My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 440 - They Had a Tacit Understanding (2)

Chapter 440: They Had a Tacit Understanding (2)

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Wei’er had been in the entertainment industry for many years. To be able to reach this position, she was naturally very good at reading people’s expressions. She could feel that there was a huge storm brewing in Gu Yu’s eyes. If she was slightly careless, everything she had would be ruined.

Her hands were clenched tightly, and her body could not stop trembling. Even though her voice was trembling, she still tried her best to explain herself, “Mr. Gu, if Mrs. Gu is really in my hands, I definitely won’t dare to hide anything. Why would I dare to go against you? ”

Indeed, no matter how high Wei’er’s status was in the entertainment industry, even if she was about to marry into a wealthy family, she couldn’t afford to offend the Gu Corporation. If she caught an ordinary reporter, she might not let him off easily. However, this was the Gu Corporation.

Gu Yu’s black eyes stared at her face. He noticed the deep fear in her eyes. His thin lips pressed tightly together.

Then it was the second possibility.

Obviously, someone was trying to frame Wei’er for Xu Weilai’s disappearance, causing him to temporarily lose his bearings.

Gu Yu didn’t say a word. He strode out with his long legs.

For a moment, Assistant Lin couldn’t guess what his boss was thinking. Did he believe Wei’er’s words and didn’t plan to make a move on her? Or did he have other thoughts?

Seeing his cold and tense expression, he didn’t dare to ask further. Instead, he raised his feet and followed him, waiting for him to give the order.

Gu Yu left the villa, but he didn’t leave. Instead, he walked around the villa. His black eyes scanned the surroundings under the night sky as if he was looking for something.

Suddenly, his gaze fixed on the big tree diagonally across the villa’s entrance. Then, without thinking, he strode over.

Assistant Lin sighed secretly when he saw Gu Yu accurately finding Xu future’s hiding spot. he even found her camera on the tree.

Was this the legendary telepathic connection between husband and wife?

The camera and backpack were safe, but Xu Weilai was nowhere to be found. If she wanted to film evidence, she couldn’t just leave the camera on the tree like this, unless… there was something that attracted her to ignore these things and walk away.

Gu Yu looked at the camera. She had been there the whole time. Could she have caught something?

With that thought, he pressed the button on the camera and searched for the video clip inside. He fast-forwarded to the time after she sent him the Wechat message last night and started to watch.

As he had expected, someone had indeed lured Xu Weilai into the villa, but… the figure that had lured him was similar to him. That suit jacket was his, the one he had left in Yun Rou’s ward!

Gu Yu’s face was filled with hostility. He threw the camera into Assistant Lin’s hand and ordered sternly, “Check all the surveillance cameras in this area and find this person. Find out which direction he took Xu Weilai! ”

In such a short period of time, Gu Yu had already figured out what had happened. Assistant Lin couldn’t help but admire him. However, this wasn’t the time to praise him. He had to seize every second to save Xu Weilai. He immediately nodded and said, “I’ll make the arrangements now! ”

Xu Weilai’s head felt very heavy. When she gradually regained some consciousness, she tried her best to open her eyelids. It felt as though a huge mountain was pressing down on her. However, her vision was pitch-black. She could not even see her fingers in the darkness.

She could not determine where she was.

She wanted to move her limbs but she could feel that her hands were tied behind her back by thick ropes. Her feet were also tied up and she could not move.

Before she could think about her situation, she heard footsteps approaching.

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