him. After covering her with the blanket, Gu Yu picked up his phone from the bedside table and walked to the balcony.

He dialed Xu Shuai’s number and got straight to the point. “When will Yun Rou wake up? ”

“She’ll be fine after the anesthesia. It’ll probably be late. ” Xu Shuai hesitated for a moment before saying, “She kept calling your name in the ambulance. I think she wants to see you when she wakes up. ”

Gu Yu was silent for a moment before opening his mouth. “I’ll go over tonight. ”

When Yun Rou woke up, the sky outside was completely dark. She lay on the hospital bed and stared blankly at the white ceiling. Her eyes were deathly still.

The door of the ward was pushed open and footsteps entered.

She stiffly rolled her eyes. When she saw the man’s handsome face even though he was expressionless, her dim eyes suddenly lit up.

“Yu… ” she opened her mouth, her voice extremely hoarse.

Gu Yu walked to the side of the bed and looked down at her pale face. There weren’t any slight emotions in his eyes. They were still as cold as before, and even his voice did not have any warmth, “The doctor said that your hand injury is very serious and that your mobility will be affected in the future. Your normal life is fine, but you can no longer play the piano! ”

Following his straightforward words, Yun Rou’s face turned paler. Under the light, she looked extremely frightened. Her eyes rapidly filled up with tears. “So, I won’t be able to stand on my stage and perform for everyone in the future? ”

Her proudest career, her most successful stage, had been forcefully stripped out of her world just like that?

“Yes. ” Gu Yu’s reply was direct and cruel.

Yun Rou’s tears rolled down. She couldn’t accept this reality and broke down, “Why did Xu Weilai treat me like this? In order to make her happy, you made me disappear. I’ve already given up. I’m already preparing to leave the hospital and leave the capital! “

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