My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 441 - Scheme Against (1)

Chapter 441: Scheme Against (1)

“Someone’s coming! Who is it? Is it the ruffian who pretended to be Gu Yu to trick and kidnap me?” Xu Weilai wondered.

She had referred to him as a ruffian because she noticed that he was wearing a mask when he turned around and she also saw his cold, terrifying eyes. He was the kidnapper in the video that she had seen, which showed Yun Rou being kidnapped from the hospital.

“First, he kidnapped Yun Rou and now, he’s kidnapping me. What exactly does he want?” Xu Weilai ruminated.

As this thought crossed her mind, she heard the sound of footsteps, which came to a stop in front of her. Although it was pitch black and she could not see anything, she still struggled to open her eyes to look at the person before her.

However, she was never given the chance to do so, for he reached over towards her and in the next instant, she could feel a jab on her arm. “He’s injecting something into my body!” she thought in alarm.

Xu Weilai’s limbs were tied and could not struggle. On the other hand, the ruffian was experienced and quickly completed the injection. He then stood up and left.

Xu Weilai does not know what he had injected into her body and various wild guesses popped up in her mind. But gradually, she could feel her body losing strength. She could still struggle earlier on but now, she felt completely drained.

“Did he weaken me to prevent me from escaping? What does he want? How is this linked to Yun Rou?” Xu Weilai contemplated.

Although everything was currently a mystery, she knew that things would not be so simple and losing her strength was just the start of it.

She wondered if Gu Yu was aware that she had gone missing. “I clearly promised him not to let myself get hurt but I’ve failed do so… He must be so worried about me. Since I’d promised Gu Yu, I’ll do my best to protect myself no matter what,” she thought.

However, Xu Weilai soon began to feel dizzy and she could not help but fall asleep again.

Assistant Lin had called up all the surveillance cameras nearby and stayed up from midnight until the next day afternoon to watch the recordings. His eyes were bloodshot and finally, he managed to piece together some of the disconnected routes that Xu Weilai’s kidnapper took.

The kidnapper was probably prepared to avoid the CCTVs, for he made intermittent stops during the journey. Thus, they could only vaguely identify that he was headed south. There were many possible places in the south that he could go to and time was needed to conduct a thorough investigation before they could lock down the location.

As Xu Weilai was subjected to danger with every ticking second that she remained in that crook’s hands, Gu Yu could not bear to wait and do nothing. Thus, even though there was only a rough direction, he still wanted to head down to conduct a search first.

Gu Yu then took out his phone and gave Xu Shuai a call. After he explained the situation briefly, Xu Shuai immediately utilized his family’s connections to send manpower down to the south to conduct an investigation.

After spending one day and one night, they finally confirmed that Xu Weilai had been brought to a large suburban area in the south.

Xu Shuai quickly drove over to Gu Yu’s place and after Gu Yu instructed Assistant Lin to remain in the hotel to watch the surveillance cameras and alert him immediately should there be new leads, jumped into the passenger seat and headed off for the suburbs with Xu Shuai.

At the same time, the police were also tracking Yun Rou’s whereabouts and had received an anonymous tip that someone had seen a woman who resembled Yun Rou in the southern suburbs of B City. Unwilling to let go of any leads, the police quickly sent some men over.

In a bid to get first-hand information, many members of the media had stationed themselves at the police station. When they saw the police car speeding off, quickly hopped into their own cars and followed after the police closely.

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